Guess what! I’m a daddy again!
May 31st, 2011

Hey y’all,

Guess what! I’m a daddy again!

Matthew James Deen was born Wednesday before last, and we came home on that Thursday. Brooke did so well. You know, Jack was a cesarean. He had low birth movement, so we had to go and get him three weeks early. But Matthew decided to stay in until the bitter end. He was born on Brooke’s due date. We thought he was going to come a few weeks early, but we are so thankful to God that he stayed in there and didn’t come out until it was time. He’s a perfectly beautiful baby boy. Brooke was able to able to deliver through a VBAC, which is a vaginal birth after a cesarean, something like that…

Anyway, we were able to not have to do the cesarean, and we were super thankful for that. We were able to come home the next day, and Brooke’s up and movin’ around. We’ve been a busy little family. It’s amazing what you can forget…it’s been almost five years since Jack was born. Did you know you can actually go on two, or three, or four hours of sleep??

And, it’s especially challenging at this point because Jack Deen’s schedule has not changed. He is just sun up, until super late- 900 mph. I have been doing A LOT of swimmin’ lately. Well, he swims. I float.

The baby has slept four or five hours a night for a handful of the nights that we’ve been home, so we’re pretty lucky as far as that goes. I gotta tell you, I was super excited when Jack’s camp started this past Monday. That gives Brooke and I some time in the mornin’ to just kinda cuddle up with the baby, keep the house straight, and just sit still. We’ve been listening to some super peaceful what I call “old people’s” music. And it really helps a lot for us to be able to sit and bond with Matthew.

I was on Mom’s show a couple of times this past week. I’m slow to get back to work. It’s, you know, hard for me to not plug into work. Havin’ a baby is about the only thing that’ll get me totally unplug. But I wanted to get a short, quick blog out this week, just to let y’all know that the baby is here and he is gorgeous. Christine Hall took some pictures, and they’re great.

If I can’t do nothin’ else, I can birth some good-lookin’ babies. And just because they both look like my wife, doesn’t mean anything...

Thanks for checkin’ back in, and I hope you’re doing just as well as I am.

As always…do good things,

congrats to you both..... It is so exciting to have a new life in your family.. enjoy the boys as long as you can..they grow up so fast....-


Dorothy on May 31 2011

Congratulations on your second beautiful baby boy! They are both so precious! Glad to hear everyone is doing well, and being active!!


Andrea L on May 31 2011

Congratulations Jamie, Brooke and Jack! How exciting for y'all to be blessed with another member to your family. Does that make it complete? lol! Y'all do make some beautiful babies. Now we need to work on Bobby!!!!
God Bless y'all!


Brenda on May 31 2011

Those are some beautiful photos. I am so happy for your whole family. What a blessing for all of you.



Sandra on May 31 2011

Hi Jamie and congratulations on another baby. Life is good and you and Brooke are blessed. Jack will make a great BIG brother. lol. how can i get on Brooke's blog? Didn't know she had one.Take care and enjoy parenting.


Tessie Bouillion on May 31 2011

The transition from one to two can be quite the culture shock! This is making more anxious for our little girl to get here in the next four weeks. Not sure what kind of music you're into, but if it's anything like us, plug in The Wailin Jennys to Pandora and see what pops out. Beautiful and soothing. Congrats to you guys!


Emily on May 31 2011

Congratulations Jamie,& Brooke, saw the photo's on Brooke's blog, he is beautiful.... Again Congrats on your beautiful family!!!God Bless you & yours...


Cindee on May 31 2011

Congratulations Jamie, Brooke, and Jack!! I'm sure Baby Matthew is just beautiful if the three of you are any indication! God bless you all grin


Jessica Rivera on May 31 2011

Those photos are awesome and he is beautiful - congratulations!! I can't believe how fast Jack has grown. Has it really been 5 years already??? Glad everybody is doing well.


Mary at Deep South Dish on May 31 2011

Congrats on your Baby Jamie!


Lorie'l on May 31 2011

I am so happy for all of you guys! Congrats on the new little pumpkin pie!! Im sure your mom is just glowing all over! You and Brooke are such amazing inspirations to everyone, and your whole family is an inspriation to me!

