20 Years Ago…

April 24th, 2010

i love the deen family i have tried several of their receipes


maria on March 22 2011


Do you still have your 1st. cookbook if so i would like to have one thanks Phyllis


Phyllis Morimanno on March 22 2011


Enjoyed this very much u have a wonderful life


Connie Gresham on March 22 2011


Awesome,God bless y’all.


Deisy on March 22 2011


Loved the video. I’ve been to the Lady & Sons. It was great. I especially loved the mint iced tea because it was hot in the sun waiting to get inside! Thanks for putting pictures to the story.


Jan on March 22 2011


I loved this piece of your history.  I have so loved your cookbooks, and show.  to know where it all began is so awesome.  I want to visit Savannah, Ga. just to be able to touch the love that is there.


jennifer smith on March 22 2011


It was great - LOVING IT - would love to come to your restaurant….............one day!!


Olga on March 22 2011


This is so sweet….you have a son any mother would be proud of…..in fact 2 sons!!! It’s like living the American dream
through the Deen family….I love ya all…..


Beverly Pullman on March 22 2011


Well, Bobby succeeded.  He made me cry.  ~ L


Lucy Dixon Allen on March 22 2011


Very sweet. I love watching your lives stories…so inspirational.


Buffy Crosby on March 22 2011


Loved the video - visited your resturant around 2005 and loved it.  Met Jamie.  I love any show of Paula’s!


martha lawrimore on March 22 2011


wonderful 20 yrs of memories


Bunny on March 22 2011


good people, doing good food. what a great combination smile


becky walton on March 22 2011


What an inspirational video.. Paula you have two great sons; and that part of you - the love you show for them shines in their faces and everything they do… I wish you a lot of success and best wishes.

My brother owns his restaurant and my mom and I work there and help him out… I only wish we had 1/2 the love and luck you three have.. It’s a hard business and unfortunately I don’t know what the future holds for him..

If anything this video brought tears of joy to me.. love you and your sons’..


Ana Paula McDonough on March 22 2011


I just love your story, you are truly one remarkable family!


Jodi Moore on March 22 2011


I loved this rags to riches story. By the time it ended ,I had tears running down my face. What an amazing journey,and may the next 20 years be just as amazing.


Anita Carlton on March 22 2011


It was excellent!!!! Very good!!!!
I wish i could get there to visit it!!!!:>(


Catherine Thompson on March 22 2011


I love the video.  I can’t believe it has been 20 yrs and I love coming from Myrtle Beach to Savannah for an over night stay just to eat at the Lady and Sons.


Susan Jones on March 22 2011


I think it is awesome…Bobby did a great job..He always gave thanks to those that helped you guys along the way and Always, Always remembered that Mom’s the Boss…Mrs Paula you did an awesome job not only pursing ur dream bit raising some great sons..God Bless You


Grandmother Paula’s Red Velvet Recipe is da BEST!!!!


Cheryl Bowman on March 22 2011


I have a collection of her cookbooks and watch 2 shows a day on food tv.  Real fan Enjoyed seeing where she came from and watched her grow.


Christine Tressel on March 22 2011


Wow, my eye’s watered and I had that big ole lump in my throat. Jamie’s voice has a heart felt deepness to it with this video you can feel and hear his work, pation and love of what has become the family legacy. I not only liked this but felt this. Great job Jamie your momma has to be proud we are.


Tina Mae Aldridge on March 22 2011


Enjoyed watching this video and I think it is great to see such nice people achieve their dreams and it is my wish to someday come to GA and meet Paula and her lovely family. All the best to you and yours and also on the newest family member.


Dawn Buckland on March 22 2011


I love you guys. My family has always cooked and ate together. We have always believed that food brings families together.  When my Mom passed away in 2006, my Dad & I took out your cookbooks and started cooking.  My Mom would have been proud!!! It was a way for us to keep her alive and to grieve at the same time! Paula, Jamie & Bobby you were all instrumental in the grieving process for us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  My Dad watched all your cooking shows and you are set on out DVR so we can watch them again together! Love you all! We will definitely get to The Lady & Sons one of these days, god willing!  Keep up all that you do, because it brings Joy to so many!


Tina Degati on March 22 2011


Great video and I have been to the place twice to eat in Savannah…..great people and great food!


Marie Shaw on March 22 2011


I loved this video and its all about memories…The first time that Lady and Sons got started and look where they are today…Shows you hard work and Paula’s dedication got her to where she is at today….


Renee on March 22 2011


Absolutely Wonderful Jamie~~~Gave me an insight into how very hard you three have worked and when you thought you were going to be defeated, you just worked harder.

Gave tears to my eyes and a Warm heart.  I have always loved the three of you and will continue to follow your success and copy the wonderful recipes you post for us novices.

Thanks God that you two boys had such a loving, hard working Mom who didn’t ever give up.

Reba Gail Walker


Reba Walker on March 22 2011


Good job!


Judy Beadles on March 22 2011


This film made me cry. God bless you and your family. I love you all, never met ya, but you all show all, that hard work, Faith, you can accomplish anything. May God be with you always


Diane Wooten on March 22 2011


Loooove it! How awesome! ...biggest Paula Deen fan ever!! smile


Angela Garrett on March 22 2011


I thought it was great. I hope someday to get to Georgia and dine at your restaurant. And Paula I just love your shows.My granddaughter is 13 yrs old and loves to cook and she just loves the way you talk and I notice you are barefoot alot and that really cracks me up.We are in Florida so maybe someday we’ll come there. My 11 yr old niece is gonna be coming to your restaurant with her girl scout troop soon and I told her if Paula is there please take a picture of her for me and get her autograph. Well Paula,Bobby & Jamie keep up the good work love you guys.


Debbie Simone on March 22 2011


Visited Savannah from Ohio for the first time last December. I made sure to put your restaurant at the top of my “to see” list and am so glad that I got the opportunity to stop in. Thank you for sharing your family story.. it’s nice to see how and where it all began!


Lisa Hans on March 22 2011


I think of all of ya’ll daily. It gives me hope for what my hubby is trying to do with his E-book, Buttermilk Moon. 5 have been sold so far between amazon, barnes and noble, and smashwords.com.  Makes me laugh, those 5 sales,  but your story gives us hope!!! From one succesful story to hopefully another! We love ya’ll!!!


Janine Wise on March 22 2011


was born and raised in Savannah.  still go to visit my mother there.  Everytime we go, we try to get to your restaraunt, but it is always full. I will try again this spring.  I loved your video.  I made me think of my ols stomping grounds.  Keep up the good work==love you all==Edna


Edna Carter on March 22 2011


It is a good video to watch and hear. It goes to show good hard work and the love of family can make dreams come true. It is good to see a family stick together and be so close. People feel connected with all of your family. They can see the love that is there and today that is hard to find in most families.
Stay true to one another and best wishes to you all.
Judy Durbin


Judy Durbin on March 22 2011


I loved the entire video !!! Many great comments from Bobby about what Paula would say at different times—My favorite is the sign - I can take Son’s off at anytime !!! I told my sons at different times- I brought you into this world so you better watch it !!!!! I live in Aransas Pass, Texas - 20 miles from Corpus Christi and I will visit your place in GA. some day !!!!!!!


Sandy Holden on March 22 2011


Great video - AWESOME story!
Was my pleasure to celebrate my birthday there 2 years ago. And hope I can visit again someday!
Love that Paula!!!


Connie Mann on March 22 2011


I love this and very happy that all got to work together and very nice that your Boys work with you Paula good luck in the year to come. Love,ann


ann on March 22 2011


What a wonderful video !! Just loved it. We’re from the Gulf Coast of Texas, near NASA. Would absolutely LOVE to see your part of the world someday. Have always wanted to go there.


