Catching Up: A special guest catches up with the Deen Bros.

July 20th, 2011

Bobby Deen recaps news about the guys with special guest Uncle Bubba.

Love this


Edna Hardiman on July 20 2011


I always enjoy listening and seeing “Bubba” (Mr. Earl) and hope that he will have his own series soon!  wink

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Hiers and Deen families in their sorrows and joys. It has been an eventful year for all of us.

Bobby, you are blessed as well.


Kay McCullough on July 20 2011



Great podcast! I have been wanting to come back down for awhile and it just makes me want to come down that much more talking about UB’s! Gracious!!  The blood drive was a wonderful thing! I was also a RH baby and understand. Hope to see y’all soon!



sherri SC on July 21 2011


Hi Bobby and uncle BaBa  

Great to hear from you all. You are both such awesome gentlemen.  sounds like you both are enjoying life just as you should.  My family and I are so very blessed to have great friends like you both

Take Care Bev


Bev Mossman on August 07 2011


I am so sad I had to miss seeing you guys and Mom in High Point NC at furniture land south.I was sick that day,and Iam hoping y’all will and come back.My family is from Jenkins county and my Mom moved to Savannah when she was old enough to work and moved in with my Aunt Marie.And she met my Dad there .He was from slyvania and was right out of the Navy and my mom worked at the bank in Savannah.Love you Paula,you keep my family memories alive with all the southern food and awesome pics of Savannah.Suzanne


Suzanne Gay Teague on August 17 2011


good….thanks for sharing

xxoxoxo- your future wife


Kristine Gorombey on September 05 2011


very interesting post indeed, consider it bookmarked


david on March 17 2012




Rachel greenberg on October 16 2012


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