Not My Mama’s Meals!
January 3rd, 2012

Y’all it’s finally here! What has been a labor of real love and devotion is finally premiering tomorrow evening. I’m in NYC right now getting ready for the big day tomorrow.

If you haven’t heard by now, I’ve got a new show that will be airing on the Cooking Channel called, “Not My Mama’s Meals.” In it, I’ll be takin’ my mama’s famous dishes, which are known for plenty of butter, and making ‘em just a little lighter. That way y’all can feel good about enjoying our style of Southern cooking every day of the week, and not just for Sunday supper.

I’ll tell you, it’s been a real adventure, and I’m blessed to have such a talented and supportive family and team on my side. I’m real excited that Mom’s going to be making some special visits on my show to try my version of her recipes, and we’ll see which one wins! Now, I know that my recipes are delicious, but I think you’ll be surprised that we find that sometimes you just can’t touch a classic.

Y’all can learn more about the show on the Cooking Channel website, or I’m going to be on the Today Show Thursday morning, and I’ll be on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, January 11th. You can check your local listings for times.

I just can’t express how I excited I am to share this with y’all and I hope that you will enjoy it just as much as I have. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Remember, catch “Not My Mama’s Meals”, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 4th at 9 PM ET on the Cooking Channel.

Love y’all,

So excited for you! Wish we got the cooking channel on optimum here on Long Island but you can only get it if you have FIOS :(
Will have to find someone to tape it for me.
Best of luck doubt you will shine


Jeanette on January 03 2012

I'll be watching and taking notes, then applying it to our lives. Thank you for doing this, it's been a long time coming.


Cricket Boyd on January 03 2012

Looking forward to watching tomorrow night. I love Paula's recipes and usually wouldn't change a thing, but sometimes a lighter version of her signature dishes might be nice to have as an alternative. Hope you'll be adding some of your own recipes, too.

Congratulations on getting your own show! I'm sure it will be a hit.


Teresa on January 03 2012

bobby good luck on your show. I wish i got the cooking channel I would surely watch, but I don't. I hope you post the recipes so I can get them on their website. good luck on the show.


cathy stidham on January 03 2012

Love you too Bobby!
Hope your show is as successful as you momma's!!
Best and luck and lots of love from So. ILL


Andrea Lepinske on January 03 2012

My New Year's resolution for 2012 was to get myself back to a shapely body to be proud of. Right now I'm not. I have always loved watching all 3 of you on Paula's Shows, so I am really excited to see what Bobby has in store for us tonight. Good luck with the show. I'm going to be cooking a lot of your recipes for sure, for both myself and my husband who won't know won't hurt him.....


Robin Dinsmore on January 03 2012

Just found out 4 weeks ago I have Diabetes..I'm in my 60s so a big change in eating habits,cooked like your Ma Ma.So with your new show will start to cook like her son..I am waiting on your new show to learn a new way to cook and eat..Good luck with your show..Call if you need an assistant or E mail me,,HA HA.Michael B.


Michael Bach on January 03 2012

I have long been a fan of all of y'all and an so very pleased for you, Bobby! Your show will be a hit, I just know it will! I am wondering if your lite fare will be limited to mama's incredible cooking or will you offer new, lighter versions to other classics as well? Will you be accepting viewer recipes and helping to slim them down, too? That would be awesome as I have a shoebox full of them!!! I wish you all the best on your new venture...and will be watching! Peace and Joy always, susan


susan on January 03 2012

i have watched your mom from the first day and still faithful I have watched you and jamie getting older and your lives changed with jamie got married have a child and you now with a girlfriend whom is very pretty mabie your future... and your owm cooking show I hope it is a great success like your moms good luck and I will be watching.


donna midkiff on January 03 2012

I am looking forward to your new show. I have enjoyed yoou and Jamie's cookbook Take It Easy. My favorite recipe is for the Chicken and Dumplings out of that book.