Marion Hall on March 22 2011


The video is very inspiring to see how the three of you started with humble beginnings and how the Lord really had a plan for your life. Congratulations to a very deserving family. You now bring much joy to those of us who enjoy and love to cook. You not only give us wonderful recipes but you entertain as well. Thank you for a “behind the scenes” video of your life, your fans appreciate it.


Tammie Payne on March 22 2011


I truly love your story, I myself have recently started a business delivering lunch in my small town, Paula has been an inspiration to me since the first time I saw her on T.V.
Every Time I get down and think It just isn’t worth it, I think of Paula and where she is now, and of course I am not trying to be her, I am just trying to support my family, my husband, myself and our 3 kids do this together, and we love every minute of it, even when we barley brake even, I know because of Paula that with hard work and determination, I will make it!!! Thank you Deen family for helping my family!


Jennifer Ashburn on March 22 2011


really liked the video do more. it all paid off look at u now.


elaine robinson on March 22 2011


OMG this is fantastic..I love it so down home and so true to a Dream, goal, and REALITY!! Congratulations To the Deen Family God has blessed you for your hard work!This Video is super!!!! you truly show how a family can make it big! Paula Had a great idea and her dream is a Reality!


Bruce on March 22 2011


I thought it was wonderful! I can’t wait to go to Savannah, Ga. and visit!


Gwenda T. Martin on March 22 2011


Loved the video.  You and your Mama and brother are truly an inspiration.  Someday I would love to visit down South and stop and eat at the Lady and Sons.  Continued success in all you do.  Give your Mama a hug…we call her the “butter lady” in my household.  lol


Carol LaBella on March 22 2011


I love it!  I have had the opportunity to dine at the Lady in Sons a few years ago.  I felt like I was at a kind of shrine.  It was awesome!!!  Keep up the fabulous work!


Cindy on March 22 2011


Just Love Your Video. Thank for for all your hard work. Can’t wait to come in Aug. our sister weekend Birthday we will eating at the Paula and Son. Just cant wait. Thank’s again. Carol


Carol Schutte on March 22 2011


This video is so nice, a mother and two sons, Paula is blessed with sons that have stood by her as well as she has them also. Unity is what it takes. I watch her shows every day. She inspires me to no end. Love you guys , keep on doing what you are doing to succeed. You three are american idols.  warm wishes to all.  loretta pauley


Loretta Pauley on March 22 2011


I just loved the story of your lifes and sucuess together.


Beverly Post on March 22 2011


A very good video you almost made me cry. Glad to see someone proud of their hard work and gives other people the credit too! Glad it’s still The Lady & Sons!!!


Angela Bryant on March 22 2011


Loved the video!  What a wonderful presentation!  And what a wonderful family!


Patricia Thomas on March 22 2011


This is a fantastic video;  loved hearing the story of the restaurant from its’ beginning.  Love the food network show—watch it as often as possible.  I have used several of the recipes and they turned out great!!!  Love you Paula Deen and Sons.


Judy Presnell on March 22 2011


love it n love all you guys watch your show all teh the time Best wishes always, Cathy Schultz


Cathy Schultz on March 22 2011


I love your book, and that was a great video. Its so nice to see family’s together. Keep it up


Mimi Fiorello on March 22 2011


What a wonderful tribute to family. Great job, Jamie! Hard work and dedication really shines through. My dream is to visit Lady and Sons one day. May God bless you and yours. With love, Kathy


Kathy Genschorck on March 22 2011


I LOVED this video…...I love Paula deen and her boys.  Watch her cooking shows daily on tv, all shows she is on, watch her boys also when they have their shows and specials.  I eat every chance I get at her Tunica, Ms resturant.  I was in the hospital a lot last year and when I would get out, my sweet husband would take me there to eat. ( I would e given a diet and would have to make choices on what I could eat…but still would just love to go and eat what i could)...I was even Paula Deen on Halloween at The senior homes here in Hernando one year.  I dressed like her and passed out cookies and recipe cards ...Yep, I am a fan and love watching this video…


Alice Berry on March 22 2011


Thanks Jamie. How wonderful. Family is EVERYTHING!!! When I get to Savannah again I will get to The Lady and Sons. Thanks again!!


Debra Harlander on March 22 2011


I remember eating at all three of your restaurants.  I love the video it brought back memories for me.  We have moved to the middle of South Carolina, but our daughter is still in Savannah so I keep up with ya’ll.  Try to always get in one meal when I am there and I love the gift shop.  Thanks for listening to your mama. You can be sure I talk about ya’ll up here every time someone is headed to Savannah I remind them to eat in Lady’s and Sons.  My granddaughters girl scout troop, from up here eat with ya’ll last August.  I ask her what she thought,  they had a great time with ya’ll. Thanks for being the great people ya’ll are.


Susan Richardson on March 22 2011


I hope someday I would love come to Pauls deen resturunt and shop in your store , my husband always joke’s around he drop me off at your door step for the weekend while he goes to the altanta speedway for the race ....But really it my long life dream to come to your house and cook with you on your show ....my speicalty is cooking all kind’s food .... well that my wish ....have a Blessed day (((HUG)))xx


joyanna read on March 22 2011


I think the video was just awesome. Someday before I leave this world I am so hoping to meet you all and have dinner at the Lady And Sons. I so love you guys and watch your shows all the time. I also love your cook books.  Keep on doing what you’re doing cause you all are so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!


Phyllis J. Plummer on March 22 2011


I loved loved loved this video.  What a wonderful example of what love, dedication, and alot of hard work will do for you.  You and your family are so blessed and should be so proud.  Jaimie, I loved your commentary, felt like I was sitting there listening to you reminence.


Norma White on March 22 2011


Loved it, It come from you heart and that is one thing that counts. The love you all have for each other is your key to your life’s work!!! God bless you all!!


Patricia Dorsey on March 22 2011


I have heard your story and would like to thank Paula for her inspiration. I too have agoraphobia and panic disorder. She has overcome so much. I’m just a nobody living in a tiny Ma. town called Tyngsborough. I have 5 gorgeous daughters and 3 adorable grandsons. Many peoplle have told me I resemble Paula what a nice compliment. Love you , yours husband,sons and BUTTER.Love and wellness to all of you . Barbie<3


Barbie Moses on March 22 2011


Fabulous!  Jamie did a great job!  Thanks for sharing!!


Joanne Williamson on March 22 2011


I loved this video.  Put together in my thoughts with Paula’s book this video from Jamie brought tears and happiness for there is nothing better in the world than a family succeeding through hard work and dedication.  Sure wish I could visit your restaurant but the drive is too long and expensive for an old timer like me.  Will continue to enjoy it through your TV show and Face Book.


Jane Champagne on March 22 2011


WTG Dean Family I Loved It Your family really worked hard and still doing it And guess what Paula I love playing slot machines too but I am a big loser This video is very touching.


vicky seay on March 22 2011


What a wonderful story and i am proud my wife and i watch Paula and her wonderful sons every day when ever possible.
i am touched by all of their hard work to succeed.


Michael Russell on March 22 2011


I was so moved by the love that your boys have for you paula and you for them.  they stuck by their mama all the way.  I probably will never make it to this restaurant but I know that I love watching you and the boys cooking and jack eating and beautiful Brooke and of course Michael and aunt peggy and bubba too. thanks for the many laughs and all the good food you prepare.  I have purchased your hams and other things from qvc and love when you are gonna be on with David Venabel (sp). 

thanks again for loving your dream and living it also.  we love you folks each and every one that took part in each of these restaurants and new endeavors.  God bless you all paula and sons and families too.