Much love and Best wishes always!


stephanie on May 31 2011

Congrats to you & your family. The pics are beautiful. Jack looks so much like you. Handsome little guy he is. Matthew is just as beautiful. Congrats again.


Leslie Ledbetter on May 31 2011

Congrats on the birth of your newest baby boy. I bet your Mom is tickled pink. Ya'll enjoy and try to get some sleep.


Kim Robinson on May 31 2011

Congrats to Brooke, Jamie and the Deen Family. He looks so sweet and adorable. Thank you to both you and Brooke for sharing your story and pictures with us. Miss Paula must be a very proud granny. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your familiy. God Bless.


Sharen on May 31 2011

Awesome News! I caught your blog off of your Mom's tweet. (That sentence doesn't sound right somehow) Congratulations on the new addition. All that "little" baby stuff will come back to you quick... the five year gap isn't that bad.

Thanks for sharing!


Donnie Swafford on May 31 2011


Congratulations!!! The Deen Bros. next generation is born.
Enjoy the moments they grow up so quickly...


Jennifer J on May 31 2011

Congrats to you, Brooke & Jack! The pictures are beautiful and I'm sure Paula and Bobby are just as excited by the new little Deen! Enjoy such wonderful blessings!


Beth on May 31 2011

Thank you and Brooke for sharing your wonderful news.I had a grandson named Matthew James a very very special name for me.He was a very special little boy and I'm sure this beautiful little boy is too.My God Bless you and your beautiful family...


Carolyn Campbell on May 31 2011

Matthew James is my son too! He is a wonderful son and I wish you the same.


Debbie Bosch on May 31 2011



Kelli on May 31 2011

Congradulations to you and Brooke and Jack on your new boy.Bet Paula is out of this world happy. My first grandson's name is Matthew so you picked a great name. I always say you can sleep when they are grown an out of the house on their own. Well maybe a little bit more sleep. Best wishes to you all.


Jean Hart on May 31 2011

super happy for you guys,and I am sure granny Paula isnt flyin high right now. New babies are wonderful. Congratations to you and Brooke and Jack and to the new addition to your family, matthew.


Laurie W on May 31 2011

Congratulations!! Matthew is beautiful and glad to hear Brooke is doing well.Glad Jack is being a great Big Brother,and am sure grandma Paula is very happy.May you have a life full of health and happiness.Becky


Becky on May 31 2011

God has blessed you with a beautiful family!You and Brooke have beautiful children. Congratulations. So happy to hear that Brooke and Matthew are both doing great and Jack is loving his baby brother. My son and his wife have a 4 year old son and 7 month old twins, so I know how your mom feels so blessed also with grandbabies. They are truly gifts from God. Cherish them always.
God Bless your family


Angela on May 31 2011

Congrats to y'all! Matthew is very handsome, I do think he favors you Bobby. I see alot of Jack favoring Brook but this time I think we got some Deen showing through.

C-y'all soon at a a book signing or at my fav place- The Lady & Sons! I would eat there everyday if I could!)



Deidra Howard on May 31 2011

proud papa! as you should be. so very happy for you and your family. extremely happy for Brooke! congrats on having Matthew, as well as finding time to bond. Just tickled with joy for y'all. thanks for taking time to blog about him! God Bless.


Donna S on May 31 2011

Happy for you,nice pictures. Love the Deen family.


Betty Splettstoesser on May 31 2011

What gorgeous pictures!Congrats to all.As a mom of 4 boys(1 c-section,3 vbacs)I understand it all,especially the lack of sleep!Enjoy these precious moments,as they go by far too quickly!Love Brooke's new blog too!


Barbara Parnell on May 31 2011

Jamie, love your blogs as always. My sincere, happy and excited ongrats to you and Brooke. The pictures of your new son are adorable, especially the one in the basket. Hell, they're all cute!!!! Jack is handsome as ever. Never ceases to amaze me how soon mamas go home after a birth. I'm so very happy for the three of you and of course, Paula. She must be beside herself and let's not forget Brooke's parents and your daddy, Jimmy Deen.

HUGS to all three of you. Hi to Bobby.



