Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen
June 7th, 2012

Premiere Episode:
June 16th at 10:30am/9:30 c
Food Network

Well y’all, the moment has finally arrived! “Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen” is here!

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears – okay, so maybe only the sweat part – has gone into the making of my brand new show, and I can’t wait for you to see it.

When I was thinking of a concept for my new show, it took me a minute to think of something that I really loved. I knew that I loved the idea of cooking locally and seasonally, with fresh ingredients, but I wasn’t sure what the right angle was. Then I thought about my family, and other working families. It’s tough, if you’re a family always on-the-go, to provide well-balanced meals for your loved ones.

So I thought that’s the way to go – and I’m so passionate about it; so is my family. Brooke, Jack, and I love preparing meals together, and I know it won’t be too long before our newest addition, Matthew, joins in the tradition as well.

I had such a blast filming these new shows for y’all, that I wanted to take you on a behind-the-scenes look at the process. All of the photos are courtesy of our dear friend Christine Hall.

Mic check - one two, one two!

And here we go – Home for Dinner – take one…or a million. I forget!

Here’s my little Sous Chef, Jack Deen, helpin’ Daddy out with dinner.

Gosh, I am one lucky man. I’ve got such a gorgeous family.

Even my producer, Gordon, and the rest of the production crew got caught babysitting a time or two.

Doesn’t that look good, y’all?

Mama came by, too, to help out. But secretly, I think she just wanted to spend time with her grandbabies!

That's a wrap, y'all!

Do good things,

Congrats Jamie! hope for a long run and big success. thanks for sharing the pics, Matthew is a fine lure to get help on the set. Good Luck! err, break a leg!


Donna S on June 07 2012

Dear Jamie,

I wish you well with your new show. I know it will be a success. God Bless.



Kate on June 08 2012

Congrats on the show!! Can't wait to see the food and recipes. I' m sure they will be delicious and the show will be a hit!!


Roger on June 08 2012

Hi Jamie-I am so excited to see your show we (your fans) have been patiently waiting! Congrats on your newest adventure and continued success.
Much love & admiration Tracey (Turlock, CA)


Tracey Lopez on June 08 2012


I cannot wait to see the show. I am recovering from breast cancer and still cannot cook like I used to due to my endurance and lack of mobility. I now love cooking shows , and when I get back on my feet ,WATCH OUT,,I will be a cooking fool,,, !

M E Pierson


MaryEllen Pierson on June 08 2012

Congrats on your show! Can't wait, going to mark my calendar right now!


Melissa in Texas on June 08 2012

Congrats on the new show! I can't wait to watch! I love seeing you & Bobby following in Mama Dean's footsteps while also creating your own path. grin


Carmen on June 08 2012

So happy for you to have your show, with your family included. I love seeing you bringing your family into it. I look forward to watching it.


Rosa Cox on June 08 2012

Congrats, Jamie on the new show and your kids. they are too cute, your wife is lucky to have you cause you can cook, they say... a way to someone you love's heart is by cooking for them. Good luck and just have fun!!!!


Cassie on June 08 2012

Blessings to you and family. I celebrate your new journey.. Enjoy the blessings, can't wait to see your show.. Thx for all your efforts to share your passion


Lynn on June 08 2012

Wishing you great success with your show. Will be watching for sure!


Gloria on June 08 2012

Good luck jamie with your new show


margaret on June 08 2012

I wish you all the best for your new show. I'm sure it will be a success, of course anything you Deen's touch seems to be successful in some way. However I was very surprized when you said it took you a minute to think of something that you loved when thinking of a concept. I mean it should of taken about three seconds. family,food, togetherness. can not wait to see it. Carla


carla on June 08 2012

Dear Jamie.
I am a big fan of the Deen family. Just love your Mom's and Bobby's show. Looking forward to yours. Missed your family book signing when I visited Savannah. I want to wish you the best of luck hope your show is very successful.