Kay Atkinson on March 22 2011


Loved it. Had the good fortune of eating there on my birthday (Feb 20) this year…  My first trip to Savannah - hoping to get a job there and make The Lady and Sons our #1 spot to entertain guests. Also LOVED Uncle Bubba’s.

So now I am enjoying my Savannah Seduction coffee in my Paula Deen travel mug.  Life is good.

Congratulations on such an accomplishment.


DEB Marciano on March 22 2011


Loved this video, soo cool about your family what God has done in your lives, He is soo good ,Im a fan of Paulas cooking, cook books, toaster, cookies, pots, etc. and her life story, and you guys, soo happy for you all, or should I say yall, Lots of Love To Yall and pray for yall too! Just a fan here in Denver Co. Rosalie Valdez


Rosalie Valdez on March 22 2011


Jamie, Thanks for sharing your family business story. I live in the Albany area so I have kept up with whats going on with each of you. I know the hard work that your family has done to get to where you are now. But I have been surprised at the people that don’t know. They think Paula has always had everything. Thank you for putting this together so others can know where you come from. Great job!!!


midibryan on March 22 2011


great```  loved   it`  and love you   guys~watch every day~ judi from las vegas``  i am a widow so no   hubby to cook for,  but   have a son   and   enjoy   cooking some of your recipes for him,  keep s me going~~ Sure wish your measuring   cups were not   so   costly,  ``  love to own   them~!~  loved hearing about the   places you opened and good day fro my kitchen to yours~~ judi mc~ call`


Judi McCALL on March 22 2011


I just loved your story!! It’s all about family and working hard to reach your dreams.  I hope one day to visit The Lady & Son’s and Uncle Bubba’s.  Love your family!!

The Best to the Deen’s~

Debbie Walker grin


Deborah Walker on March 22 2011


Hello, Paula and boys, I love you guys to death, I have every cookbook and use them at least once or more a week. I wanted to visit Savannah so bad, so two years ago My husband and I visited, we stood inline the day before for reservation to eat at The Lady and Sons next day, LOVED IT!!!! I love Savannah we stayed at Hotel right on the waterfront and walked all over Savannah, In fact I want to come back so Good friday, this next month we are heading south, our son has moved to Charlotte, N.C. so we will visit him then on the Savannah for a few days, then on to Myrtle Beach for our one week timeshare at Maritime Beach club and I can’t wait, I wait a least 3 or 4 of your shows everyday, while we eat supper every night you are on. 6 pm in Napoleon Ohio I love you all, my son actually gratuated from Johnson and Wales, in Charlotte, culinary,I love this video, Jamie you did a wonderful job, thanks for all you do, Paula and sons, and I love your receipes, Again I love ya’ll Thanks Deb Leavell Napoleon Ohio:):):)


Deb Leavell on March 22 2011


My husband surprised me with a trip to Savannah for our anniversary a couple of years ago.  Loved eating at Lady and Sons - we got to eat with Uncle Bubba too! Before the trip I read Paula’s book and now this video!  It brings the book to life and I loved them both!  You have done a fine job Jamie!


Jackie Lewis on March 22 2011


Very well done!


Margie Campbell on March 22 2011


enjoyed the video, nicely put together.


mary o'connor on March 22 2011


loved this and love to watch you all!!


Kathleen on March 22 2011


This video is awesome…what a wonderful story and outcome!


Jolene Kelly on March 22 2011


This is so moving and I am a huge fan of Paula, Jamie and Bobby.  Your family is an inspiration to all people and I don’t miss an issue of any of the shows and I think I have all the cookbooks. I love to cook and I absolutely love to watch you all cook.  keep up the great work.  A fellow cook.


Deb Burwell on March 22 2011


It’s Awesome & Jamie Did A Great Job =) The Music Fit It To a T. Congrats On 20 Years & Many More.


Verna gene on March 22 2011


I love Paula and her sons and entire family. This video is a wonderful reminder of the all American hard working family.
In this day and age a family that works together and stays together is hard to come by and they all still actually love each other..  Family business’s are tough and yet this little family shows us all that with hard work anything is possible.. loved the video put a smile on my face of one of my   favorite families.. One day I hope to eat at The Lady and sons been wanting to for years . Hope we all continue to see Paula and her boys for many many years on Tv.
Huge hugs to Paul and Sons I eat lunch with you every day in my kitchen.


Diann Graziani on March 22 2011


I love the video!  It is special because it tells of how family stuck together trough good and bad times to make a dream come true!  Thank You! Your family is a blessing to everyone.  Keep on doing it!


Joan Herring on March 22 2011


I cannot tell you how much your journey has meant to me! This video is awesome! From the first time I saw Paula on tv I knew I had to get to Savannah some how and I did! Thanks for the memories thanks for giving me something to strive for and most of all thanks for being you Jamie, Bobby and Paula!


Stephanie Goates Lambring on March 22 2011


What a wonderful tribute to you and your mom…you are a good son…one day, if I ever get a job (going on 3 years out of work)I would love to visit Savannah and visit the Lady and Sons. But for now, I have to live vicariously through the web site and the tv shows. My partner and I had planned to visit, but he died suddenly and then I lost my job. He loved watching Paula and was really excited to visit you.


Darrell Coram on March 22 2011


Paula is my she-hero I beleive she is blessed to have 2 great sons and be able to work with them doing what she loves and is so great at


idania Fernandez on March 22 2011


What a wonderful tribute to all of you and your hard work!! I’ve never been to the resturant, but I know of it and I really want to go now!! My best friends daughter goes to “SCAD” so maybe one ofthese days I’ll go visit her and check it out! Untill then…keep up the god work! And…p.s. Paula..you done GOOOD with those boys! They are CUTE!!! smile


Mary Jane Fitzpatrick on March 22 2011


I love the video. I love you guys.you all are great.


Judy Coffey on March 22 2011




SANDRA MARSHALL on March 22 2011


I think this video clip is awesome!  Not only have I enjoyed eating in your restaurant, but I’ve also had the pleasure of using some of the spices and cookbooks!  It is so refreshing and uplifting when “kids” take time to express their appreciation for their parents!


Cindy Finch on March 22 2011


memory lane is a great place to visit makes you appreciate God’s Blessings


Bev Orris on March 22 2011


LOVED IT…just LOVED it! Thank you so much for sharing.


Carol King on March 22 2011




TERESA on March 22 2011


I thiught it was really nice.You guys are so nice,and I appriciate how nice you are to your mom.It is nice to see a family like this once in awhile….Good luck to all of you,and may God bless,Debby


Deborah molina on March 22 2011


great..nothing like family!!!


mary ann Calloway on March 22 2011


very special


Sharon Boles on March 22 2011


We live in Michigan but we own a home in Florida, one fall on our way home we went in your direction and ate at The Lady and Sons. It was wonderful but next time we want to try the buffet. We plan to come back next year and I can’t wait. And me, I love butter too. Everything is better with butter.

~Lois Paar


I loved the video. on March 22 2011


Love the vid. Youv come along way babies. Wish i could make it to The Lady and Sons. Its only a mile or 2 from me. (I live in S.W. Florida). Love yall to pieces.


Michelle Kennedy on March 22 2011


GREAT!!!!  Makes me want to visit all the more.  I can’t wait for our trip to Savannah in October.


