I’ve Got a Question for Y’all!
December 19th, 2011

Hey y’all- Bobby here!

So as some of you have probably heard already, I’ve got a knack for making my mama’s recipes just a little bit healthier. It’s sort of become a passion of mine. I love working out, and (trying to) eat right, so much so, that I’ve decided to keep pursuing it.

Now, I love my mama’s cookin’- I grew up on it. But as we’ve always said in my family, it’s all about moderation. And that’s where I come in! I want to take some of Mom’s classic recipes and make ‘em more weeknight-friendly. You know, something that you can look forward to after work during the week, and maybe not just for Sunday supper.

Did y’all see me recently on The Chew? I had such a blast, but most importantly, I wanted to show y’all just how easy it is to take some of the fat out of recipes without sacrificing the flavor. Don’t worry, if you missed the episode, you watch it here.

And in January, I’ll be able premiering my new show, “Not My Mama’s Meals” on The Cooking Channel where I’ll be doing exactly that- taking my mom’s famous recipes, and trimming just a little bit of the fat and calories.

That’s where y’all come in. I want to hear from you and know which of my mom’s recipes you’d like to see me lighten up, so go ahead and tell me in the comments below!

Love y’all,

I don't make your mama's recipes because I only eat fruits, veggies and seafood.
So...I am really looking forward to anything you make that's healthier using those ingredients!
I am SO looking forward to your show.
I may not make Paula's recipes...but we love watching her show smile


Denyse Dias on December 19 2011

Hey Bobby,looking forward watching your show how awesome is this going to be to see you every week, how about your mom's cheeseburger meatloaf like to see how you would lighten this up.

Take care
Melody Chicago


Melody Martinelli on December 19 2011

I'd like to see you lighten up a recipe with a nice ring in it for that CUTE girlfriend of yours. Saw the holiday special with your family and just KNEW you would ask her to marry you then!!!!! :0) And NO your mama didn't ask me to write this! lol!


Janet Cagle on December 19 2011


Would love to see a lightened up version of her chicken and rice and her mexican casserole.


Joann on December 19 2011

I'm so excited to watch your new show! I've always cooked your Momma's recipes using lighter or fat free ingredients but never tell my family when I do it. They never know and it's better for them! I just say "it's a Paula Deen recipe" and they gobble it up! I LOVE that you're giving me more alternatives to cook the things I love to cook.

One of my family's favorite recipes is "Not Yo Momma's Banana Pudding". I would love to see you make "Not Yo Momma's, Not Yo Momma's Banana Pudding". smile

Nancy from Arkansas


Nancy on December 19 2011

Bobby, I did watch you on The Chew as well as when you are on your momma's show! I cannot wait for you to share the baked "fried" chicken re-do recipe! How about her stuffed twice baked potatoes for a re-do? Thanks and don't worry, I won't be missing your show at all! Kelly


Kelly Schaefer on December 19 2011


I love pulled pork, but I have no clue to lighten it up. I am on a high protein diet, I need to change things up...I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. Tell Katy she rocks on Mike and Molly...she is my favorite on the show! Cannot wait for your new show...


Carol on December 19 2011


I haven't tried many but here are a few I found on foodnetwork.com.

1. Crab cakes: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/crab-cakes-recipe/index.html

2. Old Fashion meat loaf: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/old-fashioned-meat-loaf-aka-basic-meatloaf-recipe/index.html

3. Pork tenderloin: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/herb-crusted-pork-tenderloin-recipe/index.html

4. Mama's Pound Cake: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/mamas-pound-cake-recipe/index.html

5. Chicken Pot Pie: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/hurry-up-chicken-pot-pie-recipe/index.html

6. Three Cheese Artichoke dip: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/three-cheese-hot-artichoke-dip-recipe/index.html

7. Gumbo: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/gumbo-recipe/index.html

8. Pumpkin Pie: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/pumpkin-pie-recipe/index.html

I don't have time to check and see if you did these already. At least if will give you something to start with.
I wish you well Bobby today and with your new show.