Kathy Maniaci
Rochester, NY


KATHY MANIACI on June 08 2012



Mary E Inskeep on June 09 2012

Hey Jamie! I am so excited it is almost time to see your new show. I love the family concept of the show too. If you ever need any out of town guests the Key family could pop in and visit for a spell on the set. Continued success in all you do. Love the Deen Family!!
Shelia Key


Shelia Key on June 09 2012

Hi Jamie!

I am so excited for your show. It's such a great concept! I always enjoy watching you and all your family because it feels like "home" to me. I hope your show is a great success. And I'm excited to see your wife and son will be joining you.

Take care!


Heather on June 10 2012

Jamie and Brooke, Congrats on the new little one. My daughter wants #3 so bad but it's not easy for her to get pregnant. I watch your Mom and Bobbie all the time. Excited that you are going to have your own show. You all crack me up! Too funny. Can't wait to see the new little guy on TV. Good luck!!!!!!!


Sue Lusk on June 11 2012

I saw the pilot of your new program and absolutely loved it!
Can't wait to try all those delicious recipes.
One of the neatest things was your talking about what a blessing your family is and how you included them in all that you did! It made it feel as if we were part of the family!
Continued success.
God bless you all!


Nancy Kruschwitz on June 16 2012

Just watched your show on Food Network. Really loved the show, you had some great recipes and love the way you made your show about your family. That's what it is all about. Best Wishes to you and your new adventure.


Marilyn James on June 16 2012

Jamie ... I was lucky to turn in on your first show. I love how you explain each step. My granddaughter is 5 and loves to help. Your chicken meal, salad, and dessert was great. I will always watch on Saturdays from now on. It has been fun watching you grow up with your Mom on her show. I wish you the best on your show. I do have 2 requests: Could you show how to keep pork chops tender. Mine always turns out tough.
and my husband just had a 3bypass heart surgery, and now I am afraid I will cook wrong for blockage again. Can you help? What is the difference with Fat Free or Sugar Free? I would rather use real and not the chemical ones. I know you and your MOM can help me. Thanks for your help, and good luck again. Hugs. Sonja .. Ohio


Sonja Hoffmann on June 16 2012

Newshow was wondedful...loved seeing your beautiful family ....this will be a food network homerun


sandy on June 16 2012

I loved your show this morning, Jamie. It was so entertaining. You are a natural in front of the camera. I am planning on making that chicken tomorrow for Sunday dinner. Thank you. Can't wait to see the next episode.


Lisa on June 16 2012

Hi we watched your show today and loved it! I am making your salad as part of our fathers day dinner we are celebrating today so our Dad's can get a full day of doing nothing...anyway wanted to say the colors all looked great, the beauty of nature really came through, cheers to the camera workers


nancy on June 16 2012

Congratulations on your new show. We really enjoyed it (my husband likes to watch cooking shows with me especially if there is guy at the stove smile) You have a lovely family. I am going to try the dressing and the chicken as they looked really good. We'll be watching!!


Kim S on June 17 2012

It does my heart good to see your family on tv. There is so much garbage on the air these days and my family enjoys sitting down to see what your mama puts on the plate..and now we get to enjoy you and your family! To see a happy American Family truly enjoying each other and setting an example to all families in America... EAT WITH YOUR FAMILY..cook with your family...be with your family. I wish you well, you and all your family...good things, good things! God bless you, your babies and wife, Jaime and Mother.... all of your family!


Sylvia on June 17 2012

I love your new show! You are very personable and real and I loved everything about the show. I'ts directed really well and you genuinely look like you're having so much fun, which makes it fun for us, your viewers! Keep it up, your ratings may outnumber that "old Lady" with the chickens, LOL. Can't wait for all future episodes!! God Bless from Texas.


Laurie on June 17 2012

oops... meant to say "God Bless youm your babies and wife, your brother Bobby and Mother".... smile


Sylvia on June 18 2012

Absolutely loved your new show! You have a beautiful family and Jack looks like a real Daddy's helper! Congratulations!


