Let’s Play 20 Questions!
August 8th, 2012

Hey y’all,

First I just want to say – guilty as charged. Sorry that I haven’t updated here in awhile. Time just slips away from you, you know? What with family vacations, travel, and two growin’ boys at home it’s easy to get carried away in day-to-day life.

But! That’s not fair to everyone reading my blog! So to make it up to y’all, I wanted to do something a little bit different. I want Y’ALL to interview ME!

That’s right. Let’s play a little game of 20 questions.

Ask me your questions about Home for Dinner, recipes, or what my favorite color is in the comment section below and I’ll choose 20 of them at random to answer next week, so make sure to check back soon to see if yours has been answered!

Answer away!

Do good things,

You are a busy man, a busy family. How in the world do you manage ? How do you juggle being a husband, a dad, a brother, a son, a business person ?


Gina O'Connor on August 08 2012

Hey Jamie,

I love you show. I am from the south and love to cook but herbs and seasonings elude me. I just cook how I was taught but I'm not good at using herbs. Which herbs should I keep in my pantry all the time and what are they best on. Thanks for any input you give me.



Sheryl O'Connor on August 08 2012

Do you film your show on a set or is it your actual home?


Ga girl on August 08 2012

What is your favorite spot to vacation?


Deborah Meditz on August 08 2012

I just love your show.


Pat Honeycutt on August 08 2012


My question is how do you and Brooke discipline your children. Jack seems to be a well-behaved little boy although he's ALL boy. But do you believe in spanking? I heard your conversation with your Mom about certain words that aren't allowed in your household like 'hate' and 'stupid'. I like that very much. I'm a grandmother now. I did use spanking when necessary, although not a lot. I just don't see much discipline at all with today's parents.

Thanks for taking my question and I love your show.


Donna Proffitt on August 08 2012

The "Chili Queen" Cindy Reed Wilkins wants to know how you like your chili...beans or no beans?

P.S. Cindy is the only tie Bobby flay ever had on his Throwdown With Bobby Flay. She was the first season, third episode...The Chili Challenge. She is also the owner of Cin Chili & Company...the best darn chili you'll ever put in your mouth!


Bruce Wilkins on August 08 2012

What things do you do to escape life's daily craziness and stress? Things like sports, reading, or maybe like for me it's just being in the kitchen,working with food and creating good meals?


Don Bushong on August 08 2012

The house you film in on Tybee for your show....is that your real home? And can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease change the theme music to your show? It's so NOT you! Love ya, Jamie D!


Jane on August 08 2012

Hey Jamie,
Love the show. Great recipes. I wanted to know if you always wanted to cook or was there another profession that you wanted to do, like doctor or something?


Tammy on August 08 2012





Joey Burns Rayburn on August 08 2012

Hi Jamie..my question for you is this...we belong to a local elks lodge and have a lot of snack night which usually end up in meals. what is a good inexpensive snack/meal for a crowd of 6-30? thank you.


MaryAnn on August 08 2012

What is your best memory of growing up with your mama?


Brandy Brown on August 08 2012

One more......



Joey Burns Rayburn on August 08 2012

What was the first thing you ever cooked or baked?


Susan Noel on August 08 2012

I just wanted to say first of all I love your new show--I heard you say that your youngest baby boy "moose" was 30lbs, I have a new grandson Bentley Andrew he will be 1 Sept 24th, right now he is 10 1/2 month & let me tell you he is a "hoss" himself, & precious too boot, when he is with me & my husband we feed him from the table he has 5 little teeth but not quite sure how to use them yet...what kinds of table foods did you all give him & did he have any issues with chewing to start with. I am always so scared that he will choke. I really love the fact that you do so much for your family, my husband always steps up to the plate when I have needed him, he has learned to cook as well, I just think that your show is very sweet. We have been to Lady & Sons (2) different times & Uncle Bubba's of course I love Lady & Sons (the day we came they had courty style BBQ ribs) they were awesome, felt like we needed a wheel barrell to get out of there with. Tybee Island is our new favorite vacation spot, hopefully to be down there at the end of Sept or early October, I am loosing my job after 18 years & was seriously thinking of pursuing a catering business with bag lunches, Paula's story is so inspiring & I love to cook. That is what my family calls me especially when I fry my chicken like hers....you all are so sweet, we up here in Tennessee feel like we know you all!! God Bless. Andrea Roark