Kate on December 19 2011

i would like to learn how to lighten up her desserts especially how to up splenda instead of regular sugar. Me and my husband are diabetics and we love sweets. I WOULD LOVE to fix all of your mamma's cakes. pies, brownies, coolies...etc.


cathy stidham on December 19 2011

What a great idea!! I'd love to lighten up those Gooey Toffee Butter Cakes, without sacrificing the deliciousness!!!


Michelle May on December 19 2011

Hi Bobby!

I would have to say the Gooey Butter cake recipes, even though I think you have already done that in your magazine or cookbook????
Maybe a healther version of your mommas fried chicken?

Merry Christmas Bobby~
Lots of love Always!


Andrea Lepinske on December 19 2011

Hey Bobby, just how much butter and powdered sugar would you have to remove from your Mama's Ooey Gooey Butter cake recipe for it to be healthy? I love it, but only make it for work or family gatherings.....and I only allow myself to lick the knife after cutting it. That's just not fair and I hate to kill everyone else off, but it's worth it just to lick that knife. Good luck on your show! I'll be watching and learning. smile Take care!


Jenny Polenz on December 19 2011

Bobby, I'm really interested in lighter versions of your mom's comfort casseroles. The Chicken Divan, Chicken Boudine, Chicken & Rice are all some of my favorites. Good luck! I'll be watching!


Susan on December 20 2011

BOBBY DEEN, LOVED YOU on the christmas show. Yuor girlfriend is All WRONG for you. She's to soft spoken. She's to shy. She's not at all like your mom. Yuo need somebody eles. Did Bubba hurt himself when he fell on th Christmas show? I laughed so much at you guy's. LOVE and Best Dishes From My Kitchen to Yours. PLEASE COME TO KING GEORGE VA.


Wanda on December 21 2011

Lighter Crab Cakes In Bowl Crab Meat 2tablespoon Mayo salt pepper egg bread In Bowl bread milk squeeze out milk put in bowl with crab meat. Make Pattys. In fry pan canolo oil pattys drain on kitchen towel. That way you get nothing but Crab Meat. LOVE U


Wanda on December 21 2011

Hi Bobby,

Love making casseroles, ones that can be prepared ahead of time and cooked when you get home from work or a day on the golf course. Most of your Mom's casseroles call for heavy cream, sour cream etc., that's a lot of calories. Help trim them up for us.


Diane on December 21 2011

I'm looking forward to anything you make. I'm sure it will be good. Good luck with your new show. I'll be watching.


Christine on December 21 2011

Hi Bobby,
My prayers have been answered! Can't wait to see the new show in January. It would be nice to be able to make your Mom's chicken & rice casserole (the ones with green beans, pimentos etc) a little more healthier. I LOVE it but only make it for special occasions.
Good Luck to you and congrats on being an uncle again!


Tracy Turner on December 22 2011

I'd pick any of your mom's recipes! Although I am not a cook, I'd like to see what you substitute for some ingrediants Paula uses, esp. BUTTER!! ;-D
All of Paula's recipes look yummy. I can't wait to see your twist on them!!

Good luck with the show! Keep us posted on Twitter!


Diane on December 26 2011

Bobby, look forward to seeing your show. I"m a Southern Girl myself that is always trying to lighten things up. Let's see if you can make a lightened up fried okra and some good veggies that aren't fried/sauteed in butter. I would also love to see some grilling recipes from you. Grilling is my passion. Look forward to your show!



Robyn Lindars on December 27 2011

I love to bake and sweets are my signature. My husband is a firefighter and they love the cookies, pies, cakes etc. One of their favorites are the Gooey Butter Bars. I'd love to see that lightened up a bit smile


Rachel on December 29 2011

I'm so happy you're shining in the spotlight Bobby! And although I LOVE your mom's recipes.....I'd like to see them doable in a healthier sense so that I don't have to sacrifice flavor for healthy.
I've always loved food and pairing it with wine, but now I'm on a special diet (Dr's orders) and only eat fruits/veggies/beans/nuts-seeds.
It's an amazing diet for the benefits of gluten allergies and anti inflammatory foods and for diabetic reversal.
If you can lean toward these accommodations.......anyone with restrictions can improvise a few ingredients to accommodate their lifestyle.
Congrats! Great work!


