Jamie Deen’s Keynote Presentation at the Savannah 2011 Mayor’s Small Business Conference

April 8th, 2011

Hi Jamie,

Good speech!! The hardest part of growing is fear, so if you don’t take the chance you will never know what could be. You guys proved that!!!!!


Diane on April 08 2011


My Dad owned restaurants as I was growing up it has always been my dream but being unemployed now I am not financially able to get a loan but it will always be in the back of my head but after watching this video I am going to make it a challenge to go out looking at buildings, I don’t know what people are going to think I was the Manager of the Bon Worth store in my town until we closed our doors in January 2011, anyway thank you for posting this video it gives me the courage to move forward.


Jan Auvil on April 08 2011


Jamie, Thank you so much for sharing this video.  It is so inspiring to hear the Deen Family story.  It is so motivating to see such a wonderful family become so successful through hard work and determination.  Thanks again for sharing this heart warming story.  Diane


Diane L. Lee-Strong on April 08 2011


Thanks for sharing Jamie!!  I love to hear the Deen Family story.  A true inspiration!!  Proof that dedication and hard work can get you anything you want.


Cindy Rooney on April 08 2011


I’am a meat cutter in Ft. Smith Ark. an I proud to say that down home cooking is where it’s at. “GO MEAT” an go Lady an Sons!


Gary Clark on April 08 2011


Great video.  Loved listening and watching.  Great you guys.  Thanks.  We will be back in Savannah in July, when can we buy ya’lls dinner.  I ask this every time I leave a note with Paul on facebook, or Bubba and you guys.  Would love to meet you and Bobby.  I have met Paula, Bubba and Michale.  Love, Tutti


Tutti Harris on April 08 2011


i loved the video and i love your cooking keep doing what you do best southern cooking, lol ya all.


marilyn on April 08 2011


Jamie, this was great and my family has known all of you for a few years, however, the way you tell about your family’s business is very inspiring and heart warming.  You have been more than lucky, you have been blessed from above.  Never turn your back on the one who has been leading you all along.  Jane


JAD on April 08 2011


Your family is truly an inspiration.  I love watching Paula.  My down syndrome daughter never misses her show.  What I admire most is although you are very successful you are down to earth.  Your right family is first.  Love you guys.  Paula sent Dana (my down syndrome daughter) a picture and she keeps it by her bed and says a prayer every night telling God thank you for letting Paula be apart of her life.  I think alot of us could pray that prayer.


Annette Harris on April 08 2011


I loved the video, It showed me that anyone can do anything if they put there mind to it and to never give up on your dreams.


Debbie Hartless on April 08 2011


Loved the video. Very inspiring. We took a vacation to Savannah just to eat at Lady and Sons. The food was great. We had our picture made with Bobby and Jamie and they seemed so down to earth. Keep up the good work.


Shelba Perry on April 08 2011


Y’all are absolutely awesome!!  Your mom has done a wonderful job with her sons and y’all’s business.  You’re geniune and real and that’s what makes everyone love you!!  Keep the good work up!!!


Gina Walker on April 08 2011


Your family is a true inspiration to “everyday people” who have a dream and can make it a reality by believing in yourself and with the help of others who believe in you too. Simply amazing! Thanks for sharing your story. A true bags to riches story!


Michele Shortley on April 08 2011


This is an awesome story…. we moved to Savannah in 1989, heard about the Lady and Sons, found it ,tried it, and fell in love with it!! You guys were at the first location on Congress at that time…you, Bobby and Paula all were waiting tables then. I thought Paula was the jolliest person I’d met here (love that laugh) My mom came up to visit for mother’s day one year, she loved it! Every since then whenever my mom would come for mother’s day this was our guaranteed “Mother’s Day Dinner”...

Thanks for sharing…..wish you guys all the Best!!

Pat Lowery


Pat Lowery on April 08 2011


Your video was great,just like you and your family.Like you said say true to yourself.Very heart warming and you haven’t changed who you are. You just have alot more $00000000 on your money from years ago.Keep up the good work.Someday I want to come to eat at the Lady&Sons; and I would love to meet you all.


royanna roy on April 08 2011




Linda Parent on April 08 2011


Jamie, I so enjoyed this video. What an inspiration you and your family are. I have been reading your Mom"s book about her life and I sure cried for her and with her. I am so glad things have worked out for you all and it is always important to hear about the struggles in ones life. You have to believe and work hard at what you believe in.
God bless you all and I hope and pray some day some where I will get to meet you all.
Much love coming your way.


Sherry Yates on April 08 2011


Great American Story, thanks for sharing it with all of us! I too am from the South and love Paula’s recipes .  Would love to get to Savannah and eat at your restaurant, maybe one day. Thanks.


Becky Gahr on April 08 2011


April 08,2011
What an awesome story! Thank you Jamie so much for sharing ya’ll’s story. I love Paula Deen/family, I have all her cookbooks,magazines & Deen Brother’s cookbooks as well. My dream is to meet your Mother in person one day, eat at the Lady & Sons Restaurant. I would love to go on her cruise as well, this is a dream of mine and I pray that it will come to pass. I love you all and love your story on how you all got to where you are today.


Diana on April 08 2011


To theDeen Family you are awesome people. You all worked hard all your life you deserve the best . God was with you all. I hope some day I can meet you all!God Bless youall!    Ann


Ann Souza on April 09 2011


Jamie,Thanks for sharing the video. I really enjoyed it, you did a great job. It’s obvious that you are passionate about your business and each other and grateful that you’ve come so far. It’s very inspiring. Take Care. p.s.-Six wks! Wow….life will never be the same smile


Diane in MD on April 10 2011


Im from morocco/american I stard my business in others contry but it was just charite now Istard at home because we in USA and I do same Jamie he did the first time they say ohh next time I give free simples they loved the moroccan food and cookies and Im happy if I make just $20 or less I save to buy milk for my baby and me or he’s dad we are happy so that give me more luck for next day and some people they try but they take time to call me (it’s no probem I still waiting and serching to meet more friends and costumers)
Thanks Jamie this video makes me more stronger to build my business.


Ibi Martin on April 11 2011


That was great Jamie, We have had a restaurant for 44 yrs. now. It too was adjacent to a Best Western Motel, It is hard work but your customers make it all worth while. LOL in the restaurant business you have to be a jack of all trades!!!! We have also relocated our restaurant too & love our new place!!! Sooo proud for u & your family!! I have met your Mom & michael before they are super nice!!!


Barbara in Tn. 4 11 2011. on April 12 2011



I am very proud of you, your brother and mom to have all of y’all as “Ambassadors of Savannah” and long-time friends.  It is very inspiring to look back over the past sixteen or so years that we have known each other and recall your path to success.  Moreover, your family is humble, “down to earth” and so grounded in love, faith and chivalry.  It is an honor to watch each of you all the time.  Keep up the amazing accomplishments—your reach is even higher than your realize!  Jeff Felser


Jeff Felser, Alderman at Large, Candidate for Mayo on May 15 2011


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dan on January 23 2012


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bystolic on February 27 2012


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