Jamie Lloyd on January 04 2012

So happy to see that you're getting a show of your own. We've seen through the years how you've, at times, presented some of your mother's meals in a lighter version. Can't wait to learn how you do more of them.
Congratulations, Bobby! Good luck also.


Cindy on January 04 2012

Hi Bobby,

Congratulation on your new show! I just read about it on your Facebook up date today. I saw a commercial for Rachael Ray's show that will air tomorrow (Wed. 1/4/12) showing you on it with Rachael and you Mom too I think or via Skype. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow morning. I am trying to find out what channel the Cooking Channel is on Cablevision in NY. I live in Melville, Long Island and met Paula and Michael when they came to Huntington about 1 1/2 ago at the Book Revue to do a book signing for her 2nd Children's Cookbook. We just love her and she's so down to earth in person as well. I wish you all the best with your new show and I can't wait to try some of your new recipes. I'm hoping I can find that channel on my Cablevision Network. I would love to see it. I hope that if you have a cookbook coming out that you make it to the Huntington Book Revue as well for a book signing. I would love to meet you in person as well. Oh, by the way congratulations on becoming an Uncle again too. I just saw how big Jack has gotten when he and Jamie appeared on Paul's show today. Jack helped them make the cheesecake. He is so adorable!!

Best of Luck!!

Lena Famiglietti


Lena Famiglietti on January 04 2012

I can't wait to watch your new show. I love to watch your Mom too. But, lets face it we can't loose any weight cooking like that.
Good Luck
C.J. Kleckner
meridian, Idaho


Claudette Kleckner on January 04 2012

Cannot wait to see your show.


Kathi Bobb on January 04 2012

I love to watch you and all of your family, But I want be able to watch your new show because my cable company doesnt carry that channel :(


Melody on January 04 2012

I love you guys but i would love to be able to chat with your mother....I know she is very busy but please tell her it would be one of the highlights of my life ..i feel like shes already my best friend ...P.S you know you will have a great show because you take after your mother your wonderful...Please reply


Brenda on January 05 2012

Loved the show. What I like the most is how simple and easy the recipes are to make. When things are easy to do, people will try them and stick to them. With that said I have decided to really kick my getting healthy in to high gear. I will be creating a menu of the lighter meals and continue with my workout. I will keep you posted on my results. I just know with good tasting and easy/simple recipes it will make it much easier to stay on track. Keep those great recipes coming!

As always wishing you and your family the best!


Kimberly Whitacre on January 05 2012

I loved it!!!! Cannot wait for future shows.....Happy New Year...lot's of love and happiness...


Carol B. on January 05 2012

Hi Bobby, I would love to see your version of vegetarian chile. I am a health fanatic also. I think it is Wonderful you are 'tweaking' your Mom's recipes to a lighter fare !.....though I have to say, my day is not complete until I get to see your Mom's show in the evening. grin ...She makes everyone feel at 'home' to speak.

Take Care and Much Success to your new show!,
Drusti Naik Klein


Drusti Naik Klein on January 06 2012

What channel is the cooking channel? I can't find it on the Food Network... me


rhonda on January 07 2012

I was bummed to find out that my local network didn't include the show with my current package. So I will be updating it. Very thankful that you shared on facebook the Today Show clip and that the Cooking Channel has your lighter recipes on It is so wonderful the love and support your family shares. I'm excited for you on your new show!!! So glad I got to meet you and your brother in California. Soon, I hope to meet your mom. She reminds me so much of my mother-in-law. I can't wait to try more of your recipes!!!I love taste testing!!!!


Paula Palmer on January 08 2012

Loved watching Bobby's new show!! Bobby & Carry (Johnny Cash grandaughter) they are so cute together on the show! she is going to be Paula's next daughter in law grinremember I was the 1st to predict this so I want an invite to the engagment party & wedding!!!


Angela From Oklahoma on January 08 2012

Love your show! Your mom shouldn't worry, no one will put her out of business--she is so much fun to watch. I appreciate also how much your family shows their love for one another--so precious. Best wishes for a long running show!


Carol on January 08 2012

Love the new show. Are you going to be coming out with a cookbook anytime soon?


