Do Good Things!
February 24th, 2012

Hey y’all,

So here’s the deal with the red rubber bracelets.

I decided that we would start a movement. If you take one of these red bracelets, then that means that you promise to do good things, to have malice towards none, and to pay it forward. If you can do good things for other people, it’ll keep going on and on, and maybe- just maybe- we can change the world.

Now every dollar is going straight to our local food bank here in Savannah at America’s Second Harvest. I’m not making any money off of this, it’s just something that I want to do to help give back. We’ll have some in our store in Savannah too, but the best way is to order one straight from the Second Harvest website by clicking here. (Keep in mind, we do have to include $1 shipping and handling). It’s going to straight to our food bank and I myself will turn around and send you one of our red rubber bracelets- I’ve got 1,000 to start so they’re limited.

One side says, “Malice Toward None,” and the other side says, “Do Good Things.” So this is a movement that you can be a part of, and I really hope that this can be the start of some really good things.

Until next time- I’m heading off to South Beach now!

Cheers y’all,

can i get one at the PD store in Savannah? i will be there next week


Tony Grant on February 24 2012

Fantastic idea...if everyone did one nice deed a day, think where we would be!!!
Thanks for sharing!


Bobbie Hash on February 24 2012

It would be easier if you set up a paypal account where we could make direct donations on line and the bracelets would be sent out.


Patti on February 24 2012

I think its a grand idea and I am sending my dollar out in the morning mail


Judy Kaliszewski on February 24 2012

way to go, Jamie. Your family rocks! you are an inspiration and great example. And Paul Deen is my hero! Best wishes to you, Brooke, and the boys.


Donna on February 24 2012

I think you should do this on a national level.... have cities that would like to participate. Create a contact person and give to an area food bank. Kuddos Jamie. I was supposed to be in Miami this weekend, but the cards did not align for me. So we had to give up the plane tickets and hotel. I am super bummed. You all have a great time and enjoy that beautiful weather in South Beach. I saw your mother on TV this morning... I am so envious. NW Fla and Southern Ala have tornado warnings spread out... Have a great weekend and good luck with your charity work! I myself am working on a charity golf tournament 19th annual, in Pensacola, Fl the end of April... LOTS of work!



Amber Haas on February 24 2012

red bracelets sound like a good thing. and as soon as i have an extra $1 i'll send for one. but things are tight, money is low, and it's embarrassing to admit i dont have a $1. i'm 57 years old, have bi-polar and M.S. live on SSI and $176 in food stamps, which is my food budget for the month, i do pretty good with that. i recently was able to move to a better apartment that includes my heat, lights, and hot water..
love bobby's new show.. keep up the good work, you boys do really good things, you give us all hope


Jackie Bartlett on February 24 2012

What a wonderful notion! In our household (her on the West Coast), we advocate random acts of kindness. I think that goes hand in hand with your efforts. Sending a request out for 4 of your bracelets tomorrow. They will match up nicely with my daughters' camo, yellow, and red/white/blue ones that show support for their daddy. Good job Jamie!


Rebecca on February 24 2012

I'm IN!!!



Andrea Lepinske on February 24 2012

Super idea. But I hope you're having more made 'cause I've got a feeling a thousand won't be nearly enough!! Kudos and a big thanks to you for taking the time to do something like this.


Sandy Martin on February 24 2012

Are you willing to send these bracelets to Canada. I am sure I csn find some American coins to donate to your local food bank.


Lu-Anne Anderson on February 24 2012

I think a paypal account is a great idea for this


Crista Barrasso on February 24 2012

Great idea Jamie. I am about to drop my $1 off in the mail. Thanks for all you do.
Can't wait to get my bracelet. Love you guys!!!!!

Joey Elizabeth Rayburn


Joey Elizabeth Burns Rayburn on February 25 2012

Hi Jamie.

Greatness grin

Ditto many others, how about paypal? Zippity quick the food bank will be well stocked and paperwork (trees) will be saved!

Take care and God Bless -


Karen Habbestad on February 25 2012

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! Fantastic idea!!


Yvonne on February 25 2012

Love it! My dollars are on the way!


Tia on February 25 2012

what about return stamp and envelope do ya need this also to send it back to us, i want five, damn you are here in florida ten min from me to bad you dont have them on you.


pam johnson on February 25 2012

Jamie, sending out telling everyone i know to send you the dollar asap, so far 12 set up to go


pam johnson on February 25 2012


save me one!

my $ is on the way!

What a great thing to do!!!!!

love ya!

Deb M


Deb M on February 26 2012

Hey Jamie good idea on the bracelets. I read above message from Jackie Bartlett im putting in extra $1 in my envelope
please make sure you mail her one. I'll be in Savannah for St. Patricks day 18 of us have reservations at restaurant on Sunday the 18th at 330pm. If your in town hopefully you can stop by.

Jennifer J.