Ruth Positano on March 22 2011


What a heart felt video, you came a long way baby. A true inspiration and that anyone can make it in anything they do. I have followed you for years and have made so many of your recipes. Thanks for all the great meals. May God Bless you and everyone in your family.
Sincerely, Ruby


Ruby Ann Reed on March 22 2011


I really enjoyed this video. It was a great trip down memory lane to see where you all came from and where you are now.  My family had the privilege of eating at The Lady and Sons on our visit to Savannah a few years ago. The food and staff were wonderful!  I hope to get back there someday.  Keep up the great work!


Graceanne Burleigh on March 22 2011


Nice video.  Love to hear the history of the success of The Lady and Sons.  Can’t wait to see Paula in Houston in September.  Hope the “sons” are with her.


Jo Ann Hughes on March 22 2011


I loved this video. 

What a great tight knit family.


Debbie Cadieux on March 22 2011


Loved the video! Your family has worked hard to develop the business, and it shows! Much success to you and yours!


Anne Doherty on March 22 2011


Simply awesome.  You did a great job both.  Congrats to you 3 for your success and way to go for all of the hard work.


Deb Warwick on March 22 2011


Great Video…boy y’all have been through some changes, but always together.  I Love the respect and Love you have for each other. I hope to one day come to savannah and visit y’all and eat at the lady & sons. It is one of my dreams to meet your Mama, I just Love her so much…


Lynn D. on March 22 2011


The obvious gratitude for the blessings that have come your way is really touching, as is the work ethic that brought you through the tough times in the beginning.  Thanks for the family history.


Sherry Orman on March 22 2011


Great!  So interesting!  Makes me want to visit your restaurant!


Jean Hallam on March 22 2011


Great I watch every day Have all the cookbooks Read all the books. Keep up the good work Love you all.


dolores jones on March 22 2011


loved the video.want to come someday to visit and eat . i am from the south also (ala).had a good changes last year, i was at my husband company and was playing bingo the grand prize was a trip savannah,ga. i told my husband that trip was mind and i am going to see paula deen.but another lady and i bingoed at the same time and she won . but i will make it one day.    a loyal fan, Ruth Burke


ruth burke on March 22 2011


Yes a lot of “things” have changed, but you and your family have not changed. Thank you all for your hard work and loving your mama like you do. God Bless you all.


Barbara Wooldridge on March 22 2011


i like the paula deen ads and you did a wonderful job on your story on 20 years ago..theres nothing greater than a close loving,caring family.there when you need them.you all are great..great recipes too.She is quite a lady..may God bless you all take care happy rest ofyour lives….


phyllis johnson on March 22 2011


Thanks for sharing your story in this short vedeo. I grew up in a family business run corner store. Some of my happiest memories are of dusting shelves and pricing cans,old school pricing gun. I had more purple in on me, then the cans. But it made us a close knit family that we are today. I hope one day to be able to come to Savannah and relax with a wonderful meal at the Lady & Sons. God Bless you all.


Irene Villa on March 22 2011


Wow.  This brought a tear to my eyes, even though I do not know you all personally.  You all have so much to be proud of.  What a great way to document your success. Great family.  God Bless.


Kim Koenig on March 22 2011


Loved the video. Inspiring to those who struggle trying to get a business started. I am a true lover of The Paula Deen show and what she has accomplished just since she has been on TV.
You all inspire me. God is Good and I am so glad that he has blessed you and your family. Love watching the boys when they are on.


Dwight Munger on March 22 2011


OMG Jamie

I give you a ^5 for this video I know your mom and Bobby are so proud of this video this is something that will be handed down for years and years thanks to you.. I think it was well thought out and to perfection it can’t get any better than this it’s superb I enjoyed watching the video and it’s nice to see you narrating it so nicely and also nice to see where the whole story began I been to the restaurant and have eaten there before it’s a really nice place to go and eat. I also met you and Bobby in ATL let’s see if you remember it was the Grand Opening of Sam’s club in ATL I waited in line and had you and Bobby sign a cookbook and then talk to my MoM on the phone she was so overjoyed and excited to be able to talk to you both I tell ya it takes normal nice people like you two to make things like that book signing and food demonstration special I asked my Mom when I got home what ya’ll talked about and she was so thrilled she could not remember what yall talked about all I know though is it just made her day I appreciate the two of you taking your time out to talk with her on the phone it was a wish of hers that came true I really appreciate it Thanks so Much!

Stay Sweet
Sandy L Sewell
Thomaston, Georgia


Sandy L Sewell on March 22 2011


It was a wonderful video. I enjoyed watching every minute of it.


Doris Hayes on March 22 2011


Kudos to Paula Deen and her sons! I just love you all! You are what a true American family should be. A single and dedicated mother teaching her sons to earn an honest living, keeping her sons by her side and making them work! I know the pride that she must feel for Jamie and Bobby for sticking by their momma and making her dreams come true, and it paid off for all of you! You are a beautiful family inside and out! I enjoyed watching the video, going down memory lane with the Deen family. I’m sure that when you look back, you cannot believe how far you have gone! I wish you many more years of success! Thanks for sharing!
Robin Belmont


robin belmont on March 22 2011


I loved it. Shows your deep love and commitment to family and community.  We visited Lady & Sons 2 years ago. It was fabulous. Got our picture with Michael and Bubba at his place, it was very good. It was great to see photos and hear about your business growing from Jamie’s point of view. It is such a great story, it made me cry. Love you all!


Rebecca N Mallory on March 22 2011




Tammy on March 22 2011


i think this video was wonderful!!! i just wished i lived closer so i could come to The Lady and Sons Resturant. i just love watching Paula on the food network and when Jamie and Bobby are on with their Mom. It was good to see how they got started and i can see the love that they have for one-in-other and that is really inportant.


Beverly Fyler on March 22 2011


Loved the video.  Makes me proud and happy for you to see how the business and the family bond grew over the years.  A great family story and thanks for sharing.


BELIA CLAYTON on March 22 2011


I loved this video! Paula and her sons are such role models, she is my very favorite chef ever!! not only for her recipies, but her love of life, and the way she is a “self made” woman, I admire her. And her wonderful recipies allowed me to help keep my disabled daughter so healthy and at home with us for years, she has huntingon’s disease and when she began having difficulty eating and swallowing, Paula’s recipies allowed me to cook good , wholesome ,healthy meals with good calorie content for her, she is a nursing home now, but a few times a year I am able to bring to her some of the recipies that she loved so dearly when she was at home with us. Thank you Paula!! Me and hubby are heading to Myrtle Beach in May, we may just take the drive to Savannah for the day, we have been once to your resteraunt and loved both it and Savannah, so we may just take another trip!! And we spent last St.Patty’s
Day in Savannah too!! we may live up North, but we are southerner’s at heart!! Take care and never ever stop!! I love you!!


Betty Okeefe on March 22 2011


I loved this look back in time with you and your family. I never get tired of learning more about the Deen Family and all they’ve accomplished over the years. You are all a huge inspiration and reminder that if you want something bad enough, anything is possible! The Deen Family has always been a welcome example of love and commitment in a family should be and I try to never miss a chance to bring your family and their sweet positive attitude into my home through my TV any chance I get!

With Love and Best WISHES for a wonderful and successful future to a wonderful and deserving family!

Diane Thomas wink


Diane Thomas on March 22 2011


Great video, wonderful story. I read your mom’s book and already knew how you started but the video really made it come to life. God bless you.


Lori Furlipa on March 22 2011


i loved the video goes to show you what love can do. i love allyou all. being from tenn. i love your cooking my 4 yr old grand son tell her to make more salad dressing and send it to store funny . we buy the vidallia onion poppy seed dressing and my 15 yr old grandson likes to watch paula’s show i hope some day to come to Savannah pat


pat scott on March 22 2011


Very heartwarming to hear how ya’ll stayed together as a family should….


donna hughes on March 22 2011


Love it!!! Such an amazing story…..thank you.