Victoria from Staten Island, NY on January 10 2012

Bobby - first and foremost, I watched "Not My Mama's Meals" last night. I absolutely LOVED everything about it. Paula was hysterical (wouldn't expect anything less) and I absolutely loved her reaction to how LITTLE butter you used in your gooey butter cake. Now - on to the good stuff. After I saw the show last night, I ran out to get the ingredients to make the pimento sandwiches. OH-MY-GOD they were so freaking good. I'm not going to lie - you had me doubting you when you pulled out the greek yogurt. I never in a millions years would've thought to use that instead of mayo. My hubby and I have been fighting weight issues for a long time, and we have committed to ourselves that this is the year that we will get fit and healthy. I'm one of those "I'll go on a diet as long as the food tastes good" - and then it never does, and I never lose the weight. Recipes like this will make the transition to a healthier lifestyle so much easier. Please keep these amazing recipes coming. You have no idea how excited I am about my journey to a healthier lifestyle... and it looks like you are going to be a big part of it! You totally rock!!!


Tara C from Riverview FL on January 13 2012

Love,Love,Love your show! It is such a perfect time to have all the lighter meals after the holidays. I have been recording every single show ( not that many smile)so I don't miss a beat. It is such an innovative and creative idea you have come up with. I look forward to seeing all your shows. The best part is when you call Paula for her opinion or have her cook with you. It demonstrates such a kind, personal and special nature you Deans have. Good luck and know you will be just as sucessfull as following your wonderfull mamma. Ps. I'm awaiting anxiously for your cookbook. Maybe by Christmas?
Best wishes to you in the seasons to come!


Christina from Olympia, Wa on January 13 2012

Saw the new show - loved it and looking forward to more. Y'all hangin' out with Johnny Cash's grand-daughter? You seemed a little shy around her... She's gorgeous. Hope she's as pretty on the inside as the outside.

I wanna see less dessert and more home-style cookin'! I wanna see your take on what a proper starch serving is with your lean protein. (And do you dig in to some not-so-lean protein once in a while? Oooh - makes me shiver in anticipation!)

Your family is beautiful - love watchin' your mama eat on screen. She looks how I feel when I dig into something decadent!


Tiffany on January 13 2012

Great idea for the new year..get it started right! Been doing many veggies and less meats - so far I've lost about 45 pounds. Bloodwork has improved and I'm feeling great (no sugar or sodas in about 3 months) Looking forward to your recipes and sending good wishes for a successful show!

Keep smiling.....Carol from Covington,Ga.


Carol Faver on January 16 2012

You just don't know how much this will mean to me........I'm a true southern gal and love the southern style of cooking.....but I now have diabeties and can not enjoy a lot of my southern dishes......if I can get it lighter this would mean so much to me. I lov u guys.


BK on January 17 2012

So when will the cookbook, perhaps titled, Not My Moma's Meals, be available??


Donna on January 17 2012

L O V E the new show! I am always looking for lighter and healthier ideas. Cookbook please??

I also wanted to let you know that I am praying for your mom. She seems like an amazing mom and overall person.


Sarah Marie on January 18 2012

As a dietitian I just wanted to say that I love your new show!!! I love the tips that you are giving to make recipes healthier-things we do everyday!!!


Paula on January 18 2012

Hi Bobby, I can't believe it has taken me this long to send a response. I have been ill but I have been trying my best to keep up, no necessarily in touch but to keep up with "All Things Deen". We don't get the Cooking Channel but I can see it on the internet and I am very excited for you and love the premier show (Food Network aired it). I am so so very happy for your continued success and for embracing your fans!

Enjoy this, I know I will smile

With much love and admiration, Tracey Lopez/Turlock CA


Tracey Lopez on January 20 2012

I just show your mother's show and she made chicken florentine. I have never made this, but I was wondering if you would make this a lighter version. It looks great and I will try it very soon. I just want to know id there is a healthier way to do it.
Thank you so very much.
P.S. Love the new show. I have always loved watching your mother's shows and now I love yours too.


