Pictures from the Road
May 16th, 2011

What’s up, y’all?

In case you missed us, Jamie and I just wrapped up our book tour for Get Fired Up. We had to cut it a little short, but we’re looking into rescheduling some of our dates, because we definitely don’t want to miss seeing y’all!

Jamie and I had a lot of fun on the road, and we got some great photos during our tour. Being on the road can be really crazy with really long hours, but it’s always worth it when we get to meet so many different people. I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Here’s a look at some of our adventures the last couple of weeks.

Me and Jamie goofin’ around on AOL’s You’ve Got Video.

Here’s me cheesing it up during our satellite media tour for MTV.

See? This is what I mean. We have the best time meeting our fans. Here we are at a Wegman’s in Bridgewater, NJ.

Thanks to everyone that came out and showed their support. We hope you love our new book as much as we do, and we hope to see y’all soon!

Love y’all,

We really enjoy watching you guys on TV. You have a great family and I think mine is too. I am the same age of your Mom, and I have two boys who love to cook as well. I do have a daughter that is younger than the boys, but now she does too with step children. Just a comparsion. I love to cook too. What's the possibility of adding North Carolina to your tour? Winston-Salem is my hometown but we are living about 20 miles west in Yadkinville (some call it Yokelville) Those are just people who are jealous of our small town. Would love to meet you and your Mom one day. Keep on cooking!!


Linda Ransom on May 16 2011

Hi Bobby,

Received your latest cookbook the other day and I think it's the best you guys have done. Can't wait to BBQ sweet potatoes and salmon on a cedar plank!!! Sure wish your tour could include San Francisco.

Take care and have a great week.


Diane on May 16 2011

Hey Bobby!

Loved the pictures of your book tour! When will you be adding more dates? Any chance of coming to a Wegman's in Maryland? It's always a pleasure to see you and Jamie and hear your stories.

Take care!


Amanda Cameron on May 16 2011

You guys are the best. Really love it when you cook with your Mama on her show.


Trish on May 16 2011

When will you be in Dallas/North TX area? Would love to see you.


Betty on May 17 2011


It's good to hear everything went well with your book tour. I hope everything goes well with your rescheduled dates. I wish you and your family the best summer every.

Kate from Louisiana


Kate on May 17 2011

Hi Bobby,
I'm hoping your book tour was cut short due to a baby being born??? Anyway, I really wish I could see you at a book signing, California isn't on your schedule darn it! I did order two of your cookbooks, one to use one to display smile I also have tried 4 of your 6 dry rubs and they are simply delicious! Great pix, thanks so much for sharing and keeping in touch!
With much love and admiration - Tracey


Tracey Lopez on May 17 2011

Hey Bobby,

So glad to see more of you. The cookbook is amazing, I can't wait to start grilling this summer. Best of luck to you and the family.. Hopefully I will see you in Savannah this summer. Will you be on the cruise next Janaury?


Carol on May 17 2011

Hey Bobby!
For the record, it does not take this long for me to make dinner (since yesterday LOL) but one thing leads to another and poof... it’s Tuesday, 6 pm and I just found some free time to write smile lol. Time just flies by.

Do you know why I come to the Deens’ book signings??? Yes, you guys and your mom are down to earth, beautiful cookbooks/mags, great recipes, shows and websites... but it’s your sense of humor. That’s what draws me to come and see you all smile). It was so good to see you and Jamie in April!! Love the new cookbook and I can see why this is both you and Jamie’s favorite, so many great recipes for grilling and all those beautiful pictures. We’ve tried quite a few recipes and this is what we’ve made so far: pg. 16,21,24, 34,55,66,67,88,105,140,153. Just so you guys know, I’ve left tabs on these pages because I will definitely make these again. Sorry for the lack of writing, I’ve been in summer vacation mode in the mind since March, super busy with life/my kids and it’s been hard to sit down long enough to write more than just a couple of words lol. And even just coming up with just a few words has been difficult for me too lol. But I do try to catch up with reading tweets and blogs from everyone at Deen Enterprises. Your all a great group, fun to ‘follow’ on twitter and I enjoy reading everyone's blogs.

Off subject... have you ever tried raw vegan recipes?? I think that’s what it’s called? My cousins one night said they are bringing over dinner. They made raw vegan ‘lasagna’, raw vegan ‘stuffed grape leaves’ and raw vegan ‘banana cream pie’. This was new to us, never tried it but it was really good and it tasted extremely close to the real recipes. No, we have not changed our diet to raw vegan (obviously lol smile) but it’s something different and it’s worth a try.

Take care!!


Marina on May 17 2011

I love your pics. Glad to see your blog. I've had a lot on my mind lately and it's a nice little distraction from work. It looks like you and Jamie had a lot of fun!
Have a great week.


Sonya on May 18 2011

BOBBY DEEN, I sure do LOVE watching you on your mom's show. Ya'll sure do cook up some really good food, Sure wish you and your family would come to KING GEORGE Va and see me . I LOVE ALL YA'LL I'll even fix you a meal. Only probablem is you go light and PAULA goes Heavey anything with butter and cream cheese and baked potato. Wow, I still could fix a really good meal for ya'll. YA'LL are more than welcome to come to KING GEORGE VA. And have a meal with me. LOVE ALL YA'LL


Wanda Houchin on May 19 2011

Love the blog. When are you all coming to Austin?


Mishel on May 22 2011

Hey Bobby!

Glad y'all had a great time on the tour. You still have to come to Greenville, SC or better yet EASLEY SC!!!

Hope to see y'all soon!


Sherri on May 24 2011

BOBBY and JAMIE, how's the baby doing? Is his he spoiled yet? where are you hiding the pictures of the baby? I'd love to see him. BOBBY is dating the wrong girl. Katy is to soft spoken. she talks to low. BOBBY needs someone like his mom. LOVE ALL YA'LL BEST DISHES FROM MY KITCHEN TO YOURS.


Wanda houchin on May 31 2011

BOBBY and JAMIE, I sure wish one of you would send me a personal ENAIL. I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. LOVE ALL YA'LL


Wanda Houchin on June 04 2011

Hey Bobbie and Jamie-nice pictures hope your book tour is going well!!!!Love your recipes!!I made the good and the bad dogs. I also made the pasta salad-delicious!!!Love your lighter recipes. I have to really get back on track-went to the Dr and was scolded big time for high blood pressure and lack of exercise!! Have to get back on board!! Please you all come out to Northern California and do a book tour signingor cooking demo we would love it and it would be fantastic!!!
Best wishes!!
Paula from California


Paula on June 19 2011

Hey Bobby and Jamie,

We truly like your Moma's recipe beer in the rear chicken. Its one of our favorites to do during the summertime with company. Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!!!!
Thanks for sharing with us all that you do!!! Keep on havin fun and doing what you love thats what life is all about!!!

Best wishes,
Paula from California


Paula on July 15 2011

Made your baked tilapia for dinner last night. Delish!!! Husband wasn't sure when I was making it but he loved it and can't wait to have again. Easy and scrumptous. Thanks!!


Patricia Ann Rieth on July 24 2011

Hey Bobby!

Just wanted to let you know you are missed on the blog and twitter!! Hope you are planning on a few more tour dates with the book.

Hope to hear from you soon.


sherri on August 07 2011

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