Sandy Whittle on March 22 2011


I enjoyed watching this,Watch allof your moms shows.I am a big Paula fan,I watch food net work all the time.God blessallof you.


Geraldinehanes on March 22 2011


If we didn’t love you before, we would now… have been watching your shows for years, buying and reading your cookbooks and magazines and had the pleasure of eating in your restaurant, I guess you could say we (my husband and I) are your fans. 
Your video shared a family trip down memory lane. A beautiful story showing what love with blessings can do.


judy myers on March 22 2011


This was a great Video. I have the deepest respect for all of you.  And I love the show.


Gracie Dampier on March 22 2011


Thanks for the Memories of the past 20 years with Lady and Sons.

Kinda makes me think of this video as ‘my family’.  Good job.


Janice Purdy on March 22 2011


I so enjoyed the video Jamie. I love, love Paula Deen. I think I have just about all of her products. Paula, I Hope you come out with a line of bed linens and window treatments. That would be fantastic!! Keep up the great work. Hope to see you at the Lady & Sons real soon. Love y’all.


Connie Wigginton on March 22 2011


Video is great! My two sisters and I came down to Savannah in March 2010 and took The Paula Deen Tour and saw ALL of the locations plus more that were not in the video. Of course ate at The Lady and Sons…..needless to say it the food was delicious as well as the service . Oh yes shopped at Paula’s store everyday we were there. On the morning we left we made one more visit to the store and the associates invited us in before they opened and made some pics with them and the three of us “pretending” the large stand up poster of Paula was with us LOL. Last but not least went to Bubbas and met him and Bubba insisted we make pics..yes we did. We will be coming back soon !


Brenda Hughes on March 22 2011


Enjoyed your video. Its an awesome thing to have a family that sees each other through the tough times and the good.Family is a gift from God. Remember to always give Him thanks, because He seen where you were and brought you all to where you are now.God bless you all. You Paula are a ray of sunshine to watch, you are who you are, and you don’t pretend to be someone else. I respect you alot. Keep on keeping on. Like you I love cooking with butter. LOL. Take care and God bless you and your family. Terry


Terry on March 22 2011


Paula, I loved this video. They should make a movie of your life. After I read your book and found out you and I had so much in common, that I wanted to meet you and just girl talk. I had the panic and high anxiety disorder and still have it today. Take medication, but still have a limit on what I can do. Never have been on a plane, do not travel much but I have been to Savannah a few times but never got into your restaurant. You are a wonderful mother and newly married. I hope you days are all filled with happiness and blessings, as I have seen in you what I could have been if I had fought hard enough. And had not been afraid. I am saving up for you cook wear. Got all your cook books I think , and the ones with the boys. I had to give one to my Autistic great nephew as he watches you all the time so he wanted one of your books. he walks around with them under his arm and talks about being a cook just like you. God Bless him I wish he could. If you are ever in NC. I wish you would stop by a little town called Cherryville and visit my 92 year old mother and this little 13 year old boy who think you are the best, even above biscuits and butter. God Bless you boys for having such a wonderful life and a Mother that made you learn what life is all about. Wish I was younger I would give the girls a run for their money.
Take care in all you do but above all do your best. Much love and wishes from my house to yours. Nancy Hillard
Salisbury, NC


Nancy Hillard on March 22 2011


Nice job; What an awesome testament to family love and togetherness!!


Jill on March 22 2011


I read your story some years back.However maybe Bobby ought to do documentrys on the side.Phenominal not alot of pretensious sugar drool. Bobby narrated this segment as if he was talking to a friend strolling down the walklane.You as a family all have this trate.Will Rodgers would be proud. Samuel Clemens well we would find him at the Lady & Sons closest table to the kitchen!Elenore Roosevelt,Rosa Parks & Fanny Brice would be up to elbows in Fried Chicken & Meatloaf.If you hear ghosts in the restraunt its okay its real pioneers of real AMERICA stopin in for a spell with their own kind.A fine example for future generations. Thank you staff and family for just being you.-Prosper & Peace .Cares & Prayers to one & all.-c


Charlee Dudasik on March 22 2011


Wonderful, Wonderful, WONDERFUL. It tells such a great story. Thanks so much for sharing this.


Barb Schnuck on March 22 2011


Absolutely loved it!  Seeing all the progress through actual pictures was nice.  Knowing that the 3 of you really worked hard to achieve your dreams and you didn’t just get lucky and happen overnight, you have my total respect!  You guys are very inspiring!


Diana McCarty on March 22 2011


I just loved this video! I had the priviledge of visiting Savannah two years ago and eating a Lady & Sons.  This was a dream come true for me and my aunts!  Through this video, I loved seeing where you started and where you are now.  When we were in Savannah, we tried so hard to find these places but never got to see them!  This video was so much fun seeing what we didn’t get to see when we were there!  Thanks so much!
Brenda Bowlen


Brenda Bowlen on March 22 2011


Loved the video. The entire family has worked very hard to get to the place you’re at today. The restaurant business is not easy. I have eaten at the old location of 311 Congress and next month I am looking forward to eating at your new location. The two Paula Deen cookbooks that I own were purchased the evening we ate at 311. See you next month!


Meredith Lessley on March 22 2011


I love the video.  We live in Tampa Florida (originally from NH)...my husband and I brought my grandson to Savannah about 4 years ago for the first time just to go to the Lady and Sons….my grandson and I were big fans of Paula on Food Network and we were so happy to eat at the restaurant.
The part that we will always remember about the trip is that, after the meal,
we went downstairs and bought some cookbooks…Bobby and Jamie were
there.  We got a couple of books signed by Bobby and took some pictures…
Bobby was so nice to us, we were thrilled…one of the highlights of our trip.
Since then we have been back there several times and will always remember
the special day that we first ate at the Lady and Sons…
Watch Paula everyday still on FoodNetwork and have made so many of her
recipes…her recipes are the best…
Carole McKenney


carole McKenney on March 22 2011


Congratulations! I raised 3 boys and realize the strength and love, shared between Mother & Son. It does my heart good to see you and your Mom and brother, work together and still love and respect each other. I will probably never make it to Savannah, but I sure enjoy Paula’s show and especially when you boys join her.


Mary Ellen on March 22 2011


The video was very well done. the commentary was well done to the point of not talking the whole time, but letting you see the progress. Thank you


Mili McArthur on March 22 2011


I loved this video!!! I love seeing where you all started and to hear the story. I love you all!!!


Harriet Parker on March 22 2011


Dreams do come true.  Loved the video.  I have some of Paula’s cook books and have see pictures of the restauants etc, to see them in a video is much better.  I admire Paula so much, way to go Paula.  My dream is to get to Savannah and eat at the Lady and Sons, see the city, and enjoy the southern hospitality.  May all of our dreams come true.


Nancy Runksmeier on March 22 2011


Love the video…love, love, love Paula, sons and growing family.


Lee Ann on March 22 2011


I absolutely LOVED this video…I think is it awesome and soo inspiring that the three of you have worked so hard and accomplished so much…a true inspiration for all. I couldn’t help but tear up at times listening to Bobby talk. You can hear the pride and love for his Mom in every word he says. Thanks soo much for sharing this!!


Linda LeBlanc on March 22 2011


Great video!  Very informative and answered a few questions I had.  Congratulations to the Deen family.


Pam Cost on March 22 2011


What a great video.You have all come along ways from the Bag Lady.I just love you all..You are the best…..smile


Alberta Tarrant on March 22 2011


I thought this was a wonderful tribute to Jamie’s mother Paula Deen. You boys have been extra thoughtful to her and helped like very few boys would have and Iam sure your mother is very grateful.Keep up the good work.