Andrea Roark (Bristol, TN) on August 08 2012

Hi Jaime!
I love your new show! Would love for you to do some more Iron Skillet recipes - I have one and don't know what to do with it!
Also, We are huge University of Missouri Fans! We just joined the SEC and are so excited to be a part of it! Would love for you and your family to come and Tailgate with us at the Georgia Game in Columbia MO this year! We have an unbelievable tailgate led by my mother/father in law who have been season ticket holders for over 50 years! We have a ball and would love for you all to join us!


Molly Maassen on August 08 2012

How hard was it to convince your mom to eat healthy and lose weight with her diabetes diagnosis


Joanne Dahlia on August 08 2012

Hi Jamie!
I love your new show, I love that the recipes are so quick and easy to make.
My question is,if you had not found cooking as your passion what else do you think you might be doing?

Thank's,love all you guys!!

Pam in Texas


Pamela Branum on August 08 2012

Please recommend recipes for frying, e.g. baking, grilling, pan searing, etc.
Do you feel better when eating no frying?


Paula C on August 08 2012

It has been noted that you took care of the business side when The Lady and Sons first opened so your Mother could focus on creating recipes. Do you have formal business education, ie., Bachelors in Business Administration or something similiar? Or we you just born with the instincts of what it takes to run a business (quite successfully I might add)?


Angie Nixon on August 08 2012

I have 2 questions. Is Home for Dinner actually shot in your kitchen or is it shot in a studio? Also did you have to learn how to talk on camera and prepare food at the same time? I think that would be hard to do especially when you are cutting up vegetables and talking to the camera.


Sonya on August 08 2012

I want to know how long you been cooking. I do want to add that I just love all the Deen shows


Bonnie on August 08 2012

Hi Jamie,

Love the new show. My question is how long does it take to shoot one episode?


Jennifer J. on August 08 2012


I would like to know what restaurants (other than yours and Uncle Bubba's) that you and your family like to eat at in the Savannah/Tybee Island area (and what food you get there). So many places to choose from, and such good food in the south (of course your restaurant is the best!).


Your up north fan,

Beth Humphrey


Beth Humphrey on August 08 2012

This "bugs" me every show -- my husband thinks I'm crazy.
Q: In your lovely Southern kitchen, do you have screens?!
They seem transparent -- when you open the windows.


Kay McCullough on August 08 2012

Hey!~ Jamie
I am a fan of your new show and well a big fan of your Mom.
My question is do you do all the cooking at home or does Brooke have her place in the kitchen ? I have heard you talk about some of her recipes and favorites!! maybe she could join u in an episode of your new show cooking and cook one of her favorites!! That would be awesome!!


Robin Perez on August 08 2012

I know the Lady and Sons is a family business but have you ever thought about going out on your own and opening up a restaurant yourself? By the way I love all of ya'll and have met you and Bobby twice,thanks for being so sweet to me both times:) You all were definately raised right.


Mystie on August 08 2012

I love your new show. I think I've made practically everything you've introduced. The gazpacho was fabulous. Has your show been renewed for a second season??? It is by far one of the best on the food network - love your mom's and Bobby's too!!!


Jan Jones on August 08 2012

Is there going to be a second season of home for dinner and if so, when will start?


cathy stidham on August 08 2012

What's your favorite vacation destination and why?


Beverly on August 08 2012

I have never been a fan of fish, don't like a fishy taste, therefore I completely stay away from fish, but I do need some healthy recipes for chicken, please help!


Kim Sanford on August 08 2012

How do you handle the fame when you are out with your family and you want to give them all of your attention? I would imagine that can be a quite a balancing act.


