You Asked, and I Answered!
August 15th, 2012

Hey y’all,

Thanks again to everyone that submitted their questions last week – I wish I had time to answer them all. So without any further ado – here are my answers to your 20 questions, Jamie Deen style!

1. What is your favorite spot to vacation? – Deborah

JD: In the North, probably Chicago. If we’re talking the South, I love anywhere in the Caribbean.

2. The “Chili Queen” Cindy Reed Wilkins wants to know how you like your chili – beans or no beans? – Bruce

JD: Beans!

3. Love the new show. My questions is how long does it take to shoot one episode? – Jennifer

JD: About 4 hours for a half an hour segment. Can you believe it?

4. What is your favorite color? – Paula

JD: Blue.

5. What is one meal you could eat once a week and never get tired of? – Mandi

JD: A big chopped salad.

6. Your show is awesome and you have a beautiful family. How do you get your son Jack to eat the healthy stuff? My 3 year old is so picky! – Dana

JD: Brooke and I made a special point to introduce new foods and textures to Jack at an early age.

7. If you weren’t into the food world, what do you think you would be doing right now? – Linda

JD: Writing and taking photographs for National Geographic.

8. Do you or your brother have dogs? How many? What are their names and breeds? – Cindy

I’ve got one dog, named Champ. He’s an English Bulldog, and he’ll be 8 on Halloween!

9. If you could invite any one person for dinner who would it be and what would you cook? – Joey

JD: Coach Richt from the University of Georgia, and I would fix some fried gator tail.

10. What was the first thing you ever cooked or bakes? – Susan

The first meal I ever made on my own was baked spaghetti. I was trying to impress a girl in high school, haha!

11. I would like to know what restaurants (other than yours and Uncle Bubba’s) that you and your family like to eat at in the Savannah/Tybee Island area (and what food you get there). – Beth

JD: Ele, Leopold’s Ice Cream, and Olympia Café. Also, Brooke and I had our first date at the Sapphire Grill.

12. In your lovely Southern kitchen, do you have screens? – Kay

JD: Nope! No screens.

13. What kind of gas cooktop do you use? – Flo

JD: Wolf.

14. I’m curious about your cutting board, could you tell me what brand it is? – Judy

JD: It’s actually a piece of a reclaimed bowling alley from a company called Counterevolution.

15. On the last show you gave Brooke a Tybee Island crab ring, can you explain a little more about the ring? – Cami

JD: It was something I bought at a shop on Tybee. It was a stand-in for an engagement ring.

16. How do you handle the fame when you are out with your family and you want to give them all of your attention? I would imagine that can be quite a balancing act. – Lisa

JD: I don’t consider myself famous. Being from the South, I always say hey to everyone, so it doesn’t seem any different to me.

17. I was wondering what advice you could give me when it comes to becoming more involved in my community? – Kate

JD: Just volunteer! Every community has needs, just follow where your heart may lead you.

18. I am starting to get busier with my 4 year old. She’s starting 4K, swim lessons and dance this month. What are some great cook-ahead meals and freezer meals for weeknights that you just don’t have time to cook? – Kim

JD: Soups and chilies are perfect! Or you can roast a chicken and it can be versatile all week long.

19. Successful restaurant, successful cookbooks, now a new show… What is left for you to achieve? – Lt. Sanders

My most important task every day is to be a successful husband and father. And I feel like I’ll never be done with that.

20. What things do you do to escape life’s daily craziness and stress? – Don

JD: There are tons of things I like to do. I hang out with my family. I love to go fishing. I read.

jamie, i am one of your families no.1 fan, viewers and cookbook owner. i made your potato au-gratin for my wife. she LOVED them!!! it was easy, and taste. i am a 30yr exc. chef, now minister. now i am doing God's work and still cooking for shut in's etc.
your whole family is cooking the way i love to cook, and have cooked. simple, low and slow and filled with lots of love.
thank you for your show, your mom's and bobby's too. please give your mom hugs!!! your luck to have her, i wish i had a mother like her seeing i was in foster homes most of my life. i wish some day i can meet you all. you are a loved family showing ut too.
God Blessings, Pastor Randy Baber- Rochester, MI


Pastor Randy Baber on August 15 2012

Thank you for sharing a peek into your personal life. I think sometimes we all forget that those we watch on TV are actually "everyday people" too! (lol)

Have you ever thought of going into the Food Photography world? I mean it sounds as if you enjoy taking photo's ....and food is part of your everyday life?...Anyway, I really enjoy your whole Family. You each have a positive outlook that makes everyone around you smile. I find myself just wanting to be your neighbor. Boy they "trouble" i could get into with Paula! (lol) Thank you all for keeping it real!