Heather Hatch From California 01-18-12 on January 20 2012

I recently moved to Savannah and the only thing I knew about it was that your mama had a restaurant and cooking show here. My mama and daddy love it. Little did they know that they would someday have the opportunity to visit both Th Lady and Sona and Uncle Bubba's! I was so happy to here about your lighter version of your mama's recipes. Her's are great but with the health history in my family, I can't afford to experience those recipes often enough. So thank you for making southern cookin' healthier.I am also thankful for serving size and nutritional values being listed at the end of each recipe. Good luck and God Bless!

Tami, Savannah, Ga


Tami Smith on January 21 2012

Bobby, just saw your show am ecstatic to see variations of your mom's sinful food. I would love to see crockpot recipes that are healthy (specifically your mom's Italian slow cooker chicken) and quick, easy meals for moms like myself. Congratulations on your new endeavor!
Katie- Nashville, TN


katie i on January 21 2012

Bobby honey, I think what you're doing with your new show, Not My Mama's Meals is amazing! I love your moms show and have read all her books, but being diabetic myself, and working on a big lifestyle change, I haven't eaten a lot of her recipes! We reserve those for holidays and reduce the portions in quarters, lol! I love your idea oft lightening things up for every day! Yaaaayy me! I still get to eat yummies! Lol! I wanted to tell you that in episode 3 you referred to green pepper, onion and garlic as New Orleans Holy Trinity. In fact, the Holy Trinity is green pepper, onion and celery. Im a cook myself and studied cajun cooking extensively before attempting it. Im pretty good by the way, lol! Its ok you made a mistake though, my husband was thrilled to see you slip a little on that big ole pedastal I have you on! I just love your whole family, and all your shows! Much love and good luck to ya'll!


Monique on January 21 2012

BOBBY I'm so happy for u And u keep u and i hope keep u keep the work.


kimberly beatty on January 23 2012

I love your new show! I am a fan of your mom's food, but as a personal trainer and kids with food allergies, I have been making healthier and gluten free versions of the recipes for the last few years. I have an awesome lighter version of your mom's banana bread as well as a GF version that you will not be able to tell the difference. I would love to share it with you!


Bekie Anderson on January 25 2012

I love your show on tv and im from Kentucky


Becky shepherd on January 28 2012

from Kentucky an love your Mother Tv show an Bobby an Jamie to, love your show with your Mother Good Luck Bobby


Becky shepherd on January 28 2012

Bobby, I have only seen two episodes of your cooking show and I am hooked! I am a mom of two little ones and am just now getting serious about cooking. I love your approach to cooking in a healthy way but not skimping on flavor. You have such a magnetic personality too. I can't wait to see and learn more. Best wishes to your new venture.
All the best!

By the way, I just sent my husband out to the grocer armed with your 'no-fry apple pie' recipe. So, thank you for inspiring me to cook from scratch.


steph zerbe on January 28 2012

Good morning,I just want to send a note..We made your Lighter Chili,,,Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael Bach on January 30 2012

I've really enjoyed watching your show and have been amazed by how you've changed the recipes and kept them delicious!! I adore your mamma's food . . . and I often make her Thumbprint cookies for lots of friends. Can you share how to make those a little better for me and them?!?


Kara Grimme on February 04 2012

Love your show. Saw "Game Day Eats" and want to know if you have a recipe for the hot dogs. My husband wants to make his own dogs. Any ideas? Thanks.

Karen B


Karen Brettschneider on February 05 2012

So excited about your show. Not crazy about pimiento cheese but live sweet potato chips. I grew up with a healthcare family.... Mom is, a dietician, my father a dietician... And my, mom and aunts were close (still are)... So I grew up with healthy foods but also southern (fried, sugary) foods, and some decadence.... Your show is awesome. Hope they feature you in cooking light. Best of luck. oh funny thing.... Mom went from the ozarks to nyc for her internship in public health. pretty cool. She did her project on starting up hospital kitchens... She started two kitchens in texas before moving into sales. Shes still an amazing cook....