Jann on May 31 2011

What a beautiful family. OK, Brooke and Matthew are beautiful, Jack and Jamie are handsome. You are very lucky to have your 2 boys. As your momma knows, there is nothing like having 2 sons. The boys will be fun and funny and friends, and probably grow up to be great cooks, but at least we know they will be great human beings. Congratulations!


Jo S on May 31 2011

Congratulations to you and the rest of your family on the healthy new child!


Lt. Sanders on May 31 2011

Congratulations!!!!!! What a beautiful baby and family. Enjoy these days, time fly's by way too fast.


Diane on May 31 2011

Congratulations to all the family. God has truly blessed
each of you; but those precious boys are the most blessed of
all to have been born into such a special, loving family.
Love to all of you.


Margaret Wisler on May 31 2011

Congratulations Jamie,& Brooke


linda Lake on May 31 2011

Congratulations from Texas...! Brooke is a trooper...VBAC can be very glad all is well.

Matthew is scrumptious ~ What a beautiful family God has blessed you with..."they are precious in His sight"

Blessings ~
Nancy Gayle


Nancy Gayle on May 31 2011

Dear Jamie,

Congrats to you and your family.God Bless.



Kate From Louisiana on May 31 2011

Congrats Deen Family! Am thankful all are doing so well. Now the fun really begins!!!


Elizabeth Taliaferro on May 31 2011

I am so happy for you and Brooke, there is nothing more joyful than God blessing you with little angels as I like to call them, they are gifts from God. I Pray that Matthew, Jack, Brooke and You will enjoy one another always and teach them God ways and love, and call Gods blessing on them every day. God bless you Deen Family. And thank you for sharing what the lord has done for you. Walk in love!!


Gail Day on May 31 2011

God's Blessings to you, Brooke , Jack, and sweet baby Matthew!

What a beautiful family....

Please give the baby a big kiss for me! You sound so happy!I am so very happy for you all.

As always,
Much love,
Deb M


deb m on May 31 2011

How precious! I am so happy for ya'll. I know Jack must be so excited about his little brother! Glad to hear Brooke is doing so well. Ya'll enjoy and get some rest when you can smile


Dawn on May 31 2011

BROOKE and JAMIE, I am so HAPPY for the both of your Baby GOD gave you another BLESSING. MATHEW is so Adorable. Will you keep pictures coming so we can see Mathew grow up like we did JACK.And you know's someday we might see Mathew on Paula's Best dishes..Good JOB LOVE YA'LL


Wanda on June 01 2011

Such a beautiful blessing.


Laura Speck on June 01 2011

Saw the pics on Paula's website today - absolutely gorgeous new baby boy - just like big brother. So happy for the Deen family!


Mrs. Lucky on June 01 2011

All the best to you and your beautiful family! God bless you and yours.


Angela Lopez on June 01 2011

Thanks for posting. What beautiful pictures, such a precious boy! Congratulations to all of you. Brooke looks great. Now Jack has a partner in crime, best gift ever. Four hours at a stretch. You lucky dog. Mathew must be very happy and peaceful. Enjoy and God bless everyone.


Diane in MD on June 01 2011

Jamie Brook and Jack and now Matthew what a great family.
So happy for you all and I bet Grandma and papa are so excited to have the new baby here.


Barbara on June 01 2011

Congratulations to all of you!!!!Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us!!!I loved Brooke's blog about the family too.



Paula on June 01 2011

He is just beautiful! Sounds like Jack wanted out early...too much to see and do that he did not want to miss, and he has been in high gear ever since! Maybe, Master Matthew will be a bit more laid back.

May God bless your family richly, and congratulations from my family to yours. Come to Oklahoma when you get the chance, and the kids and I will show you around!


Lori on June 01 2011

Congratulations to the entire Deen Family. The pictures are so beautiful, Brooke is flawless and she just had a baby, I'm envious (in a healthy "good" way smile). You are such an amazing family - I bet Jack will be an awesome big brother and baby Matthew is precious. If I remember correctly there is another baby due in the family soon right, how fun to have babies/cousins so close in age. It will make for some wonderful holidays, that's for sure.

I wish you all so much love and peace! Enjoy your kids, you will blink and they will be teenagers (thinking they are smarter than you are). Here is a "blog hug" from my family to yours!

With much love and admiration - Tracey Lopez/Turlock CA


Tracey Lopez on June 01 2011

All I can say is sweet and totally awesome family!