Lark on August 15 2012

Great answers!! maybe you will answer my ? next time..or do I need to ask again:)) Best Wishes from my house to yours wink:))


Robin Perez on August 15 2012

Hey Jamie,
Love to watch you and Bobby on the t.v. Great shows. My daughter is a Jr. in High School and is a culinary student. She plans to go to a culinary school after graduation. Do you or anyone from the family now of a good cookbook that would be a good, first one for her? I have most of the "deen collection" and others, but I was thinking of one for her that explains the "why's, how's and because" and has great tips for cooking or baking. She loves to bake. So many to look at and it can be over whelming. She loves the Deen Brothers and I hope maybe on our next trip to Savannah, she can catch ya'll at a book signing.
Janice, aka,Cassie's mom.


Janice Carroll on August 15 2012

thanks for answering all of our questions!! that was super fun!!!Cheers to you and your family!!


Paula on August 15 2012

If Chicago is a favorite of yours.....
Come on and visit...we can have some Lou's pizza together!!!!
Deb M


deb m on August 15 2012

THANKS so much for answering my question! We are shocked that your kitchen isn't full of critters/bugs/insects!! :O

Must be that magical Deen touch! wink


Kay McCullough on August 16 2012

Dear Mr. Deen, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question about getting ionvolved within my community. I appreciate your advice. I have watched you, your Mrs. Paula and Mr. Bobby careers grow from almost the being and have learned so much from you all. The most important lesson I have learned from all of you is to never let "fame" or even "sucess" go to your head and to just be yourself no matter what. Please thank your family for me. Thank you for blessing my life. Kate


Kate on August 16 2012

I love yours and your bros shows. about to watch your moms now. When you and bobby were growing up what was some things you did that you hope Jack and matthew will get to do when they grow up?


carla on August 17 2012

Hey Jamie, thank you for answering my question. I was not at all surprised at your answer (I'm a ROLL TIDE fan myself) and Serving fried "GATOR" would be the most appropriate meal....LOL.

Joey Elizabeth Rayburn


Joey Elizabeth Rayburn on August 22 2012

Love all the Deen family shows, especially your new one! Just a couple of questions: where did you get the fabulous radish painting? And, is the on-air house really yours and Brook's or is it staged?


Cheryl on August 28 2012

the carmal cake when it says to leave the caks in the pan to get ready to start stacking do you let them cool befor you put the filling on thanks tammy


tammy thrasher on September 08 2012

Love you, love your family, love your show, love the recipes and love the kitchen. The fact that you make such great dishes in such a small kitchen has changed my belief that i need a huge barn like Ina. Is that your real family kitchen or have you built a set on the back porch for the show?
Thank you! Love, Ellen


ellen d taylor on September 08 2012

Loved the Backyard BBQ show. As the only female refugee in Mantown (Brooke can relate), I will be making that meal for my men soon. They all loved it. Saw the Ogeechee Meat Market on that episode. We Richmond Hill fans appreciated the Southside shout out. See, good stuff does come from this side of town. smile


Julie on September 21 2012

Jamie I am a fan of Paula, Bobby and you. It relaxes me to learn from your programs because you keep it simple, direct, honest, and doable. With your hectic schedule, when do you start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's menus? Also when and how often to do you try a new recipe and do you ever do a new recipe for a holiday gathering? I have learned each year to plan ahead..I destress the holiday that way and enjoy it. Our immediate family has received some sad news about cancer striking one of us. I want to start planning now. Thanksgiving is this person's specialty. Now is the time to show my appreciation for all the years of memories and good good food and fun. I am grateful for the time.


Teresa Touey on October 03 2012

Hey Jamie, This month (Oct.)our church is doing a community Big Serve. For two weeks we will be serving our community in schools, fire depts.,soup kitchens, food banks, habitat for humanity. I will be #doinggoodthings preparing a meal for our local firefighters. I ask for your viewers to consider serving TOO!

Shelia Key

P.S follow you on twitter/ My 50th birthday is Oct.6.Could I get a tweet back? Met you in myrtle beach!


Shelia Key on October 03 2012

What happen to your show on Saturday morning. That has became my ritual. Also if you ever get to Edom Texas let us know we would love you to come to one of our car shows and eat at the famous Shed Cafe.


Melinda Kelley on October 09 2012

hi, i have watched your show and your mothers forever, i always love it when you are on and it seems that you and your mother have more chemistry together then bobbie and his mother, i am guessing you are more like your mom and bobbie is more like his father, i am curious who is your biological father, and what has been his role in your life or involvement, are you close to your father? i also like that paulas current husband is so accepting of her flirting with all the guys on the show, she is a southern girl and comes by it naturally, so don't let it bother you and bobbie as it is okay... she is who she is, and makes no excuses, good for her.. and i want to know how she raised 2 great kids, sounds like hard work, and she demands respect..

good for a father to teach their children esp the boys to respect their mothers.. it is hard for a single parent to do that on their own so i admire your mother.


lisa on October 17 2012

Jamie, love watching your show and seeing your family. Couldn't help but notice watching a Halloween commercial that one little boy looked a lot like Jack. Curious if it was in fact him. Thanks!


Laura McGivney on November 18 2012

Love all the shows of the deen's smile question that i have always wondered? Is your and your moms shows taped in a studio or your real kitchens?


laura on January 09 2013


I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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