The Great Steak Challenge, Part Dos!
April 18th, 2011

Howdy y’all,

Jamie and I are excited to be back with Beringer. Last year was fun- we had a real good time doin’ it. You know this year they changed the format for the Great Steak Challenge to where Jamie and I feel like it’ll be better for the contestants. And it’s definitely better for Jamie and me, too.

It’ll make for a better, more well rounded contest. Last year, people had to go to regional cook-offs all over. It was this call to outdoor cooks and grillers to come to this location and cook in front of a huge crowd, in front of Jamie and me, and in front of people that were judgin’ you. And we some people really struggle because of it. This year, what they’re doing is they’re encouraging everybody to submit their recipe via online. So, of the thousands of entries that’ll be sent in with a steak recipe paired with a Beringer wine, 30 people will be chose. And they’ll be sent flip cameras, instead of having to go someplace to do it front of people. Like, you could have your girlfriend with a flip camera at your house, and you do your steak recipe and pair it with a Beringer right there on a video, and then boom! You email it to ‘em and there’s a whole lot less pressure, and it’s a cleaner, simpler format overall.

Jamie and me think it’ll make for a better contest, and actually that to me makes it feel like there’s some longevity to it. Like this contest can continue to go on, and I hope that it will. I hope that they’ll continue to invite Jamie and me back every year, ‘cause it’s been a lot of fun. We’ve met tons of people that are just like us, you know, that like to cook like we do and pass down family recipes, and share stories. It’s good stuff.

We had a shoot the other week over at Mama’s house where we shot some photos and video that Beringer will send over to different vendors to promote the contest. And, this is important to note, Jamie and I are excited about how closely we work with America’s Second Harvest, and things that can really make a difference in your hometown. Well, Beringer is donating $1 from each bottle of wine they sell in November and December to local food banks. We’re so excited about that.

And I can’t believe I forgot to mention- the grand prize is $25,000 and a week’s stay for two in Napa Valley.

Some people might be really nervous about entering a contest like this because it’s so much money, and there are so many entries. People might feel a lot of pressure. But the good thing about this contest is that there are no professional chefs allowed. If 75% of your income is from cooking food, you’re ineligible for the contest. This is for everyday backyard grillers. People that just have a solid, strong steak recipe and can pair it with a Beringer wine.

So let’s have fun, y’all!

Hi Bobby,

The contest sounds great but I wish you could enter a fish recipe instead of a steak, we are fish eaters here. Since I live in the San Francisco area, Napa Valley is only a short drive away. It is beautiful and Beringer Wines are the wines that we personally buy. Wish everyone could come to Napa and experience our beautiful vineyards.


Diane on April 18 2011

I just may have to enter the contest this year!! I think I have a pretty good steak recipe and I'm pretty good at pairing wine with food plus I love Beringer Wines!!

I'm glad your back is better. I can sympathize, I've had back surgery and it is not a picnic.

Wish you and Jamie were coming to the Raleigh, NC area on your book tour....

Y'all take care....



Joann on April 18 2011

Hey Bobby:
Glad to see you are enjoying yourself with the blog. I enjoy hearing your thoughts.
Glad to hear, also, that your back has healed.
take care.


Patrick Allen on April 19 2011

Hey Bobby,
We love Beringer wines. Have been to the Beringer winery a few times and it's a beautiful place. Congrats on 'Get Fired Up' launch today and wish you and Jamie much success!!
Take care!!


Marina on April 19 2011

Hi Bobby -
I am real excited. My husband is retiring 5/14 (WOOHOO) and I think this will be so much fun. He is my BBQ King and I would love for him to enter the contest (if he gets to the final 30 he's going to win) yes, that's how good his bbq steaks are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to check out this new format you're talking about. The kids and I are on Spring Break next week (they go to school, I work at their school) so we can get what we need and submit our entry smile
I'm real bummed I can't come to one of your book signings but I see (and I'm super excited) I can order an autographed copy of your book online. Guess I won't be bugging you for an autograph after all (like I do with all your other books) since I can get an autographed copy to begin with. I'm also calling the store TODAY to order your rubs. I ordered your bbq sauce and we absolutely positively love both of them.
With much love and admiration - Tracey Lopez/Turlock Ca


Tracey Lopez on April 20 2011

Hi Bobby, me again smile Just want to let you know I just phoned the Paula Deen Store and made a "Deen Brothers" order. I was so excited to see I can order your cookbook autographed since I am nowhere near any of your book tour stops. (on a side note if for some reason you were to come anywhere near Northern CA for a book signing I would certainely be there! This also means I won't be bugging you with an email asking for you to autograph my books which means I don't have to mail them to you with a return addressed box blah blah blah) I digress...

Anyway, I ordered the 2 cookbooks, 1 of each dry rub, and a tshirt smile Lisa at the Paula Deen Store was so sweet, she kept saying "wow, you must really love them" which of course I do! And she suggested the tshirt, said it was so cute so of course I said yes.

I had my calendar marked for your new cookbook and now I am super excited to get it!

Can't wait to be able to see you again.

With much love and admiration - Tracey/Turlock CA


Tracey Lopez on April 20 2011

I watch your show with your Mom and your brother all the time and I love all the chit chat and family closeness you all share. However, I'd like to know if you have a girlfriend or maybe a signifiant other partner as we never hear you talk about either. You brother has married and has one child and I believe another on the way. Will there be wedding bells anytime in the near future or are you a confirmed bachelor?????


Lucylee on April 25 2011


Try to sneak in some fun before or after the book signing tonight.


Sonya on April 27 2011

Hey Bobby!

Happy Birthday Blessings and Wishes! Sorry to hear about the loss of someone in the family. Thoughts and Prayers to all.

Shelia Key/ Winston-Salem,NC


Shelia Key on April 28 2011

Hey Bobby!! I am so glad to see you finally have a blog of your own. I look forward to reading your blog and I LOVE your new cookbook!! Can't wait to try the recipes out!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Love to you and your family!!!



Suzette on April 30 2011

Hey Bobby,
Jamie has updated his blog this week. How about a update from you? Are ya excited you will soon have another nephew? What's happening?

Shelia Key/ Winston-Salem, NC


Shelia Key on May 12 2011

I am really excited to hear about the great steak challenge. I am totally agreed with you about your thinking. I just want to attend this challenge. Thanks mate for sharing this post.


Cameron Marion on June 23 2012


I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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