Mary Scaggs on March 22 2011


I must say I am a New Yorker and I am I guess the word is amazed at your mom’s story.  I love her cooking but I love how you got there more.  It really is a true meaning of “a dollar and a dream”.  Thank you for sharing!


Cheryl on March 22 2011


Very good video. I enjoyed watching it. I had the privilege of eating at the first Lady and Sons Restaurant. Just wish I could have met all three of you. I am a fan and enjoy watching the shows.


Louise Waller on March 22 2011


I am so impressed by your family’s hard work and positive attitude.  You have provided a good example of what I hope America is still about - love for family, a right work ethic and the desire to serve people.  I hope to visit the restaurant soon.  You have my respect and I surely do love good Southern food.


Susan Blakeslee on March 22 2011


I loved this video. It was nice to see how y’all got started. I have been to The Lady & Sons 3 times & have loved it everytime. My mom Linda was a big fan of Paula Deen. Right after she finished chemo and radiation for lung cancer she wanted to visit Savannha and the restaurant. We stayed on Tybee Island and took her to The Lady & Sons. She loved that trip & was very excited to go even though she really should not have made the trip. She passed away 2 weeks after returning home. But she was very happy. I will always remember taking her to the last place she wanted to visit. The Lady & Sons! Thank you to you and your family for giving us something to remember and share with my mom. We can not wait to go back to Tybee Island and of course The Lady & Sons and have fond memories of moms last visit. Thank You, Kimber McQuiston


Kimber McQuiston on March 22 2011


Jamie, loved the video.  Do another one and let me (and all of us) know if you ever got into arguments through the years and didn’t speak, are you and Bobby close to your father, are you and Brooke still in love?  I have been to Savannah once and my husband, cousin and I went to The Lady & Sons for lunch….loved it!  I have The Lady & Sons cook books, and read the Paula Deen biography.  I love that your mom is a closet smoker and loves to gamble….me too!  Tell your mom that I am 60 years old and really like the clothes she wears and that she should think about doing a line of clothing…..stylish, reasonably priced, and appropriate for middle aged (possibly plus size) women.  Just a thought.  Anyway, continued success and stay close to your family.


Mary Gough on March 22 2011


I loved the video! Good rags to riches American family success story and shows the love you have for your mother. I like how you and your brother are “momma’s boys”, and that is a huge compliment to your character and obviously how your mother raised you, which makes you a good guy and family man…every guy should be like you and your brother! I love the respect between your and your mother.


Betty Townsend on March 22 2011


I just loved the video!  I learned things I really didn’t know about the start of the business.  I didn’t know about the Best Western.  I have been blessed to be able to meet Paula in NY last year but haven’t had the opportunity to get to the restaurant but hopefully some day I will.  Thank you so much for sharing.


Lisa Kincaid on March 22 2011


i loved the video. you all are so sweet and i love watching you all on the cooking channel. hugs and kisses to you all.


marina geike on March 22 2011


I thought it was real good and just want to say you have two good looking sons and very well mannered and they both show they love their mom you should be proud of them I know you are love watching you and all your family and glad you found a good man to treat you good


rhonda s miller on March 22 2011


Love the video, love your restaurant and love y’all!


Diana Dunlap on March 22 2011


Hi Jamie,

Your video was very well done. You did a great job of narrating. Your ‘attitude’ ROCKS!!! Family IS what counts!!!

Best wishes for a long career in the restaurant business for you and your family.

Most sincerely,


Barbara Burrus on March 22 2011


Love it !! What an inspiration to see as a mother myself of two grown boys. Love u three and watch all u do.


Robin Snow on March 22 2011


Jamie i love the video. I just love your mom shows and getting to see you and bobby. i recently came to savannah and went to the lady and sons. i enjoyed everything the food and the people. i also went to uncle bubba’s and i took the tour that was with old town trolley. i was celebrating my 40th birthday. i am one of ya’ll biggest fans and i was hoping i just might get to see ms. paula but i know she is so busy. After my husbands accident i didn’t know if was going to be able to still come, but he did it for me. thank you, bobby and ms. paula for everything. maybe one day i will be able to meet ya’ll. an like ya’ll say love and best dishes. julie arthur summerville, south carolina.


julie arthur on March 22 2011


Liked the history of how Paula Deen and Sons got started.


Phyllis Duckett on March 22 2011


Great video Jamie! You guy’s are an inspiration and are proof that hard work pay’s off! God Bless.


Jonathan Burgess on March 22 2011


Fantastic story!  Y’all are amazing & an inspiration.


Sandra Kay Lord on March 22 2011


I loved watching this video almost as much as I love and have loved watching the many different Paula Deen shows I have almost all of your familys cookbooks and the love and care you show to each other more than warms my heart. Life is hard and to see someone who desreves to make it brig a long her sons and be so proud of her family makes me feel like I know her, I am stuck in a wheelchair after 40 plus years of one hard job after another and just to see you all make it makes me cheer GO GETTEM Guys.  Thank you for your special love and cooking.  Diane Benaway-Schaefer


Diane Benaway-Schaefer on March 22 2011


Little is much when God is in it. Fantastic video! Winning


Brenda Beauchamp on March 22 2011


I love the way you show how much you care for each other. The laughter and all your southern hostility! smileIt is a joy to watch your show. Watching your show makes me think there are still good people left in this world.


Diane Wilson on March 22 2011


I Love, Love, Love this video!! My wish is to someday visit your restaurant and enjoy a real Paula Deen meal. This video was really interesting, I have also heard your story on some of the Talk shows you all are on. I believe your Mom has so much Faith, and listening to you describe you growing up in this family and having such a wonderful business now, it shows it really paid off!! I have always heard people say “Don’t work with Family” well you have proven that statement wrong!
Thank You again for the inside look and I hope one day I am giving you all a hug!!


JoAnn Kilkeary on March 22 2011


really really, enjoyed the video. I praise you boys for standing beside your mom in hard times,and good times, great boys. keep it up.can’t wait till I can come down for a good meal.I will some day before i get to old haha.


melba perry on March 22 2011


Awesome I love you and your family!!


valerie on March 22 2011


I loved the video. I felt it was very heart warming and I enjoyed seeing the history of such a wonderful family and business. It brings a smile to my face every time I see this video. I had the pleasure of attending one of your mother’s book signings in Little Rock, AR and it just made my day to finally see her in person to realize for myself that she is quite the woman and you two are quite the gentlemen. Thank you all for what you bring to the world of cooking. This video inspires me to try my luck at openening a small restaurant of my own.


Charles Wolfe on March 22 2011


Loved the video, Jamie! What wonderful memories ya’ll have as a family! I have followed Paula on the Food Network Channel since she started. What a wonderful woman! I have enjoyed seeing ya’ll grow and change on there also. I had the honor of meeting you, Brook and Bobby at The Lady and Son’s in 2006. It was such a fun day for my sister and myself! We are originally from Birmingham, Alabama and we ate until we were stuffed! Good old Southern cooking!

Marsha Wilson
Madisonville, Louisiana


Marsha Wilson on March 22 2011


I loved this.  It was great to be able to actually see where and how it all began.  I have read and heard about it many times, but seeing it made a difference.  Great job. I hope to one day come to Savannah and visit The Lady and Sons resturant.


Christie Starks on March 22 2011


What a great video! It was so nice to see how everything got started.