Tena on December 30 2011

Have a Happy New Year


Patrick Allen on December 31 2011


Gooey Butter Cake. Without a doubt!

It's sinfully delicious and a perennial favorite of mine. If you could lighten it up, yet maintain the wonderful creamy integrity of the cake that would be fantastic. Thank you so much in advance for your kind consideration. I love your Mama's food and I look forward to seeing your spin on things. Good luck and God bless in the coming New Year!

Respectfully yours,
Greenville, SC


Kathy on January 02 2012

Your show sounds like it will definitely be a hit! I have to say, though, I love Paula's recipes and I have become a better good since finding her show so many years ago and buying her oook books. One of my family's favorites, as a matter of fact we had it on Christmas this year, is the Lady and Son's Lasagna. It is absolutely wonderful with all of the different cheeses, including the all important cream cheese. Is there a way to lighten that recipe up and still keep all of the delicious flavors and layers?

Looking forward to watching your show!! Congratulations Bobby!


Teresa Duffey on January 03 2012

Chicken and Dumplings


Cricket Boyd on January 03 2012

Okay, everyone is talking about the Christmas show, when was on that on and how did I miss it...


Carol B. on January 05 2012

Loved your recipes, but I find something missing. Instead of stating only the difference in calories and fat saved from your Mom's recipe, can you also include your recipe's nutritional information like serving size,calories, protein and carbs? Many of us are on a high protein / low carb food plan these days. I am sure you already have this info, so can you please share these details when you post your recipes?


Kevin M. on January 10 2012


i make your moms chicken al king all the time. but i am finding that the older i get the more the richness of the heavy cream gets me all the time. but i love the rich taste it give with the chicken stock . can you lighten this recipe up any?




gale h. on January 11 2012

I love your new show. I have been a Paula Deen fan since way back. I've got ya'lls books and some cookware. My husband often teases me about my love of her. He said I would make fried cardboard if Paula Deen said it was good!! LOL I have health issues and should watch what I eat, but I love to cook. I love how you exchange some food items for healthier ones. I wish you could recap that at the end of your show so that I may make a note of it. I hope your show is a big hit! It encourages me to eat healthier!! Now, how can I learn to exercise more? Does Jamie need a new show? haha


Debi on January 14 2012

I love when you and your Momma cook together .... I grew up in Tifton Georgia lived there till I was 40 ... Anyway I am diabetic and I am looking for lower carb dishes ... Do you have any recipes ? .... Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful family with us .... Kay


Kay on January 17 2012

Congratulations on your new show! I have enjoyed Paula and her recipes a good while! I'm a southern gal who cooks lighter versions than the ones from the "good ole days" of my youth. So I'm looking forward to your show. However, I already get the Food Network, but I don't get the Cooking Channel through my television cable. Is there another way to see your show? Thank you, and blessings to you, your family and production team!


Jennifer L. Brannen on January 18 2012

I would love you to lighten up Chicken and Dumplings, Stroganoff, and Potato Soup!

As a person with type2 Diabetes, I LOVE having your family as another support source. Its so important!

You are a natural on TV. Your new show is great.....
Best of Luck



Debbie G on January 18 2012

Bobby, I just love Paula and all of her glory. I have been a fan for as long as I remember! I have enjoyed cooking for many years and am working on a series of cookbooks. I am thrilled that you are taking your Mamma's recipes and making them a little healthier, See at our age we need to watch our waist line as much as our inner-line :D. I will be following you closely to see all of the delicious healthy recipes that you will be creating. And considering that I am at The International Culinary Institute, and am a Die Hard Paula fan.....I may be able to redeem myself in the kitchen by being your bigges fan too ! Hehehehe. Keep up the good work Bobby.