Jan on February 12 2012

I have celiac disease(wheat allergy). I just love watching you and your mother but Lots of the foods have wheat. Do you have any recipes for this? I miss eating good ole fashion cornbread and good chocolate cakes. I am trying to get the cornbread but had to go back basic of baking soda etc. I love your show Bobby and been a fan of your moms as well. Thanks


vanessa on February 13 2012

I just love this show! I like the part where you show the calorie and fat count for your Mama's recipe and then yours.
This really hits the mark and gets me excited to really make your recipes. Thanks for this show....It is funny, entertaining and informative.


jane smith on February 13 2012

Hi Bobby,
Just tried your Fettucine with Broccoli Pesto. It is not only delicious, and healthy, but makes a great first course. I tried it exactly as written the first time but discovered a couple of things. The next time I made I substituted Parmesan for the Pecorino which gave the pesto a nice nutty flavor. I only used 2 tsp of lemon zest instead of the zest of a whole lemon and I found it still had that beautiful bright flavor while not masking the flavor of the broccoli quite as much. I also added a little more broth 1 Tbls. at a time to loosen up the pesto a bit more which helped to better coat the pasta without having to add more oil as in regular pesto. Thanks for this recipe. It will make a nice first course for my next dinner party.

Greg Strahm



Greg Strahm on February 13 2012

I adore your mama (she is my daughter's favorite "cooker" also) doesn't allow me to eat her recipes on a daily basis. I love that you are using the same flavors and ideas and lightening them up. We made your "light" lasagna soup...delicious!! Even my picky ones loved it. Best of luck!


Becca on February 16 2012

Loving the show! Can't wait to run some of them through the Weight Watcher calculator. The Gooey Cake came out to 7 points... not great, but heck it is cake!

Best of luck! It is set to record the series on our DVR.

An Aggie down in Texas...


Meg Magruder on February 17 2012

I ma watching your show right now and wonder where it is filmed. I heard you say "the City" but what city? So far, so good!


cindy on February 19 2012

Bobby where are you living? Looks like NYC? Just wondered


INEZ NICHOLS on February 19 2012

Love the new show. Health has taken the forefront in my cooking. I am a Southern girl,and love good Southern food.This is great Southern food
and healthy too.


carolyn on February 19 2012

LOVE THE SHOW BOBBY!!! My only question, when are ya gonna have regular people like me on the show to help you? It is a wonderful show keep up the great work!!


Robin D Burns on February 22 2012

Bobby I love watching your new show, I have type 2 diabetes and the lighter recipes are great.. I like how you give us the calories and fat count have you ever thought about putting the carb count on your recipes. For us diabetic's we need the carb count I would love to use your recipes but I never know how many carbs are in them. Thanks for taking the time to listen.. Its hard to find foods that are good,full of flavor and are low in carbs or that are sugar free.


Kimberly Smith on February 25 2012

Bobby I am thrilled you are doing this show. It is long overdue. I love to cook and I love Savannah. I have visited the Lady and Sons twice, Uncle Bubbas, and actually met you once in the store at the Lady and Sons. I have struggled for a long time to find recipes that were light on fat and calories but heavy on taste. You really are doing a great service to all of us by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you.


Amy Williams on February 27 2012

I recently met Bobby at a book signing in Savannah. He was so gracious and warm! I was the last person of the day so he must have been tired of strangers by then but he was wonderful.

I love his show and that it's focused in lighter recipes. Any versions of a lighter "fried" chicken would be much appreciated. Best of luck!


Karen Andersen on March 02 2012

I have enjoyed watching you and your family cook together. Not many families now days even sit and have meals together in this hectic rush in life. I own many of the cookbooks and some of the dishes and really enjoy cooking and baking for my family. Your family history and what has become of you now should be an inspiration for all. Wishing you continued happiness and success.


Michelle on March 04 2012

Bobby...good job on show. It is not only very educational, but has a very personal feel to it. I love to watch.