Jennifer J. on February 27 2012

Have you ever thought about having a short time that your cookbooks are like $5 more but you and/or your brother sign them and send them out. Take the extra money and donate it back? Just a thought I was having as I was writing out my envelope to send your direction. Cant wait to get the bracelet!


Barb Greiber on March 01 2012

Hey Buddy:)

I just added your "Do Good Things" bracelet initiative to one of my Pinterest Boards:

Add a "Pin It" Pinterest button to your blog so you can gain some additional Deen love & support. Here is the link:

Hope you and the family are well.



Whitney Noonan on March 02 2012

Jamie thats a great idea.But we need help here.I'm out of food in the middle of the month and i couldnt get help here.Our food pantry only have very little to help out with.And that only last us for only 2 days.
Please help us here.


tammy on March 02 2012

Hi, Jamie this is a wonderful idea! My son is collecting donations for the American Heart Association. He is 9yrs old and he told me it feels so good to know he has something to do with giving a small helping hand!! So we are send our dollars today!! THANKS FOR GIVING BACK, we all need a helping hand sometimes :}



Sabrina Parks on March 02 2012

I sent my check into you. I sent $5 bucks for one bracelet, for people like Jackie Bartlett, who wants to send you money but can't.Send her one from me. How about everyone putting a link on there facebook page or tweet the link. That way we can really get a movement going. Great Idea!


Lily on March 04 2012

That is a great idea. I will have to pick one up when I am in Savannah next week. We'll be visiting on our way to FL all the way from Canada. smile


Melissa Brown on March 06 2012

Hi Jamie! Should we include a self addressed stamped envelope? Blessings! Lisa in Cs


Lisa Mac on March 06 2012

I hope I'm not too late, I'm mailing $1 (maybe more) TODAY! I think this is awesome and have just now read your email but I get bits and pieces when I check Twitter on my phone so I've been tweeting you "little" things I'm doing good each and every day. Something out of the ordinary, not the usual. I think this is an awesome idea. Hoping I can keep up with your blogs better (Twitter helps, I get your tweets on my cell phone). If there are no more bracelets just give that money to the food's all good!
With much love and admiration, Tracey/Turlock CA


Tracey Lopez on March 06 2012

Hi Jamie,
I just read about the red bracelets you videod in Feb 24th. Its March 11th now, just wondering if you have more red bracelets?


Sandy on March 11 2012

Great Idea Jaime, just think you are doing two good deeds, the bracelets and helping the Post Office garner some business. I applaud you for keeping it very real and asking us to send a $1.00 in the mail. Mine is on the way.


Nancy David on March 11 2012

WOOHOO, I received my bracelets today. I have one for myself, one for each family members, and others to give away (encouraging the recipients to DO GOOD THINGS of course). This is such a great idea!
With much love and admiration,
Tracey Lopez/Turlock Ca


Tracey Lopez on March 15 2012

don't send coins. . . they most likely will not make it through the mail.


carla on March 16 2012

Why aren't you wearing a RED BRACELET


lkk on March 20 2012

Hi Guys!
I LOVE the new show but i thought you should know that watching your mothers show was my saving grace...... Shes the mother i didnt have and having her in my living room helped me get through becoming an empty nester as a single mother and also becoming disabled.The recipes and memories she passes on to her viewers is INVALUABLE. I know that you are a strong family but the negativity of the media is SO unfair!!! They are just haters!!!!You are so lucky to have a mom like Paula!!!! Screw the media and their " holier than thou" fricken attitude.Tell yer Mom she has and will remain my hero and tell all those HATERS like that jerk Anthony Bourdain to take a look at themselves before criticizing someone else. Nah nah ,nah nah paula deen makes more money than YOU Bourdain you hater so IN YOUR FACE..... she doesnt need TRAVEL CHANNEL to pay for HER trips!!!


Heidi on March 23 2012

Great Idea Jamie!
My dollar is in the mail tomorrow morning...I hope you still have bracelets.


Karen Davis Platt on March 25 2012

I hope you have 75 left! I volunteer at a food pantry and I'd love to buy some for all the volunteers. Cheers to you for a wonderful idea.


Toni on March 29 2012

Jamie are these still available? I would love to get some...


Alicia on April 01 2012

Hi Jamie,

I spent part of my honeymoon in Savannah and fell in love!

Tried to get into The Lady and Sons for lunch several times, but always packed! Still, I have enjoyed making and serving many of your family recipes since that time.
Although it was 7 years ago I know I'll be back!

Regarding the red braclets - would you ship one to the Toronto, Canada area?


Stephanie Fagan


Stephanie Fagan on April 04 2012

Are these bracelets still available? I would love a few of them. AWESOME idea!!!


Mona Hernandez on June 03 2012

Been watching ur new show. Why not use bowls with lids so ur not wasting all that cling wrap? You would save steps not to mention saving the planet.Success to u.


Suzanne Klein on June 23 2012


I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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