Happy Birthday Bobby!
April 28th, 2010

It's hard for me to believe that Bobby is 40!

We had a surprise birthday for him at Grayson Stadium Friday night, put on by his best friend and personal trainer, Sam Carter.

It was THE BEST party I have ever been to, a real ballgame! Umpires, college pitchers and catchers, the National Anthem, fireworks after the game...it was so awesome. Thank you Sam for being such a great friend and mentor to Bobby and for all your hard work that went into the planning.

My dad played, all the girls got in there and even Jack got to race Hairy Dawg from the University of Georgia , around the base paths between innings.

Check out http://www.thesouthmag.com for pictures and a video.

Sorry this is so quick today, I gotta boogie. I'm late. I'm late for another important date.

Until next time, do good things


Hey Bobby, I wrote on Jamie's last blog, Happy Birthday to you but I'll do it again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,BD.

So nice of your friend Sam to put this on for you. Have a great week. I think your gig on Chefs vs. City may be coming up this week. I've seen advertisements for it. Hope you win!!!

HUGS, Jann


Jann on April 28 2010

Happy 40th Birthday BD!!!!!!!!!!!
You don't look a day over 29! I hope you enjoy your birthday and remember that with age comes wisdom. LOL.
I like to say that 40 is the new 30. Have a good weekend, Jamie and Bobby!


Sonya on April 28 2010

Happy BIG 4 0 Bobby! I hope you have a wonderful year!


Carol on April 28 2010

Happy 40th Birthday Bobby ,hope you had a great day. can;t wait until Sunday night to see Chefs vs City , it;ll be close .


Sallie on April 28 2010

So...you might have been just a bit more expansive with the "details". I'm guessing that those will be on the podcast you tweeted will be forthcoming as well.

I enjoyed watching the video of the event. Bobby's reaction upon entering the stadium was priceless. Did I see him blushing?

A real baseball game! What a fun idea!! Glad to hear that the women got to get into the game, too. We love baseball, too.

Happy 40th Birthday, Bobby. Enjoy your special day!!


Kate from MA on April 28 2010

happy birthday Bobby! great party at the ball field. love seeing Hairy Dawg in the video. did you know Chipper Jones of the Braves had a bday last Sat. hes showing age tho in the sport, while you seem as energetic as always! hope you've had a great day, week.. and looking fwd to Chefs vs City.
thanks to Jamie for the blog


Donna S on April 28 2010

Happy 40th Birthday to you, Bobby!
Hope all your dreams come true!!!!
much love,
Deb M


deb m on April 28 2010

Hope your birthday was wonderful!!!


Robin on April 29 2010

Happy 40th Bobby! Welcome to the 40 club - we have t-shirts! Hope your Mom made your favorite meal - glolash! I made her recipe. Loved it. Better than Hamburger Helper! Hope you had a geat birtday!


Judi on April 29 2010

Hey Jamie and Bobby!
I saw the video and the pictures and your friend, Sam, created an AMAZING birthday party. Real ball game, customized jerseys, fireworks...WOW!! It was really neat to see your reaction...it said it all!! Jack is so cute and it was great to see him out there playing too. Can't believe how much he's grown!!
Happy Birthday Bobby and many more!!!

Can't wait to watch you guys on Chefs vs City sunday!!
So........did some of Wonder Boy's powers help bring home a win??? I hope it did! LOL smile

Have a great weekend guys and take care!!!


Marina on April 30 2010

Hey Jamie,
I saw your mom and Michael in the ATL. last Sat. It was a grea show. I've been following your families success since the beginning. What an inspiration you all are.
I bought Michael's book. I read it in 3 days. what an amazing book!! Of course I had to get The Deen Family Cookbook. That's the only one I didn't have.
God Bless you all!!
Donna C.


Donna C. on May 06 2010

Hey Jamie! Can you tell me whether or not that baby brother of yours got his b-day present from Deb M. and I??? Or did you kidnapp it and keep it for yourself? wink
Lots of Love!


Andrea Lepinske on May 11 2010

Happy Birthday Bobby. I was just there in Savannah a couple or so weeks back. I found your Mom's house, but I didn't harrass her.. :: smiles :: Just took a few pictues from the top of my car. I hope your next 40 years are just as good for you. You guys are the greatest. I love your whole family, and certainly love your mom for all the love she has for you boys. God keep ya safe and happy. Tutti


Tutti Harris on August 24 2010

I just want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday, And to let you know I love watching any show with you in it. You have such a gorgeous smile and you are very nice looking and so is Your brother Jamie.Anyway wish you many,many more Happy Birthdays.


Lisa on December 02 2010

I know what you mean. When I found that show I was guilty of wthacing it for days straight not just a few hours. The things those kids can make just blew me away! I watch Masterchef Australia with the grown ups and those kids were knocking the socks off the adults in terms of imagination and especially dessert ideas. I think shows like this can make anyone interested in cooking. Thanks for letting me know about the comment issue Carol, I will check into that.


Larson on March 22 2012

Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?


tabata on April 20 2012


I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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