Claire on June 18 2012

As an exhausted working mom of an infant and toddler, I can't wait for more easy dinner ideas! There are never enough hours in the day. Thanks to you and your family and God bless!


Heather Taylor on June 19 2012

Congrats on your new show. Love watching it and making the same dishes. I really want the DUMP CHOC. CAKE recipe. It looks so good and easy to make. Can you tell me how to receive the recipe. Love you and your family-what a great blessing you have.


Deborah S Lockwood on June 25 2012

Hi Jamie
I just read that you have your own show. I wish you the best luck but I'm sure it's going to be a success.

Jocelyne Lambert
Laval, Québec


Jocelyne Lambert on June 27 2012

Started out on Food Network's website just looking for a way to give you props. After 15 minutes of looking, just decided to google your name. Anyway, really like your show. It's unique to me because rarely do I see any diversity of interaction between different people on these chef tv shows. When I saw you and your family breaking bread with people of color, it warmed my heart. That's how life should be.



Ike on June 30 2012

I like the show and it is getting back to the basics. I will watch it. I use to love food network and then they started only producing stupid shows aka cupcake wars so I barely watch it but I will watch your shows because it is actually teaching me how to cook. Tell Food Network to get back to the basics and get rid of all the food game shows.


CW on June 30 2012

I love love love your show!!!! It is so nice to see genuine real man, who is a great example of a great husband , great Dad, and great cook. You make us viewers truly feel like you have invited us into your home. It is such a joy watching all your family ( mom and brother ) and how each one of you include each other in ya'lls shows.
I love your delicious and healthy recipes and how easy you make it look to make an easy meal that the whole family will love. Including advice on cooking for kids has been a refreshing and much needed addition to the food network. I look forward to your next cookbook( hopefully) and each new episode. God bless you and you family. - Kim from San Diego


Kimberly on July 04 2012

i love your new show its like i cant wait to see your show every week your show is so personal and caring its as if your in my kitchen teaching me how to cook i love watching you and your family i always wanted to meet someone on tv now i know who i would luv to meet you and your family God bless you and your entire family.


sherry on July 07 2012

I love your new show!!! Your boys are so handsome and it's fun seeing Brooke and the boys in your new show. I made the gazpacho last week and I'm sitting here enjoying your one bowl chocolate cake. Both so easy and delicious. I've printed other recipes to try soon. I'm sure your show will air for years....it is so great seeing a happy family! Good luck Jamie.


Judy on July 08 2012

Love your new show. I missed your first three episodes. Your wife is beautiful and the children are precious! Love your Mama too. Keep up the good work Jamie!


Gloria Reese on July 09 2012

Love your show one of the best on Food Network!


Linda on July 15 2012

I love your show. It is refreshing to see you and your immediate family as the center. I love your mother and her show, but it is nice to show case you and your's without having Paula on every episode like Bobby did-was she really going to say she did not like one of his re-makes. I have already learned several new tricks . Best of luck


gail on July 16 2012

I saw your SHOW for the very 1st. time on July 15th. It was AMAZING!!!!


Rosalyn Mejia on July 16 2012

I absolutely love your new show...I watch it every week and I'm using my DVR to be able to keep up with y'all. I love how your home looks, so bright and airy!
I'm so glad to see you and your family on air!
Best dishes to y'all from San Diego, Ca


BethO on July 17 2012

Love the show, love the family, love the food! Down here in Cordele, GA we love watching a Southern boy do well. One question, where did you get the awesome painting of radishes in your kitchen? I would love to have one for my breakfast nook. Thanks a bunch, and keep up the good work. Your fans love you!


Emmie on July 21 2012

I just adore your show in particular, Jamie, because of your lack of falseness and the fact that you are so openly happy to share about your family. I knew when I watched your Mom's show and she mentioned how you and your wife met, it was like, boom! The way to go. Heaven sent love which is hard to find. I think your new show is just lovely, like your mom's, and I just love that you are not afraid to be yourselves and that nothing seems rehearsed. Gordon Elliot, I must say, is a genius and I also love watching his show the "Chew". I also enjoy Bobbie's show. Once he has his family, it will become bigger and bigger.