Lisa on August 08 2012

Hey Jamie! I was wondering when you will know when your show will be picked up for another season? I for one hope it's forever! Love y'all Deens! Shelia Key #rrbmbch


Shelia Key on August 08 2012


I loved that you have incorporated chicken recipies into your new show... I would enjoy seeing more of them. the recipies you pick are simple and quick.. a big help!


Patrick Allen on August 08 2012

How many times have people asked you if thats really your kitchen on the show? Ha
You made a bbq sauce for ribs, approx how much did that make, a quart perhaps after cooking down, or less? i would like to know before making it myself.

love the show, continued success!


Donna S on August 08 2012

Do you ever have jobs working with you all entry level jobs or internships?


LAUREN on August 08 2012

We are looking for a rich, hearty spaghetti sauce recipe. My dad made the best that I had ever tasted but he and his recipe are long gone. He always used a little grandma's molasses and
it had chunks of tomatoes in it. Have you ever made a recipe like this and if so, could you post it for me?


Sherri Willeby on August 08 2012

Dear Mr. Deen,

I was wondering what advice you could give me when it comes to becoming more involved in my community? Please share some of your experience so I can have an idea of where to start.I know you do a lot each year to help out and promote Savannah. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Most of thank you to you and your family for blessing my life.


Kate on August 08 2012

I am starting to get busier with my 4 year old. She's starting 4K, swim lessons and dance this month. What are some great cook ahead meals and freezer meals for week nights that you just don't have time to cook? I know other busy parents go through the same thing and it would be great to hear about it.

We were at the Children's Museum in Columbia,SC a few years ago with my 1 1/2 year old. We saw you with your family. We wanted you to have a family day, so we didn't say hi. However, it was great to see you all in person. Beautiful family!


Kim Ross on August 08 2012

What is your favorite recipe to make for family and your friends? What is your favorite color? Love your show and your brother's


Paula on August 08 2012

Dear Mr. Deen,

Could you please update your Deen Bros recipes with a Nutritional Information section like the recipe below? also could you please do this for your future recipes as well? It will make it a lot easier for those who are keeping track of Calories count etc...



Monster Mushroom Burger


4 large portobello mushrooms caps, wiped cleaned
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
1/2 cup plain nonfat Greek-style yogurt
1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary
1 lime, zested and juiced
4 large slices whole-grain peasant bread, each cut in half
1 cup baby arugula
1 large tomato, cut into 8 slices
1 red onion, thinly sliced
1/2 cup roasted red pepper strips, drained


Preheat the grill to medium-high heat.

Place the mushrooms in a baking dish or pie plate. Whisk together the vinegar, oil, salt and pepper until blended. Brush the mushrooms with the vinegar mixture; let stand for up to 15 minutes.

Place the mushrooms on the grill rack and grill until tender, 4 to 6 minutes per side. Transfer to a plate.

Meanwhile, combine the yogurt, rosemary and zest and juice of the lime in a small bowl until blended. Brush the bread slices with the yogurt mixture. Layer half the slices with the mushrooms, arugula, tomatoes, onions and red pepper strips. Top with the remaining bread slices. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Information:

(Per Serving) Calories: 202; Fat: 6 grams; Saturated Fat: 0.5 grams; Sodium: 541 milligrams; Carbs: 27 grams; Fiber: 3 grams; Sugar: 6 grams; Protein: 12 grams

Servings: 4
Prep Time: 25 min
Cook Time: 15 min
Difficulty: Easy

from Not My Mama's Meals Episode: Diner Delight


Kate on August 08 2012

Is your show filmed at your home or a studio? It looks like a beautiful place.


Judy Holbert on August 08 2012

What is one meal you could eat once a week and never get tired of it?

Love your show!


Mandi Viergutz on August 08 2012

Your show is awesome and you have a beautiful family. How do you get your son Jack to eat the healthy stuff? My 3 year old is so picky!


Dana Reeves on August 08 2012

Hi guys,

I watch all 3 shows of your family. My husband too me to Savannah two years ago to the Lady and Son. Here is my question? Are you planning to create a cookware set? I won't let my husband use my Paula Deen set. That's a big no no.