Michelle Rutherford-Saylor on January 19 2012

I just watched The Bag Lady's Son and want to say what you're doing is great! There are a lot of us who love to cook and eat good food but it needs to have reasonable nutrition and the recipes on your show fits that need.
My only suggestion is to include the sugar content with the calories and fat content. Also, watching you cook and interact with your mom...nice. Huge crush. Thanks a lot! wink


Shannon on January 19 2012

Bobby I love your show!! My husband & I are on a low fat/ fat free diet. But from South Louisiana I am having a hard time giving up some of my favorite cajun recipes. I loved what you did with the shrimp & grits. That was amazing! Well I have a challenge for you....What can you do with yo Moma's Crawfish Fettuccini?

Congrats on the show!
Janet S.


Janet S on January 20 2012

5 stars for Your Lighter and Leaner Pimento Cheese Sandwiches


Cathy on January 25 2012

Hiya Bobby,
Green chili casserole
Stuffed bell peppers
Loaded mashed potatoes
Chicken and dumplings
500 calories less serveings/ 30 min or less


Tami kennard on January 27 2012

You absolutely must include nutrition info in the website recipes OR I WILL STOP WATCHING THE SHOW. Sitting with a pencil and trying to catch it from the TV is pointless. Man up and do the right thing!


pam on January 28 2012

Being from a Southern family( Charleston and Savannah), I have grown up with the same cooking your mama cooks on her show . She fixes all my comfort foods and i love watching. Over the years i have been trying to lighten' up some of my recipes, and I am really enjoying your new show and recipes.I was a little disappointed that you do not include the nutritional values at the end . This would really help those of us who are trying to diet and/or eat healthier.


Suzanne on January 29 2012

Being from a Southern family( Charleston and Savannah), I have grown up with the same cooking your mama cooks on her show . She fixes all my comfort foods and i love watching. Over the years i have been trying to lighten' up some of my recipes, and I am really enjoying your new show and recipes.I was a little disappointed that you do not include the nutritional values at the end . This would really help those of us who are trying to diet and/or eat healthier.


Suzanne on January 29 2012

Hi Bobby! I am type2 diabetic. I have a diet that has brought my diabetes down to 105. The main staple of this diet is a vegetable soup - which I HATE!! Any veggies can be incorporated EXCEPT potatoes,peas,dried peas or beans. Green/yellow beans are allowed. My problem is I can't get the darn soup to taste good! I don't know how to use spices/herbs that will enhance the flavors of the soup. Can you help me out ? This diet has been approved by cardiologists,medical doctors,endrocrindologists and dietitians . It was devised by a cardiologist. If it is followed correctly, weight loss is substantial & blood pressure & sugar levels are drastically lowered. I was on it once and did very well, but I gag when I try to eat the soup.Please help me ! Thank you God Bless Jan (:*)


Jan Evans on February 03 2012

Hi Bobby!

I love your show! Your mother is so wonderful and her recipes are amazing, but I can't indulge every day. I never really had to watch what I ate until I hit forty. Now I'm much more vigilant on the carbs and fat. So happy to see your spin. So, that said, what I miss most is pasta, especially your mom's mac and cheese. How can I ever enjoy it again? I've been looking into quinoa and gluten free, but they have the same calories. I found something called tofu shiritaki "pasta". But honestly not sure how to incorporate it into a baked dish. Help. Do you have any suggestions? Btw, I've been using the greek yogurt swap. It rocks!
Thank you!


Sherry from Chicago on February 12 2012

Bobby, thank you for such a great show...love the concept of good food, only healthier. Please include nutrition numbers on recipes on the web. How soon until you put out a book with these healthier recipes? So looking forward to it.


Char on February 12 2012

I have one request for a re-do and that is my husbands favorite " Not Yo Mamams Banana Pudding!! I don't make it often due to how rich and sweet it is but I might make it more if I could lighten it up.


Carla on February 12 2012

I'd love to learn a lighter version of your mom's gooey pumpkin butter cake. It's a holiday staple in our home and I'd love to cut the fat and calories. I've introduced several friends and family to it and I know we'd all welcome your version! I saw you already remade the regular gooey butter cake. Not sure how to apply that too the pumpkin version though. Thanks!