I am happy that your mother is in better health. But...I must be honest; I think she's gone too thin! We are just not used to her that way. But she is always beautiful as ever.

Thanks for sharing your lives with us viewers.


Helen Andrews on July 21 2012

Oh...forgot to ask. "Dad's day off" episode....did you ever get in trouble for not having mowed that lawn?


Helen Andrews on July 21 2012

Have loved your show from day 1, and I adore your family! I wish you all good things!


Claire Carter on July 31 2012

Great show!! Love it!! You have a beautiful family.


Debbie parker on July 31 2012

I cannot believe some people are complaining about you Jaimie and what you feed your children! Seriously people, take charge of your own life and leave other people to their own. If all you have to do is complain about Jaimie feeding his child chicken on the bone, please find a life!!


Claire Carter on August 06 2012

My mother-in-law loves the picture of the radishes. Where can I get one for her? Love the recipes and the show!


Anthony Gervase on August 08 2012

Love your new show! Great food choices!


Kaye on August 13 2012

Love, Love, Love the show - one of the best on food network. You, your family and of course the food - just fantastic. I hope the show has a long run time.


Pat L on August 14 2012

Love the show!!! It is truly the only cooking show I watch where I want to make ALL the recipes. Thanks for taking me out of my cooking rut. Best of luck to you on the show. Your family is beautiful-- what a lucky man you are.


Pattie on August 18 2012



gayle nelson on August 19 2012

I love the show! It is so family oriented! I made the One Bowl Chocolate Cake for my family and they loved it! You make cooking fun! May God Bless You.


Kimberly on September 02 2012

I believe I've already left you a congrats and compliments on your show @ Facebook......however, if you didn't read it....
Love your show...DVR it every Saturday for later viewing. Your home, family, life is beautiful! You are refreshing, fun, inspiring to watch. You offer recipes that are healthy, flavorful, and eye appealing....very inspiring. You also give directions in a nice laid back way and include side issues as you cook....seems more "down home" and less scripted.....like we're right there cooking with you. Love your kitchen....so unpretentious, light, airy, cottage lovely. I am inspired to go on an antique hunt to find a "kitchen dresser" like you have to hold extra kitchen items - who says you have to have more cupboards? Keep up the good work Jamie!


Jackie Clonan on September 05 2012

I am watching your show on september, 8 2012 I can not beleive you said your son loves that food so much he could eat like he just got out of prison. how do you think that makes a mother feel with a son in prison. I watch all your family's cook shows, I have even purchased products from your mother. how about a person that goes to prison that did not belong there. i am shock that you would say that and also use those words in a sentence with your son in it.I am hurt by this.


Nancy on September 08 2012

Jamie, love, LOVE the new show. Jack is such a kick, love his dance moves; and he's so funny. God bless you and your beautiful family.


Linda L. on September 20 2012

Hey Jamie, loved the show in Cherokee last rear. Hope you all have another real soon. Loved seeing Paula's family. Tell Paula her aunt that was with the family...loved her hair. Beautiful style wish mine would do that. you hair is great too Jamie.


Barbara Faulkner on December 04 2012

Love watching your show - when will it be returning? I enjoy watching all of you. Thank you.


Sharon Rhoy on January 02 2013

hi jamie, I love, love your show and I can not wait for more. MY mom and I visited Savannah recently and the lady and sons restraunt.It was great! Can you please tell me where I can purchase the beautiful picture of the radishes in your show. Thank you and I wish you continued success with your show and your great family.


debbie wood on January 13 2013

I loved your show, are you doing new shows for this season?


Kathy on January 13 2013

When does Jamie's show air on tv?
Pat McDaniel


Patricia McDaniel on January 19 2013

When will your show returned . Loved the show. Recipes were great.


Clea on January 20 2013

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When does Jamie's show air on tv?

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I loved your show, are you doing new shows for…
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where did you get your great radish picure?
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