Daphne Perry on August 08 2012

What's Next?

Successful restaurant, successful cookbooks, a new show. . . What is left for you to achieve? I guess obvious would be a cookbook apart from the 'Deen Bros' brand, but professionally what Everest do you have left?


Lt. Sanders on August 08 2012

Is your brother single!??...He's major HOOOOTTTTT!...LOL...For real.


Ammie on August 09 2012

If you weren't into the food world, what do you think you would be doing right now?


Linda Dearth on August 09 2012

Just found out that Iam gluten intolerant. Do you ever have any gluten free recipes? Thanks!!!


Beverly Duncan on August 09 2012

Enjoy your show. What a great kitchen - love the layout and convenience. Is this your kitchen or a set?


Barbara Favia on August 09 2012

What was it that you said that convinced your mother to get healthier with her cooking style and what she was sharing? How much butter is the right quantity for a person per week?

That was two questions. Thank you for your consideration. How fun!


Elena Blume on August 09 2012

I live in So Cal - known for heat, but never too much humidity. Lately, the humidity is killing us! Since you are in the heart of humidville, can you suggest some meals that would cool both person and house (i.e. no cooking). We eat a lot of salads so it would be nice to fix something else.

Thank you.


Jean on August 09 2012

We dig the pig! How long do you cook other ribs, besides baby backs? Mine always come out tough. Love your show!


Schatzy on August 10 2012

Do you or your brother have dogs? How many? What are their names and breeds?


Cindy Dunston Quirk on August 10 2012

Love the show and the family!!
Just wanted to know where you got the cutting board with
the handles that you used to carry the ribs from the grill
to the picnic table? Thank you!!
Go Dawgs!!!


Debbie Schmadel on August 10 2012

I love ur show Jamie, I don't like the theme music though. I doesn't fit the show but rock on brother, my ? Is are the recipes you make on the show that of you families? Like Paula cooks her grandmothers and mothers foods. Do you do the same or are you making your own stuff along the way to pass on to jack and Matthew? I love your recipes, chili is my favorite! Love the deen family. I came to the book signing and it was a make off my bucket list, thanks for doing that. Love and best dishes from my kitchen to yours wink


Lisa Covington on August 11 2012

I love your show and you have a beautiful family. I know your oldest son is named Jack but what is the baby's name I heard you call him baby and "moose" but I haven't caught his name.


donnat on August 11 2012

Hey Jamie, First of all, love the show, trying to make some of the recipes, but where in the world do you find flaky sea salt, I live in a small town and none of our stores carry flaky sea salt. Please tell me where you find it. Keep up the good work and Thanks


Brenda on August 11 2012

I really enjoy your new show, especially when your entire family is around the table.
My question: I know you do a lot of work/make donations to others that are not in the same place as you - have you introduced Jack to the "do for others" concept? If so, how did you go about this with a young child, and if not, how are you going to do it? Soup kitchens, food pantry deliveries, handing out blankets to the homeless?
Thanks so much, oh and Roll Tide! (Go SEC)


MimiG on August 11 2012

Hi Jaime.... it's the girl with the missing son from vacation! LOL First, and with all due respect to Ms. Jane (posted on 8/8), please DONT change the theme song. My Jack (the one that escaped) LOVES that song... walks around the house singing it all the time. It's one of the things that draw my 9 yr old Jack and my 12 yr old Moose to your show grin (BTW... had I known y'all nick named M. Moose the day we met, I would have told you the story of how my older son was nick named "moose"....funny 2 Jacks and 2 Moose)

My question is: We all know how you got your start and how you were "baptized" in the food industry. But how and when did you develop your own passion/love for it? At what point did you realize that although this is a family business, this is a true passion of yours (seperate from the family)? How did you nurture that passion in your own way, again seperate from your family and prior to the tv shows and fame part of it.

Y'all take care and God bless.


Trista Parks on August 12 2012

I was wondering about where you film the show also - is that your home kitchen? A separate kitchen on your property for filming?