I have been a serious follower of your mom for a long time, but in most cases I've had to revise her recipes because I am also a diabetic. Unfortunately, the carbs and sugars have to be reduced in order for me to eat them. I found that using "Dreamfield's" pasta has helped with the pasta carbs. I also found that using Splenda has helped with the sugars.

In Paula's 'Just Desserts" cookbook, there is a pumpkin pie recipe that is just wonderful. When my company had a pie making contest around Thanksgiving, I went to make that pie because I new that recipe would be the one to beat. But, by this time I was diagnosed with diabetes, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and made it so I could have some also without telling anyone. I followed the recipe to a "t", but when it came to the sugar, I merely substituted sugar with 1/2 the amount of Splenda's Brown. I took first place in the contest and amazed everyone on the judges panel with the news that it was a recipe transformed for a diabetic. They loved the flavor and the texture. You can't imagine how many people wanted the recipe.

You might try some of mom's recipes using these tips to make her recipes better for her own health just as I have enjoyed them for many years. I don't even have any guilt about a little extra butter now that I trim the carbs and sugars which make my sugars spike.

Keep up the good job on the new show.


Bobbie Gifford on March 10 2012

Bobby darling, I would be drunk in 30 mins if I had to take a shot each time you said Paula Deen. Honey, own YOUR OWN SHOW.


Jamie on March 11 2012

Thanks for putting the show on the Food Network. I don;t get the Cooking Channel and wasn't able to see it until it began showing on Food Network. Am courious as to how Jamie is still a partner to you. Also courious as to your girlfriend. Paula said she lives in La., you said you moved to the City to be near her and yet you moved to NYC. New Girlfriend?


Ray F Berg on March 12 2012

anxiously awaiting cookbook from show. I am a rrue Southern girl with type 2 diabetes and love the idea of being able to eat the foods I Igrew up loving


dora corley on March 16 2012

Finally got to see your show last week on the Food Network. I absolutely love it and the concept. What you said really resonated with me, "I eat how I want to feel." That is such a healthy way to approach food and eating. I love it. Will definitely tune in to this show. I am so excited to see how you remake your wonderful Mama's recipes to be more healthful. Thank you!


Margaret Brancolino on March 18 2012

When are all these recipes from Not My Mama's Meals going to be in a cookbook?! I am addicted to the show and would love to have them in a book! Please do this ASAP!


Latisha Villarreal on March 20 2012

I have hypothyroidism and sodium makes my extremities painful so I've had to go low-sodium, very much against my will. I am just about the same age as you and I don't want to have to eat like an invalid, so even if you're not planning on cutting the sodium out of your mother's recipes, could you at least begin listing it so I know if I should try to make it for myself.


Sondra Harris on March 22 2012

Was disappointed that the Food Channel does not have your nutritional information for "Not My Mama's...". Was glad to see that information on your own site, but there seems to be a lag between broadcast of a recipe and the appearance here of the recipe and nutritional information.

Keep up the good (and good for us) work.


Erin on March 22 2012

wish u lots of luck... like ur mom would say knock em dead son;;; lol :}


LISA TIPTON on April 04 2012

Bobby I love your show. I have alot of health problems and had to have my stomach removed. I have to be careful on what I eat. I have lost alot of weight and have a hard time with food. I watched your show and loved how you can make something healthier and still have the great taste. I love your Mom show also, but I am able to eat more of your meals without having any problems. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make it easier for me to eat more variety of foods. Keep up your good work. Look forward to see you on the Cooking Channel.
Kathy Roster


Kathy Roster on April 11 2012

Love the show, I have to laugh because I can totally relate. We love our mamma's but the meals can be oh so unhealthy at times. My moms favorite ingredient is butter too. I think it is great to show people that cooking healthier does not mean they will be missing out on flavor or variety. It is also easier than most think it can be. Huge fan of the show and idea.