P.S. Tell Jack he makes the coolest big brother!

Shelia Key/ Winston-Salem,NC


Shelia Key on June 01 2011

What wonderful news. Wishing you and Brooke and little Jack (who, of course, you named after me!) the very best. I just know that Matthew will be spoiled rotten by his grandparents. God Bless you all.


Jackie Wolinski on June 02 2011

"If I can’t do nothin’ else, I can birth some good-lookin’ babies."

Um...I was under the impression that it was Brooke who did all the hard work. wink

Congrats to you all!


Kit on June 02 2011

Congrats to you and Brooke and the Deen family on the newest addition! Matthew is adorable!Jack has grown so much..hard to believe he is almost 5.Got a copy of Get Fired Up for my Dad for Father's Day..along with a cute windchime that looks like a grill..he'll love the book as he LOVES to cook out and likes to experiment with new recipes.An early Happy Father's Day and best wishes to you and Brooke!


Cindy Carter on June 04 2011

So happy for you and your beautiful family, hope to meet you all soon, gotta get to GA, we live in Texas, take care..


Betty Maywald on June 05 2011

Hi Jamie.

So glad Matthew's arrival went well. What a blessing to add to your family. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us. And a big congratulations!


Sandy Martin on June 06 2011

Congrats on a healthy baby boy! They are awesome, huh? If you have a second, please check out my blog - southern stories and recipes:

Thanks and have a blast with those boys!

Gina Horn


Gina on June 06 2011

Congradulations to all of you!! The pictures are just beautiful!!!


Robin Burns on June 09 2011

How exciting. I bet Paula is just tickled pink or blue in this case. Congrats to you and Brooke. Jack has a new baby brother.


Sharon Ann Merkle on June 11 2011

Matthew is beautiful and precious. So happy to hear that Brooke was able to avoid the Csection. Morning cuddling with the baby there is nothing better! I bet Jack is loving being a big brother! Enjoy all of your time with your family. Wishing you and your family the best always.

Again thanks for sharing with us.

Have a great summer.
Kimberly Whitacre


Kimberly Whitacre on June 12 2011

Congrats to you, Brooke and Jack on another Amazing Blessing! The pic of you and Brooke with "the boys" melts my heart,we have 3 little boys(one is Jacks age)and its the greatest feeling when i see them with each other. God Bless!!Enjoy every minute!! Sheila(Shiyloe)


Sheila( Shiyloe) on June 14 2011

Hey Jamie,
Just wanted to let ya know I made the Game Day Breakfast To Go
biscuits last night for our breakfast/dinner night. They liked it! I think I might experiment and try making some different kinds of biscuits like these. I used bacon,egg,and cheese. I love the cookbook"Get Fired Up". Can't wait to try tweaking some more recipes. Thanks! P.S. Please everyone don't forget your local food pantries this summer. Kids are out of school. Some are used to having a breakfast and lunch at school. Please give so they might have their needs met.

Shelia Key/Winston-Salem,NC


Shelia Key on June 14 2011

Congratulations to you both!!


Ava on June 17 2011

Congratulations Jamie families,Brooke and Jack! I'ma little late with my well wishes. The CH photos are absolutely precious.God bless y'all.


Cynthia on December 03 2011

Thank you for the news of Matthew. I have been praying for you, Brooke and Jack for another loved member of the family.

Linda Mahnker


Linda Mahnker on February 01 2012

I pray to God to continue to bless you and your familly with love, health, and beautiful babies. Enjoy every second with them, and don't forget to spend a little time alone with your beautiful wife. Congratulations to you both and best of luck with your sleeping schedule!


Juana A. Soto on June 10 2012

There is a saying, "Mothers of little boys know what it is to work from Son up to Son down!" Love watching you cook with your mom and family! I too have a son Matthew, who is now 26...he has been the best son ever! Here is wishing you both the same happiness with yours.


Tanya and Larry on June 15 2012

I keep hearing about a 3rd grandchild-who's is that one? I'm thinking Bobby's because they look close to the age of Jamie's last one. I saw the cover on Paula Deen's magazine with 3 children around Paula. They all looked like the Deen's.


Nancy on December 01 2012


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