Margie on March 22 2011


Great video…I love it.  I am so excited when I get to see Paula on TV, (she’s a nut you know).  I hope one day to get to Savannah to see her in person and eat some of her good cooking.  This video just shows that if you are dedicated and have a passion for something…anything is possible.  Lady and Sons, keep up the great work that you are doing.


Renée Duncan on March 22 2011


So disapointed in the video. It keeps stopping and starting. I would love to be able to watch it all the way through. It’s just skips all the way through so there is no way you can understand what is being said. I am a loyal follower and watch Paula Dean on TV twice a day. Maybe they can fix this video and I can try to watch it again.
Thank you


Karen Koors on March 22 2011


Precious! Just Precious!!!!


Jetta on March 22 2011


What a nice video..it made me smile and feel like a was right there with you guys through it all. Boy, 20 years….you sure have come a long way, and you “Boys” seem to have kept all the values Momma taught you along the way. Good for you guys and good for Paula for doing so well! smile


Alicia Bentley on March 22 2011


I loved the video! It’s so nice to see family supporting family and working together the way you all have and apparently still do. One of my dreams is to come to Savannah and eat a meal at “The Lady and Sons”! Since I live in Oregon, that’s no small dream. I have your cookbooks, and my brother loves your Chocolate Meringue Pie. Keep up the good work. I watch your cooking show and always enjoy it.


Linda Hyatt on March 22 2011


I love Paula Deen and her sons. They’re very happy, loving people. They’re love is contagious. “Thank Goodness”.
I watch Paula and her sons whenever I can. Which is often.
I live in Missouri. But, would love to visit them in Savannah someday. I’d love to be able to eat at their restaurant and meet their families.
They make you feel like part of the family, by just watching them on t.v.
This video is “THE TRUTH”. It’s a Spectacular, Wonderful, Meaningful Step by step story about how 3 people who loved one another pulled together to make a living, make themselves happy and other people too, in the process.
Miss Paula reminds me of my Aunt Wanda (my 2nd MOM). She was always there for me. Just like Miss Paula is always there for her family.
My mother passed away 18 yrs. ago March 5th. (My Birthday).
And when she passed on, my Aunt Wanda took me under her wing. She always did. Throughout my life. Even when my Mother was alive.
She had Paula’s loving, happy go lucky manner. She was very spry and wise. And she never made you feel bad about yourself or anything that ya did.
I wish I could meet Miss Paula and her family. I think we would all get along tremendouly. Just like, FAMILY. LOL
Thank you for putting your story and your family out there, for those people like myself to see what can be done when family sticks together.
Your Family is Special to me in alot of ways.
Thank You Again.


Donna Conway on March 22 2011


video is super great, but the memories your family is sharing and will continue to share is priceless. love, trust, hard work and the good lord above makes it all possible.


sharon gieselman on March 22 2011


The video made me cry.  Oh, you all—-inspirational, the joy of love and family-and the old american hard work ethic-its all there.  Paula are you not sooooooooooooooo proud?  What more can a son say?  And you have two lovely ones.  (so do I)  There is nothing like the love a Mom has for her sons.  NOTHING!  Am still crying as I wright this so if any mistakes in spelling are ther—they just are.  God Bless you all and keep on keeping on.  Thank-you.—-Oh, love the video.


Machelle Kimball on March 22 2011


Jamie that was wonderful, I though I knew everything but I actually learned alot from watching you video!  Great job! I will always be a fan of the family, because thats what you all make me feel like family!  Wishes for all the success and happiness the future has to offer you!


Pamela Hand on March 22 2011



I have admired your Mom for years, I used to watch her show,everyday when I had cable but I lost job several years ago now I am back in college at the age of 52. Your Mom was my rock I went through a nasty long divorce and she told her viewers not to give up and I haven’t. Take care of your Momma. I lost mine 12 years ago, and I was their with her when she passed away. I will always miss her, she was close to my sister, brother and I and her grandchildren. No matter what I do believe your Moma brought you and your brother up right. She called you came….that’s all she needed.. Thank-you for the wonder video,

a big fan


Judy on March 22 2011


great video.  thanks for sharing.


Lynniece Hill on March 22 2011


this is a great video love how you share all your memories with everyone i would truly love to see this place its great how you turned a job into a wonderful relationship with your kids that you could grow and have a wonderful family if i ever get to savannah ga i will make sure to come in and visit would love your cookbooks and pots and pans you are really sincere and i think you really love all the people who have worked for you and along with you


debbie solomon on March 22 2011


Loved it! I too raised my boys in the kitchen and every one of them appreciate it to this day…


beverly brady on March 22 2011


I loved it.  I love this family and think they are such an inspiration as to what hard work and love can accomplish.


Todd Conner on March 22 2011


This is wonderful…. I loved seeing your history as it unfolded in this video…. one day I would love to visit the Lady & Sons, one day…. Be Blessed !


Donna Davis on March 22 2011


Awesome video, I envy the closeness your family has and I love to watch yall on the set with” mama” and all the good times yall have. Never let it change, GODs been good to you.


Betty McCarson on March 22 2011


this was the best it went great with the book i had just readed


teresa on March 22 2011




SHIRLEY BRYANT on March 22 2011


Hello Jamie,
I loved the video. I love your family. You all have went thr alot to get where you all are now and by Gods good graces you have made it. I love hearing all I can about your family and I never miss a show. I have my notebook handy and at least 2 ink pens so I can write down every recipe. I must have 10 or 20 notebooks jam packed plum full of your Mama’s recipes. My husband and I live in Neosho, Mo; I would dearly love to meet you all. That dream is in my prayers believe me. Your family is so beautiful, and your little son Jack is so adorable.Continued success to you and your brother and Mama, and of course Michael.
Love you all
                          Love Debbie


Debbie Hamilton on March 22 2011


I loved it…and love your beautiful MOM!!!


Betty on March 22 2011


It’s amazing where life leads you with hard work and dedication. I know your business started out of desperation but as my daddy told me you can do anything when you put your mind to it! Paula you have inspired a lot women to go out and start a business and know a woman can do it! I was single mom for many years also but I didn’t start a business but I know the struggles of every day life in raising kids and trying to put food on the table and making ends meet. The video is incredible, but y’all are incredible and an ispiration to all. Thank you Paula for making this possible. Keep on smiling cuz you deserve the good life Lady and Sons!!! I truly love watching your shows.


Barb Hill on March 22 2011


This is just wonderful,,, Loved the story!!


judy on March 22 2011


I loved it!!


Margaret Kochanowski on March 22 2011


Loved it!  Wonderful family and special memories…


Leah McGrath on March 22 2011


wow what a great family Paula love u guys so much enjoy your show and really enjoyed the video alot.Keep up the good work .


Pamela Merritt on March 22 2011


Kudos to you Jaime for making such an enjoyable video.  Your family is amazing and I admire you and your brother Bobby for the love and affection you both have for your mother.  She is a charming lady, and I just love watching her on TV.  I have never been to the Lady and Sons restaurant, but plan someday to take a trip to Savannah just to come to your place.  Keep up the good work.  You should be very proud of the accomplishments that have been made in the last 20 years.  Take care and I will see you all on TV.  Joanne for Orlando Florida


Joanne Frascatore on March 22 2011


Loved the history lesson.  I love your Momma and can’t wait to eat at your Resturant.  I live in SC but it is one thing I’ll do before I die….(fingers crossed).  Wanted to come with my Momma but she passed away before we could strike it off of our “List of Things to Do”!!!!!

Congradulations on your Success!!!!!!


