You can do good things with only one text.
November 4th, 2011

Hey Everybody!

And by everybody I mean Everybody! I am dropping this week's blog over at mom's website too.

If you are a regular here at The Deen Bros. spot, thanks for checking back in and for all of you fans, Where have y'all been?

I have had this blog going for the last few years and really enjoy keeping everybody in the loop of what's going on in and around our family. It's also a great place to spread the word on different non- profit events we have going on and this week is a doozy of a program.

Backstory; I was asked by Mary Jane Crouch, the director of America's Second Harvest Food Bank here in Savannah, about serving on the local board after we partnered with Smithfield for a protein donation here at home and I jumped at the chance. In the last four years I have seen things that will break your heart but have also been a part of some work that will not only make it whole again but fill it up with joy. In this big world of ours I have found a spot where I know I can have an effect on a person's life that may possibly trickle down into the lives of folks that are yet to be born. It's truly one of my favorite things.

Now, y'all know I love to share so I'm not keeping this feeling to myself.

You can do good things with only one text. One text message from you today will provide 40 meals to someone in need.

1 text. $10. 40 meals.

Please join us as we kick of the holiday season with a gift that will not only make a difference today but could echo through a family's entire history.

Text "hungry" to 50555 and help us in our fight against hunger.

The feeling you get in return is free.

Thank you from our family, Mary Jane, Second Harvest and the thousand's of people will will get a meal because of your generosity.

Until next week, do good things


I missed you over the weekend of Oct 6-10 I was in town and heard you were not!! Oh well next time for sure!
Love you and everything you do for the community. Hugs to you, Brooke and the boys.BTW do we have any pictures of this Halloween?

Ps just sent my text.. wink


Andrea on November 04 2011

Well this is a great thing...


cory on November 07 2011

Hi Jamie,

So glad to hear from you about them Dawgs!!! I hope the kids had a great halloween, love to see some photos. Sent my text in! Have a wonderful holiday season. Hopefully see in March when I am there.



Carol B. on November 09 2011

Hey Jamie, sent my text and I'm SO excited about it! I love the holidays and I love being able to help those less fortunate than myself. We like to assist at church with the coat drive or annual food basket events, and volunteering a local soup kitchen is another way we give in our community. I am always so impressed with everything y'all do for others. It is admirable and amazing, you give more and more and more! I am so proud to be an "All Things Deen" fan!
Happy Holidays
Always - Tracey Lopez/Turlock CA


Tracey on November 16 2011

Just checked your blog after not seeing your wife and son on the Christmas Show. Hard to believe that Paula would have a Holiday show and not mention Jack, and nver talking a bout Matthew. Hope all is well


Norma Jean on December 03 2011

Where is Jamie? What about his cooking show? We miss him and the blogs.


Harriet on December 16 2011

I work briefly for a food pantry and it doesn't matter where you live, there are always people who need help and some love. Any amount helps - even just a warm smile.

Loved the Christmas Carol on Food Network but missed seeing the boys.

Keep helping the rest of us remember where we came from and what we can do to make things better.


Nadine Harris on December 17 2011

Where was Brooke and the boys on the Christmas show? I agree with Norma Jean a Christmas show without Brooke and the boys. I hope everyone is well. I thought I had just missed them on the show, but I have watched it 2-3 times and didn't see them.


Harriet on December 20 2011

Loved the Christmas show, but where were the boys and Brooke?hope all is well


Lorraine on December 21 2011

Have a photo of me standing between you and Bobby in the back of your restaurant. I was on a bus tour and had lunch at Lady and Sons. I bought a cookbook and you and Bobby signed it and I lost it between the restaurant and the bus. I remember saying "I bet you get tierd of all us old ladies" and you said "We love ya all" I got a bang out of that.
Shirley on December 21 2011


shirley Mccormick on December 22 2011

Okay.....I don't watch every show your mom does, as a mom myself things don't always allow for that. I do know from your blogs you have two sons, so where did #3 come from. I haven't heard that Bobby has childern yet. Surely i'm not the only one that missed this somewhere along the way...


gail norton on December 22 2011

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ChristineHUDSON19 on December 23 2011

Just wanted to wish all the Deen Family "A Very Merry Christmas and "A Blessed New Year"!!! Thanks Y'all for all you do! Shelia Key/ Winston-Salem, NC


Shelia Key on December 23 2011

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SheilaBROOKS33 on December 30 2011

Happy New Year!
Missing you, here......
Hope you are ok.
As always,
Much love,
Deb m


deb m on January 01 2012

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ArsenijMOROZOV20 on January 03 2012

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SweeneyROSEMARY28 on January 04 2012

I am unsubscribing to your blog.

It is not much of a blog when there has been no new post in two months!



joanie on January 13 2012

Hey Jamie,

Just watched y'all on "The Chew". I watch Bobby's new show now on Wednesdays. I just heard your show is coming soon next month. That's so awesome! I am so happy for you! Hope to hear about when and where. Thanks and tell your mama Happy Birthday for me.

Love Y'all Deens,
Shelia Key/ Winston-Salem,NC


Shelia Key on January 18 2012

Jamie, like your Mom, I was just diagnosed with diabetes. Like her, mine is attributed to genetics and stress. Your mother and both of you boys are to be commended for your work with diabetes. Thank you and your mom for coming forward and letting us know that we're not alone out here! Can't wait to see your new show. Love you all!


Sherry Belzer on January 31 2012

I think that your topic about You can do good things with only one text was truly amazing. I think that your help would really allow them to eat healthy foods. I know that many people are eager to take part of this cause.


Rick Yeoman on March 29 2012

Hello Jamie, thanks a lot for great job to your community. I truly amazed by knowing that it can possible to anyone to do good things with only one text. gift for moms I appreciate it. Thanks for everything. smile


Lucy Ferguson on July 02 2012


I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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