Laura on April 24 2012

Hi Bobby, I love the concept of your show because I love food as much as you do and I'm always looking for a way to make the same great tasting foods but in a healthier way. Thanks for all the great recipes, so far. I have a question about one of yours that I came across today. White Chocolate Cherry Chuckies: You say online that you lightened it up by 189 less calories per serving...but what is the serving size? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks so much!


Denise Miller on May 27 2012

I saw you on The Chew yesterday and was stoked about you lightening up your Mom's recipes!! I can't wait to get my hands on the cookbook. Keep up the good work.


Tangi Wheet on May 29 2012



MILLIE TALMON on July 13 2012

Love the website where you lightened up your mom's recipe. Love the show, too.


Candace seale on July 17 2012

Dear Mr. Bobby Deen,

I know you and your family are making recipes that focus on fighting Diabetes. Is there anyway you could take some time to come up with recipes that focus on the 21 Daniel Fast as well as for those who are vegetarians that include a Nutritional Information section. I wish you and your family good health and continued success.



Kate on August 08 2012

Dear Bobby, I love your program it is so healthy and different from all the other shows.I love your mother and have been watching her for years. I have been a chef for 25 years and really respect all the hard work you are doing. Keep up the good work Bobby and I will continue to watch for more fantastic and healthy recipes.Thanks so much! Maria


Maria Mulcahy on August 09 2012

I was wondering if your gonna have a cookbook to go along with your show "Not My Mama's Meals"!?


Rebecca L. Wilson on August 14 2012

Just saw the show the other nite,(was just now able to get it on the cable) and saw the recipe you gave for Fish & Chips using cod and sweet potatos. Josh gave you that big filet of cod to use. Now I cannot find the recipe and I have several pounds of cod in fridge and wanted to have them for supper. Guess I will have to try my own.

Good Luck on the show, know "Not My Mamma's Meals" will be a complete success since we are trying to eat lighter without giving up the great taste.



Debbie on August 18 2012

I made your turkey bacon cheeseburger meatloaf ! It was good.but your directions were missing a key step.. Cool the bacon first! I never read your mamas recipe. And yours didn't say under ingredients cooked bacon! Please fix recipe! Had to cook loaf twice as long!


Tobi Meyers on September 15 2012

I also would love to have a cookbook that goes along with your show! grin


gina on September 16 2012

Made your beef stew tonight. The best I have ever tasted and the meat was so tender. Love your show, keep it up.


Debi on September 28 2012

I have been a fan of your and your mama's cooking for a while. Loved the salt and the fat! Now I have to eat low fat/ low salt ,so I took yall's recipes and made them low fat/ low salt. I am so glad to see you taking your mamas recipes and making them healthy.There were a few recipes that stumped me like the krispy creme bread pudding. Thank you for making my low fat/ low salt diet more bearable!


Linda on December 29 2012

I made your sweet potato chips they r awsome...but Im having trouble getting them all the way crispy the middles stay soft is there a way to fix it???


kerry jefferson on January 02 2013

Hey Bobby! Love your new show. I'm just starting to diet and will be using your recipes. I saw an episode about Gumbo a few weeks back. I'm a little concerned about the comment about iodized salt. I agree that there are things in it that aren't good for you, but please make sure your viewers know that if they stop using iodized salt then they have to replace the iodine in other ways. Iodine is essential for a healthy Thyroid. Iodine deficiency will cause goiters (growths on the Thyroid), and cause damage to the Thyroid.
Keep it coming,
Traci RN


Traci on January 07 2013

Hey Bobby! I'm moving to Savannah very soon- need any help anywhere? I love u & ur mama!! Will start where ever u need professional assistance.


Amy slayton on January 07 2013

for spelt brownies on the 1/9 show "quick and easy" what can be substituted for coconut oil . have an allergy to coconut

Thank you


carol on January 10 2013


I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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By Denice on January 20th, 2013
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Didn't finish earlier post.

I made chili…
By Janice on January 14th, 2013
From the entry 'I’ve Got a Question for Y’all!'.
for spelt brownies on the 1/9 show "quick and easy"…
By carol on January 10th, 2013
From the entry 'Not My Mama’s Meals!'.

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