Lesley on February 12 2012

The bbq pulled pork sandwich served at The Lady and Sons. It's the best.


Jaelle on February 12 2012

If you could turn the Lady's Cheesy Mac lighter, that would be awesome!!!!


Jonathan Holt on February 16 2012

ALL of her scrumptious desserts!


Sandhya on February 20 2012

Your mama's bread pudding lightened up would be fabulous!! Enjoyed your show and am wondering what program were you running on the computer?


Cheryl G on February 21 2012

Where is the cooking channel----can't seem to get it here in Nebr/ Would love to see your show.


Earlyne Biggs on February 27 2012

Hi Bobby..

Just tried the recipe for a lighter mac and cheese that was in the People Magazine on pg 110, from the march 5th 2012 issue. Ours turned out pretty dry. We noticed that the photo of yours could not have had the bread crumbs on it, and just had cheese. We followed the recipe, and wonder if we should increase the milk measurement if we try it again.
Pat n Rick


Patricia Berman on February 28 2012

Hi Bobby
I love you to pieces ...honest! BUT, I too am a diabetic and I love Paula's recipes just as they are. We all know she loves butter and tons of onions at times. She loves desserts so what. Her recipes are the key to her success; because they are good and homey.

Love you having a new show. I saw Paula getting her boxes. Bobby your taking her recipes and changing them and its no longer NOT Paula's at all. You could take any recipe and change it.

Your sounding more like Jamie Oliver and honey I can't stand him period. He came to WV and made darn fools of everyone and he was not sorry for it.

Your making a fool out of your Mothers whole way of living and her southern recipes. If I want to use less butter I can if I want to use fat free I could however, I just prefer to eat less and have it have a good favor of how she grew up and its how you grew up too; didn't kill you.

I'm sick of every jumping on Paula over deals and finally coming clean about her having diabetes. So what, so she does its none of our business. IF she wants to share that with us thats great but it never was our business.

I'm glad she is eating good. She always showed us healthy recipes too. She is a firm believer in vegetables. Girl loves her sour cream too.

The point is your taking away just about everything that made her recipes her and her family of who they are and were.

I wish you much sucess but I won't be watching. I love Paula to much to do that to her.


Karia on March 05 2012

Hi Bobby,

I love your new show! I wanted to introduce myself to you. I have a wonderful gluten free bakery called MOONDANCE HEAVENLY DESSERTS and....I am from ALBANY....and I'm a GEORGIA BULLDOG! I went to high school at Deerfield Windsor, right near where your mama lived in Albany.

I live in Cincinnati now, and I had a chance to meet your mama a few years ago. I even gave her a MOONDANCE HEAVENLY DESSERTS apron!

I saw that you visited a pizza parlor with gluten free pizza.

I'd like to invite you to Cincinnati to visit my bakery, so that I can bake your mama's Red Velvet Cake....gluten free! As they say down South, it's so good it'll make you wanna slap your grandma! I've made several GF Red Velvet Cakes for weddings.

Won't you please consider coming to Cincinnati to see a GF bakery in action?

Thanks, Bobby!


Shelley Ritchie on March 12 2012

Do not roll your eyes when you see the word "gluten-free" because you have already created one that is wonderful in a quiche, no less! It is just not promoted as such: It is your "The Deen Bros. Lighter Hash Brown Quiche". I thought it had appeared on your Not Your Mama's Meals shows, but now I realize it came to me in an email from Mama!

When I searched on gluten-free on Cooking Channel, this recipe didn't come up. Ahhh. Hash browns to make a crust! Who would have thought of it! I have also used this recipe to incorporate leftovers!