And what brand is your blender? (It's so hard to find a good one!) Do you have any favorite small (or large) appliance brands?


Chrissy on August 12 2012

Love the new show. I have my dvr set up to record every week. What is your biggest pet peeve? Worst habit?

Can't believe the baby is a year old already. The boys need a baby sister! Hope you, Brooke and the boys have had an amazing summer.

Take care,
kwhitacre1- twitter


Kimberly Whitacre on August 13 2012

I got to see first-hand the answers to the question from Lisa, August 8 and Donna, August 8.
Saw you at "Broadway at the Beach" and was SO tempted to approach you and your family. Out of respect, I contained myself! But, You were so gracious to me and my daughter/grandkids by acknowledging us, knowing we had recognized you. Your children are precious and very well-behaved. I'm just glad you feel comfortable enough to go out in public and enjoy life with your family. I hope you and Brooke experience continued success. My question is, Have you made adjustments to all your recipes now that your Momma has diabetic issues?


Stephanie on August 13 2012

I would love to understand how you decide what skillet to cook with. I've seen you use cast iron and the stainless steel. Example: your rosemary beef tenderloin vs the butterfly chicken (if my memory is working right). I have both but only actually cook with cast iron. I always feel like that SS is not my friend when it comes to cooking.

I've enjoyed your show. they're real meals that are relatively easy to make and pretty healthy.


A M Dean on August 13 2012

Hey there Jamie!
♥ your show, ♥ your fam, you're all babydolls! A lovely, family-oriented and educational show! Your skillet chix, root veggies & gravy recipe is the bomb! Can we say "yummy"?!! Do you have a recipe for a Creamy parm Chix Casserole? Also, a hot crab dip dish? Keep up the wonderful work! ♥ & ((Hugs)) ~ to y'all! xoxo


Karenina on August 14 2012

Hey there Jamie! Do you have any red bracelets left? Thanks!


Karenina on August 14 2012



PAULINE ROBLES on August 14 2012

Hey Jamie! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I truly enjoy watching your new show. You have such a beautiful family...I always have a good feeling when I watch your show that there are families that are so wonderful and you could see the love when I watch your show. Love the recipes!! So simple for me..I love to cook and always watch the food network including your brother's new show..He's sooo handsome! Look forward to all your new episodes!! Laura smile


Laura on August 18 2012

Hi Jamie,

I love the picture of the radish over your stove. I have googled to no avail. Care to share where i could purchase one, and maybe some other veggie prints. I want to do my kitchen in this motif.

ty vvm


Diane on September 26 2012

I love your sink! I have sink envy. Is it old? Where can I get one like it? Thanks for keeping Southern real.


Bridget on September 29 2012

I just saw your show for the first time at my sister's house this weekend. Love the concept, "less is more". That's how I cook. We immediately went to the local produce farm and get some of their last tomatoes of the year and made the gazpacho. It was delicious. (I tweeked mine with a jalapeno.)
Also love your kitchen, which looks even smaller than mine. smile
My sister loves the radish picture above your sink and I would like to get her one for Christmas. Is it available on the retail market or was it made especially for you?


Linda on October 08 2012

Hi Jamie, I just got Paula Deens Christmas and there are three grandsons on the cover I know you have two but how is the third grand son Bobby isn't married yet is he? Thanks


tammy on November 12 2012

No question, sorry this note is on this page, but I wanted to Thank you so very much for being so kind to me and my family when we were having dinner at The Lady and Sons this past August. You were kind enough to come over and meet me when my son asked you to, and it really made my day. He brought me down from Warners Robin Ga. because he knows how huge a fan I am of all of you. My story is similar to your moms a single mom raising two boys struggling to make ends meet while they were young, and she has always been an inspiration to me. You are a very special man and your family who you so kindly share with us is beautiful. I am sure your two sons will continue in the kind and giving Deen family way. Thanks Again Jamie I sure hope you get this message.


Maureen Murphy on November 21 2012

where did you get your great radish picure?


debbie wood on January 13 2013


I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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