It Takes a Village: Introducing the Creative Team

February 22nd, 2011

Jamie and Bobby talk about some coming changes, the new book, and introduce listeners to their creative team.

Looking forward to the upcoming changes. Really like Bobby’s idea of a video, do you think it could be done? Look forward to the contests too.


Diane on February 22 2011


Great podcast you all sure do laugh alot i hear its good for the soul!Can’t wait for your new cookbook,it sounds like you all surrond yourself with good people.


melody martinelli on February 23 2011


You should put up info about the rubs and sauces on your site! Can’t wait to make it down there to pick some up!


Lt. Sanders on February 23 2011


Great podcast!  Really funny and love all the guests!  Do more just like this!


Anthony Lunsmann on February 23 2011


FUN, loved hearing the “team” and really want to know what happen to Evan’s head????? Look forward to seeing the changes on the website and finding myself a Deen Brothers T-shirt smile


BJ on February 23 2011


You all are hilarious.  It sounds like you were having a lot of fun.  I always enjoy listening to your podcast.  Keep them coming, it makes the beginning of the week more bearable.  Are you guys thinking about doing another book tour?  If you are we would love to have you and Bobby come back to Louisville.  Have fun in Miami Bobby and I hope you have a good week Jamie.


Sonya on February 24 2011


What a fun morning! Thanks for having me and allowing me to wear my headphones! Always great to spend time with Jamie, Bobby, Lisa, Evan and Jonathan.


Libbie Summers, Senior Food Editor for Paula Deen on February 24 2011


I’m looking forward to the lighter version of the Deen’s recipes! Sounds like you are having fun on this Podcast. Bobby, I was at the restaurant a couple years ago, and you so graciously had your picture made with me. I know you probably do that sort of thing all the time, but for this country girl from the south, it meant alot! Thanks! God Bless!


Linda, North Carolina on February 26 2011


Great laughs!!! Nice to keep up with the Deen Family
here in MN.


Cindy, St. Paul MN on March 10 2011


I have always LOVED your mom’s programs and her yummy recipes—-I probably love butter and mayo as much as she does, but am determined that I must limit and MINIMIZE those two ingredients——yet I hate to eliminate all those recipes.  I am anticipating your cookbook, and EASIER access to your lighter recipes…...America needs to eat more healthy and you boys are going to be the perfect link between delicious and healthy delicious!!!  Love your personalities—-can’t wait until your whole project is much more visible and I’ll be in line for that new book next month!!!!


Heather from Davenport, IA on March 19 2011


Just listened to y’all today!  What was I thinking!!!!!
Love hearing your voices….

OK….tee shirt, rubs.  when!!!!!

More pictures of Bobby…..maybe just more pictures of all y’all!

Jamie… don’t wear pants during the podcasts????????

W H A T!!!!!


love all of you and want another podcast/video cast soon…...  thanks for making me smile…


Deb M


deb m on March 27 2011


Great broadcast, enjoyable, informative.  Looking forward to the things coming up.  When can I take you guys and ya mom and Michael and Bubba out to eat.  We will be there the second week in July.  I hope someday one of you will accept my invitation.  Love ya, Tutti


Tutti Harris on April 08 2011


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