Celeste Huber on March 22 2011


I thought it was great. Very informative and just goes to show you what a woman can do if she sets her mind to it! What an inspiration Paula is!
Just thought I would add this…we went to Tunica, Ms a few weeks ago and the very first place we went to was Paula’s buffet…...it was the absolute most awesome place ever - from the decor to the plates and silverware and to the waitress, it seemed as if we were in the arms of southern hospitality! I first “scoped” out everything and then got my plate. I took just a teaspoon of every signature item they had! Everything outdid the bite before but if I had to pick one item that stood just above the other (and that is really hard to do) it would be the mac and cheese…awesome! Tell Paula “hello” from me and love her & her programs…. I tape them all and then watch them as I have time to and have tried many of her recipes!!


Marlene Wild on March 22 2011


Jamie wonderful video and information.  I will be dining with you all this coming Monday evening March 28th.  Hope you are in town and I can meet you personally.
God bless and love to all.


Rachel Bumgarner on March 22 2011


Jamie this video was wonderful! Your family has been blessed as I’m sure you already know. I’ve never made it to Savannah, but I will. The Lady and Son’s will be the first stop I make. I hope that I will get to see some of the family there! I love watching ya’ll on TV. You all are just so down to Earth, you make everyone feel like family.
Thanks again for doing the video.

Pat Hillyer on March 22 2011


Pat Hillyer on March 22 2011


Love you and your sons…..Your love for each other certainly shows as you all have demonstrated it over the years. And because of the result as true dedicated love and devotion you 3 have been blessed from poor to wealthy…......the greatest of all is because of your forever lasting comitment and sharing with us all GODS LOVE


carlyn wineland on March 22 2011


Love it!!!!  I always watch Paula on the cooking channel.  Paula you are one of a kind and your sons are very special, what a perfect American Family.  God Bless Y’All!  Keep up the Good Work!!!!


Lovette on March 22 2011


Family,Food,and Love…What more could you ask for.  GREAT video and love that put into it all.
Love your show, especially when the boys and family cook with you.  Great recipes too.

Pam Bertagna on March 22,2011


Pam Bertagna on March 22 2011


This is great.  I loved it.  I have seen everyone of these restaurants, from the home to the biggest.  Ate in the Lady & Sons just last July.  Will be back this July.  Didn’t get to meet the boys, but sure would have loved to.  I have met Paul, Bubba, Michael.  Seen Michael down on the river.  Seen Paula in her back yard, but she never knew.  Had to climb on top of my car to do it, over that big white fence, with a sign saying, Video recording at all times.  Well, if she goes back and looks at that video she will see me and my grandson on top of our white Nissan with a little tweety in the window.  :: smiles ::  We were taking pics.  I would not take a million dollars for them.  Have all the cookbooks, seen every TV cookshow, have every magazine that came out of her’s, and the boys’.  I am gonna be back this summer, second week in July.  Paul, you will probably be in your new house, or you probably already are.  I think you are already in the new house.  But I sure would love to meet those boys of yours and get their person to person pic.  I would love to buy all of your dinners. I love you, I love your family, and I love your food.  Tutti Harris (Chattanooga, TN)  I met you at the She Expo. (if you should decide to let me buy your dinner, my email addy is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  I am older than you, seven years older.  But you have taught me so much.  God love you Lady and your family.


Tutti Harris on March 22 2011


Loved the video, makes me feel good to know that hard working people can make it happen.  Never forget your roots. Hope to visit your restaurant some day.  I have watched Paula on the Food Network since the very beginning and have several of her cookbooks.  Thanks for sharing your lives with us.


Barbara Collins on March 22 2011


Loved ur video, great job, We have been to u r place in Savana, nice place but was it hot, we live in MS. and love going to ur place in Tunica, MS. have been there at least 4 times so far. Thanks for sharing ur life with us, would love to chat with Michael, ( I’m an old Navy man). God Bless y’all brojim.


Jim Lichtenthaler on March 22 2011


great video i have allways wanted to come to georgia maybe some day i will .love your shows,paula you must have been [ and are ] a great mom.keep up the good work,


joy hansen on March 22 2011


Loved your Video.. Jamie,,, you guys have come a long way and have worked hard for what your have,, and dont let anyone say any different.. Love all of you and It has been so fun watching you all grow.. take care and enjoy your lives… oxoxox Pandy your Mama look a like..LOL


Eve (Pandy) Remillard on March 22 2011


So glad to see some your history on this video.  Enjoyed it very much.  And I love all thing Paula Dean and sons.


Angie Carr-Borego on March 22 2011


Paula and Son’s,

I’ve been to The Lady and Son’s and it is just awesome.
The food is delicious and the atmosphere is great.
Jamie, I loved the video. You all have come a long way and that is something to be proud of and to never forget where you came from.
Your Moth hung in there and made the best for you boys.  I don’t blame her for taking you both off the sign if you didn’t carry your weight.  Look where you are today for that.  I love ya’ll’s shows and it’s special when you boy s are on her best dishes.  I live in Florida and look forward to watching her everyday.
Oh, and by the way,  you boys have a good lookin stepdad.  Capt. is very special to ya’ll I know. 
Ya’ll take care and keep on doin whatch do.  We love watchin ya’ll.

Love and Best Kisses from me to ya’ll.
John and Ann Branham
Satsuma, Florida.


Ann Branham on March 22 2011


You did a great job on the video and enjoyed hearing about the history.  We were at The Lady and Sons in 2005 and would love to come back.  If we ever get to go back to Savannah we will certainly see you!  Great family, great food!  Thanks


Sondra Riggin on March 22 2011


Paula And Jamie & Bobby You Deserve All Your Sucess, Because,You All Worked Very Hard For It. And Most Importent.
You Have Done It As A Family. And Family Is Worth Having.
Love All Of You Cindy, And Today Is My Birthday,


Cindy Anderson on March 23 2011


And I Which You Guys On TV All The Time,And Love To See The
Three Of You Work Together. And Sometime’s I See Micheal. You Guy’s Have Such A Good Relationship. Love Cindy


Cindy Anderson on March 23 2011


I love this video, I am a big Paula fan have your cook books and love your magazine. You are a very blessed family and have worked hard to get where you are today.  I hope to get to Savannah one day and visit the restaurant.  Best wishes and God Bless.


Judy Vernon on March 23 2011


Never had time to cook the way I wanted always in a hurry to throw something together. Hated meal time. Your show with your son all working together. Was and inspiration. So I thought I can read the recipes and maybe improve my skills. I have a file case filled with your blessing for me to enjoy. Thanks to you and your family. I love to cook and have family and friends over. Stay safe and God Bless each of you.


Weltha Payne on March 23 2011


Jamie, Love the video. I watch Paula all the time. I had the pleasure to eat at The Lady and Sons and can’t wait to go back. Ate at Uncle Bubba’s also. You have a great family.
It is so good to see a real live family on T.V. that show want be a family is all about. Family is so important.
Love ya’ll


Donna on March 23 2011


My husband and i were at the first Lady and Sons and we still talk about how good the food was. We are planning on visiting there again soon and we will be eating at the new Lady and Sons. Loved the video.


Janie on March 23 2011


What a wonderful tribute to the Deen family. It sure is a perfect example that hard work will pay off. I have your 1st cookbook (as well as others) and my favorite recipe is the coffee cake made with crescent rolls. So delicious.
My daughter and son-in-law just purchased a bakery and catering business and I am busy making cake balls. If you have any good suggestions for me, I would so appreciate it.
Keep up the good work and stay happy.


Ann Mossburg on March 23 2011


Inspiring! Love Paula and sons.She has made me fall in love with Savannah and gets me back to my roots with the best southern cookin ever!!!


Lisa on March 23 2011


love the video   most of all love the deen family


barbara creel on March 25 2011


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