Martha Workman on March 18 2012

Hi Bobby, I love your mamas recipes, but I have always tried to make them healthier. So I am in love with your show!!! There is one I am having trouble with and wondering if you can help me. My sons (I have 4) always request ooey gooey butter cake for their birthdays. My youngest birthday was yesterday (3/17 he wanted a lemon raspberry version). My second youngest wants it for his next month (Banana chocolate chip) but I really need to make it healthier, not so much butter.
I always use organic, or whole foods, as I have a son allergic to anything artificial in foods, so I love you do too. I love how much you have made the other recipes available to us. Please help. This is the only way I have found of contacting you with my request.


Tracy on March 18 2012

I LOVE the show! Thank You for making it, I'm learning so many new things... I have a question you substituted carrots for sugar in something, brilliant. Can I do this in any recipe? What would be the substitution amount? Example I would like to try this in my favorite sloppy joe recipe, do you think it will work? If I use 1 teaspoon sugar, would you say add 1 carrot instead?

Thank You!


Jolleen on March 25 2012

Hi Bobby, I really like the way you doing everything right here. This is my first visit here, thus I'll check out your mom recipe carefully and let you know which recipe you're going to light up next. Tower two surf Thanks


Mark Waugh on April 04 2012

I absolutely love Not your mama's meals. You have inspired me to do the same, and since I love experimenting in the Kitchen it fits! I have transformed your mama's killer chicken salad recipe. I wanted to share it with you Bobby. I use a 2:1 ratio of greek yogurt and 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese to replace the mayo. Followed by quartered cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumber, and green onion. My wife likes me to add a bit of lime juice as well. (I make mine "old school" still with relish, celery, and onion but my wife is not a relish fan so I came up with the above to get the crunch back into the salad)


B.A. Curry on June 18 2012



judy on July 27 2012

Great job Bobby, keep it up! Explore Asian Shiritake noodles, fetucinne or thin spaghetti style. It may help your Mom's pasta cravings. I tried it alfredo style with spinach. It works! Giant here in VA even carries now.
I started on a weight loss journey years ago, incorporating foods of my heritage but with a lower carb "expression". Pakistani/Bengali, but born & raised here, the best country in the world! Besan a.k.a, chickpea flour is a great alternative to white or wholewheat flour. Found in Indian & middle eastern stores. I have a great Moroccan butternut squash recipe, done in the oven. And turned the leftovers into soup. My Father, may he rest in peace, was an incredible home cook and taught us how to economically stretch meals. We also use yogurt in many Indian dishes. And I have been experimenting using quinoa with a brown & wild rice, amaranth mix, from Earthly Choice, Ancient Grains, Heritage Grain Blend. Gluten free too. Awesome stuff. Made roasted chicken & "rice" soup out of it. My Mom approved that one & she's hard to please! Good luck, keep it going. Hope to share some recipes with you in the future. Bina.


Bina on August 30 2012

Bobby, thank you so much for taking your Mommas' awesome meals and making them healthire.

My son is a diabetic, as is your Momma and I was so proud of her losing so much weigth, and with with your recipes it will help our entire family to eat more healthy. One thing, I cut out on the salt, we add our own if we want salt and your recipes still taste awesome, just like Momma's. Again thank you so much.


Susan for Oregon on October 05 2012

I have looked for your cookbook can't find it. Can you tell me where to go. I really don't want to wait for it to be shipped. I have several of your mother's.


Linda Abel on November 13 2012

Bobby I have serious problem with my weight and need to lose weight fast. I weigh over 300 and cholesterol is very high and on the border of diabetes.
I need a seven day meal that can help me loose weight and low my cholesterol.
Thank you.


Joe king on November 15 2012

Hi Bobby
I would love to see your mama's twiced baked potatoes, French toast casserole, bread pudding.
Diana Aliso Viejo, CA


Diana on November 18 2012

Didn't finish earlier post.

I made chili today and again used ground turkey and used the portabello mushrooms, too. I thought that it would give the chili a nice texture and add a vegetable to boot. I am sure you thought of this too but I had to let you know.

Please keep your recipes coming as I love this type of cooking. I am trying to keep the meat consumption down for my family and looking for new meatless versions to cook a couple times a week.


Janice on January 14 2013

Bobby, your doing a great job - love the show!


Denice on January 20 2013


I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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