Getting Fired Up: A Taste from Our New Cookbook

April 11th, 2011

Jamie and Bobby introduce (and eat) recipes from their newest book and talk about preparing for life on the road with the upcoming book tour.

Can’t wait to get your new cookbook! Loved your last book. Made the grilled jalapenos last week. We have a new house with a new outdoor kitchen & fireplace. And, I know “Getting Fired Up” will be full of great recipes for us to try on our new grill! Safe travels on your book tour.


Nancy on April 11 2011


How come you didn’t leave any food for the rest of us? This book is so great and the pictures make me want to lick the pages!


Libbie Summers, Senior Food Editor for Paula Deen on April 11 2011


Hi Jamie and Bobby,

Looking forward to your new book.  What I like about your past books is that the recipes are easy to follow, you can get all the ingredients you need at the local store and they taste great!!!!

Wish you could put San Francisco on the tour, if not Jamie maybe Bobby?


Diane on April 11 2011


Ya’ll are so funny and speak so well but I work in the radio industry in Phoenix & your sound isn’t very good on this recording, that’s just a darn shame.

Excited for your new book!
Big AZ Luvs to the Deen family,


Kel Madison on April 11 2011


Hello Jamie and Bobby,

I am listen to you guys here from Little Rock, Arkansas in my living room.  I do not have cable anymore. trying to save money because I am back in school at the age of 51yrs young.  One of the things I do miss is watching your mother and her sons on the show.  I am so happy for you both.  I always check out your books at my local library.  I am not only a fan of your mother but the both of you.  God Bless the both of you.  Hope to meet all of you.


Sharon Nation on April 12 2011


Love it!!!!

God Bless Bobby and Jamie


Sharon Nation on April 12 2011


Loved it!!!  I had to go make a hot dog   lol


Linda Graham on April 19 2011


Recipes are great!  You should do a book signing in Laramie, WY.  Would love to have you out here.


Sandy on April 19 2011


First time listner and visiting your web site… I found it to be entertaining and fun…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it boys?
Can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of your books AND get them signed Thursday at your Houston Book Signing, although I live in League City! I do hope and pray it inspires my gorgeous entrepreneur daughter who is turning 23 years young this May to try her hands at cooking or grilling something “anything” on her deck in her backyard and invite me over! As well as my “best” lawyer friend who is 40 years young and hates to cook or bbq, may this inspire them both! I have had the “cooking fever” for over a decade thanks to your lovely mama and wish my older children would get the fever as well, my 10 year old has it! I suppose 1 out of 4 ain’t bad! Wishing you both much continued success in 2011, S. Stutzman
Please tell your mama that her book was absolutely “outstanding”! I have shared it with many a folks and what a great conversational piece it has become amongest my family and friends.


Sonya on April 27 2011


Congratulations on the new book!  I can hardly wait to run out and get it.  The first time I cooked from one of your cookbooks, I made 5 recipes in the first 2 days that I owned the book!  Happy Birthday, Bobby!  I hope you enjoy the game in Houston.  And Jamie, I am so excited about the addition to your family - soon to arrive.


Angela - AngelinaLaRue on April 28 2011


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